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Publication Order of Ray Crawley Books

Pokerface (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Baltic Business (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Kimberly Killing (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cargo Club (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Azanian Action (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Japanese Job (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Time Trap (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vietnam Volunteer (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Ray Crawley series is a well known crime fiction series written by the popular Australian author Peter Corris. This series is comprised of 8 books in total, which were released between the years 1985 and 2000. All the books in this series feature the chief protagonist in the role of Ray Crawley, who is introduced at the start of the series as the director of a Federal Security Agency, located in Sydney, Australia. Just as the series begins, Ray Crawley is depicted as leaving the from his post of the director of the agency. Each and every book’s plot in this novel series is shown as taking place in Sydney. Author Peter began writing the series in the year 1985 and published its debut in the same year under the title of Pokerface. This book was actually developed from the scripts that were written for a television drama of the same name for ABC. The scripts were also written by author Peter in collaboration with Bill Gardner. After lasting for 8 novels, the series finally concluded in the year 2000. Its final book is entitled ‘The Vietnam Volunteer’. The first book in the Ray Crawley series was published as ‘Pokerface’. It was released by the Penguin Boks in 1986. This thrilling novel shows that the player having the top pokerface will win the game. And the game is a dangerous one. Ray Crawley is sacked from his agency and his marriage is also not in good shape. Following this, he goes on to form an association with a radical punk named Roxy and some of her friends. This is where he makes the first mistake.

Toby Campion, who is the former boss of Ray Crawley, tries to manipulate his game against Ray, but Ray is not the one who would give up easily. He intends to stay in the game till the end and win it. Author Peter has written this book in a differrent style from his other popular book series. It is sleazier, dirtier, and harder. The way Peter has described the setting of the plot, it seems to be a character in itself. Just as the book opens, Ray Crawley and a fellow agent name Graeme huck are shown staking out. They are asked to watch a prison as they have information that an inmate is planning to escape. Just as they were told by their informant, a few felons attempt to escape, but before ray and Graeme could do anything, a police squad arrives at the scene at shoots down all the escapees. Because of this, Huck and Ray’s operation gets busted. Citing the pressure from the every corner of the city, the FSA head, Tobias Campion, takes the decision of dismissing Ray Crawley. However, this dismissal does not do any worse for Ray as his married life is already going through troubles. Because of the dismissal, Ray develops drinking habits and his constant loitering near the house in a drunk state causes his wife Mandy to leave along with the children.

Disheartened by this, Ray Crawley enters a pub and takes out a young girl from there. He does not think about the age difference between them and takes Roxy to his home. One of Roxy’s friends named Snow also joins them. Being a stoner, Snow spends the whole time on Ray’s couch, drinking booze and smoking spiffs. As the story moves further, Ray Crawley comes to know that Snow and Roxy are related to an anti-American group. In the past, they were involved in militant actions and bomb hoaxes. Ray gets the idea of using the two to start some mischief as a means to make himself regain his position at FSA. Campion still feels pressured to keep his position. When he finds out the recent activity of Ray Crawley, he decides to use the situation to his own advantage. As a result, Campion and Crawley start playing from different ends and both want to succeed. Ray Crawley gets some help from Graeme Huck and acquires plastic explosives and handguns. It looks like Ray is all set to make the militant action happen. Campion too is not behind. He seems to have made his own preparations in the deadly game. As the two men desire different outcomes for their personal benefits, the going gets very tough. It appears that only the best player is going to outplay the other. Overall, the story appears to be a cynical and gritty one. The protagonists do not appear to be likeable men in any shape, form, or way. But, they carry the story along very nicely.

Another popular book published as a part of this series is known by the name ‘The Japanese Job’. It was released in 1992 by the Angus and Robertson publishers. This story opens by depicting that Ray Crawley appreciated the Brisbane of the 1990s. He liked the newly built tall buildings as well as the feeling that he was able to walk on any side of the road that he wished to. Ray also likes the changes of the post-Fitzgerald time. There are new and lean faces in the police and the government offices. However, the thing that seemed worriful to Ray Crawley is the increased moving in signs of the Yakuza. Ray also feels tensed because of the white-shoe brigade’s rear guard action. And in the middle of this, he wonders who the Diggers were. Later, one of the leading businessman from Japan is found dead. His dead body is discovered encased fully in cement, along with a reinforcing rod passed through his chest. When the police is not able to find out how the businessman ended up in the cement box and who is the one who killed him, Ray Crawley sets out to find it out on his own. Due to the recent events, Graeme Huck and Ray Crawley are drawn in the middle of a conflict between the shadowy interests in Australia and the ruthless corporate of Japan. As the they try to make attempts to bring the conflicts to an end, more and more violence news are heard about. Throats are sliced on both the sides and men are killed and buried. It appears that the conflicts are not going to stop soon. But, Ray and Graeme continue to do their best with determination and dedication. They try their level best to make Brisbane as a better place to live once again.

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