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Ray Peden is a reputed American writer of action-packed thrillers and suspense novels. He hails from Frankfort, Kentucky, United States and is particularly famous for writing the Patrick Grainger book series, which is comprised of just two books so far. Before trying his luck in the field of writing, Peden worked as a General Contractor, Civil Engineer, Home designer, builder, Land developer, and PR copywriter. He spent around 45 years of his life in these professions before he decided to write his first book. In his younger days, Peden had an interest in creative writing, but the need to earn a living made him undertake a slight detour from his creative interests. In between his civil engineering commitments, Peden found time to indulge himself in the pursuit of magazine editing, painting, making cartoons, playing R&B guitar, taking up carpentry, posing as a drill sergeant, and doing stone masonry.

Author Peden married three times in his life and divorced all three of his wives. From each marriage, he has one daughter, who are now blessed with 4 beautiful grandchildren. The idea of writing action-packed thrillers came to his mind when he was wondering what to do to keep himself busy in his post-retirement life. Nowadays, he enjoys his daytime sitting beside the Kentucky River, sipping bourbon, and developing stories about conspiracies, emotional conflicts, and thrilling plots. After successfully publishing 2 suspense thrillers on Amazon, Peden is currently at work on his third book, The Bourbon Conspiracy. Peden loves developing stories that make the readers keep turning pages. His stories mostly contain emotional drama, plot twists, and hard-driving action that readers generally don’t see coming.

Peden likes to set the plots and characters of his books in Central Kentucky. At the center of his suspense thriller stories is an ex-war veteran named Patrick Grainger, who tries to overcome his troubled past and fight against the dangers surrounding him and international villains. The things that kept Peden engaged when he was a kid were painting, storytelling, and drawing. But, he set himself on a different course after acquiring an engineering scholarship in the UK and never thought of his artistic interests for over four decades. After retirement, Peden felt the urge to explore the artist inside him and set up his cottage near the Kentucky River. He had no fear of failure and took six years to come up with something interesting. Peden spent these years in self-study, reading, attending writing conferences, writing and editing manuscripts, exploring the rules of storytelling, etc. Finally, he was able to achieve a professional accomplishment that motivated him to write his first book.

Author Peden believes that he has made a mark based on the fact that he has developed an enthusiastic and growing fan base and has received three nominations for his novels in prestigious competitions. Peden feels that he has learned the art of entertaining readers and keeping them on the edge of their seat. He loves to hear from satisfied readers and take their important tips and suggestions. Peden considers himself blessed to have succeeded in pursuing the craft that he is passionate about and feels that people who are able to do it end up having a satisfying life. In the coming years, he intends to write more entertaining thrillers and even try his hand at writing romantic comedies before he breathes his last.

The Patrick Grainger series written by author Ray Peden is comprised of two books released between 2015 and 2016. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘One Tenth of the Law’. It was released by the Mulholland Beach Press in 2015. The book opens by showing that Patrick Grainger witnesses the abduction of a young girl in a rest area in Georgia in broad daylight. This leads to the development of an unexpected bond between the girl’s family and Grainger, causing the opening of Pandora’s Box. For the last 12 years, Grainger has not attempted any kill as he is grieving the tragic deaths of his daughter and wife. But, when the girl’s father brings important evidence that connects his daughter’s kidnapping to the death of Grainger’s family in an accidental fire, Grainger learns that the fire was not accidental.

With the discovery of more evidence, the identities of the murderers and their roles in a big wartime conspiracy is unraveled. A lot more is at stake for a deadly man, whose ruthless and powerful multinational empire faces the threat of destruction. But, he will not stop at anything to protect his interests. As the story nears its end, ordinary individuals get placed in extraordinary situations who become a lethal game’s unwilling participants that have high-stakes intrigue and climaxing with a stunning twist no one ever imagined to witness.

The second book of the series is known as ‘Prime Cut’. It was also published by the Mulholland publication in 2016. Initially, it is shown that two people lose their lives in a drive-by shootout at a rally for animal rights in Lexington. This incident turns personal for Patrick Grainger when his daughter gets wounded. When he begins looking for answers, Patrick Grainger is lead to North Carolina’s back roads and to a huge slaughterhouse owned by a multinational empire. His discovery gives him the power to expose a dangerous cartel that involves violent men who smuggle girls and women like livestock. Later, a Mexican crime lord’s son is found and it sets in motion a series of acts of retribution and revenge.

Routine activities of torture and murder in the rural areas are brought on to Frankfort’s streets. Such gruesome acts of violence make everyone realize that no place in America is safe from the dangers of unlimited power, greed, and money. The clash between Patrick Grainger and the multinational empire makes headlines all over the country and goes on to have an adrenaline-filled climax. This book was equally well-received by readers from different parts of the world. It also received excellent reviews from one and all. Many critics praised author Peden for his wonderful writing skills and his development of engaging characters. Overall, the novel is an exciting suspense thriller that is capable of making the readers keep turning pages.

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