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Ray Daniel is an award winning novelist from America, who likes to write crime fiction, mystery, and thriller books set in Boston. He is particularly popular for writing the Tucker series. Author Daniel also famous for writing a few short stories. One of his short stories, titled Give Me A Dollar, has won the Derringer Award in 2014 in the category of the best short fiction. Daniel’s other short story, Driving Miss Rachel, was selected as a distinguished short story in 2013 by an editor named Otto Penzler. The works of author Daniel have featured in the anthologies, namely Blood Moon, Stone Cold, and Ice. The first mystery book written by author Daniel is called Terminated. This book forms the first volume of his Tucker series. The Midnight Ink publication has published most of his books. Daniel’s third mystery book, Child Not Found, has obtained starred reviews from the critics at Publisher’s Weekly. It has even been praised by the Library Journal. Author Daniel was born as Ray Salemi in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He had developed an interest in mystery books from an early age. Author Daniel received a great inspiration from the popular literary works of authors such as Karin Slaughter, Robert Parker, Steve Ulfelder, and Lee Child. He likes to write his mystery stories in first person. Most of his books are regarded as wisecracking, thrilling, and intriguing. Before author Daniel took up writing as a career, he completed his graduation from the Massachusetts University with honors. He also holds a Computer Engineering degree and an English minor.

The Tucker Mystery series written by Ray Daniel is comprised of a total of 4 books, which were released between the years 2014 and 2017. Each and every book of this series, features the chief protagonist in the role of Aloysius Tucker, who is depicted as a computer hacker. Author Daniel has described Tucker as a computer geek as he is very much into hacking. The other recurring characters to feature in this mystery series includes Carol and Maria. Carol is the beautiful and loving wife of Aloysius Tucker, while Maris is his 9 year old cousin. An initial book of this series is entitled ‘Corrupted Memory’. This book was released in the year 2015 by the Midnight Ink publishers. At the start of this book’s story, it is depicted that Aloysius Tucker is busy in life working as a hacking genius. One fine day, he receives a call from an unknown man and the person at the other end informs him that there is a dead body lying in front of the main door of his house located in Boston. Tucker becomes extremely shocked to hear this news. He rushes outside only to become even more shocked. He discovers that the dead person looks exactly like his dad, who had died 15 years back.

Later, Aloysius Tucker is informed about the bitter truth of his life. He is told that the dead person is his half brother, whom he never knew existed until now. But, the strange turn of events makes him seek answers to the questions that keep popping in his mind continuously. Determined to know how his brother died or who killed him and why, Aloysius Tucker sets out to track down the second family of his father. However, the first impressions of Tucker about the long lost relatives get spoiled when several dark secrets about his family begin to come to light. Soon, Tucker finds himself tormented because of the unresolved issues. Meanwhile, he continues to struggle to find a place among the newly found kin. As Aloysius Tucker continues to dig deeper into the hidden life of his family and his half-brother’s murder, he gets stuck in a deadly scheme. In the end, Tucker becomes so much frustrated that he is unable to come out of the web of secrets and lies. However, his dedication and determination help him to get to the bottom of the mystery and solve it once and for all.

Another mind blowing mystery created by author Daniel in this series is in the form of the book called ‘Hacked’. The Midnight publishers released this book too in the year 2017. This book’s central plot revolves around an online controversy that threatens to destroy Aloysius Tucker in the worst way that he could ever imagine. Author Daniel has mentioned the important characters in this novel as Aloysius Tucker and Maria. At the beginning of the book, it is shown that Maria, the cousin of Tucker, aged 10, gets terrorized by a hacker online. When she informs Aloysius Tucker about this, he vows to take vengeance from the anonymous hacker. He promises Maria that he will unmask the terrible hacker and make him apologize in front of her. Subsequently, Aloysius Tucker goes online and tries to track the hacker’s activities. This online war between two computer hackers takes a deadly turn when the other hacker is found murdered. This brings more trouble in Tucker’s life because the whole hacking community as well as a bounty hunter with relentless nature label him as the killer. They also raise their voices against stopping Aloysius Tucker from carrying anymore hacking. Several other anonymous hackers begin to fill Tucker’s inbox with death threats and warning about serious consequences. To add to his troubles, Tucker faces tough battle from the anonymous Chinese spies. In order to stop the raining attacks on himself, Tucker tries to find out who killed the hacker. He gets filled with a rage to chase the hacker and clear his name of the crime that he knows he has not committed. However, it appears that his own rage has become self-destructing for Tucker as he is not able to decide what he should do next or what steps he must take to make things easier for him in life. Soon, Tucker comes to know that the murder that he is desperately chasing has been labeled as the HackMaster by the online community. Now, Aloysius wonders how he would build his case against the Hackmaster and solve this online mystery before the threats turn into reality. But, he knows that such challenges have come up against him in life before and he has fought bravely. Once again, he must keep faith in himself and his abilities, and he will surely be able to beat any damn hacker in the world. The only thing he needs to do is to use the attacks in his defense and launch his own attack on the HackMaster. The book was very much liked by the readers from all over the world. They appreciated the new kind of mystery created by author Daniel on the online platform. Now, they are waiting eagerly for the publication of the next book of this wonderful series.

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