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Between Perfect and Real (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Arden Grey (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Summer Love Strategy (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Take the Mic: Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Ray Stoeve

The American writer Ray Stoeve has fast become a highly popular writer for their unique and insightful perspective on contemporary life. Primarily focusing on Young Adult fiction, they’re hugely talented, publishing engaging and intelligent fiction for readers worldwide. Hugely gifted, they manage to draw the reader in and hold them there, all thanks to their way with words that really leaves a strong impression. Keeping the reader glued to the page, they fully understand their audience while also managing to say just what they want to say.

Winning awards and receiving critical acclaim for their work, they’ve been celebrated by their peers and contemporaries alike. Reaching readers from around the world, their writing has proven to be enormously successful, making them a household name for many. Focusing on LGBT stories and characters, they really bring their books to life, allowing readers to explore and immerse themselves in them fully. Offering creative narratives and characters, the books really do manage to do what they set out to, providing a clear message while entertaining their audience.

Creating characters that resonate with their audience, Stoeve has introduced protagonists that are easy to relate to and follow. From their stories to their characters, they always make sure to pay close attention to detail every single step of the way. Knowing their audience well at this point, they write in a manner that’s extremely personal to them, with their narratives being easy to follow. With lots more set to follow, they’re a writer with a lot more to say and offer, too, as they continue to build upon their writing career.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a passion for storytelling, Ray Stoeve was always interested in reading and writing from an early age. Developing their craft, they would find a style that was completely personal to them, making it their own in the process. Using their own life experiences, they’d use them putting them back into their work, giving it a genuine sense of authenticity.

As a nonbinary author, they’d write about their own background, using it to shape their work, giving it a unique and fresh perspective. Many others would come to relate to this, as they’d soon become a household name around the world, with their books resonating far and wide. Living in Seattle, they continue to write on a regular and consistent basis, as they definitely aren’t stopping any time soon.

Writing Career

Prior to writing their own novels, Ray Stoeve was a contributor to ‘Take the Mic: Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance’ in 2019. The first book that they’d go on to publish was titled ‘Between Perfect and Real,’ and it was a Young Adult novel that came out in 2021. They’d later go on to publish another stand-alone Young Adult book called ‘Arden Grey,’ which would come out one year later in 2022.

Drawing from a range of different influences, they’d create their own inimitable approach to the Young Adult genre. Hugely successful, they’d be well reviewed by their many contemporaries, as well as by the critics and the general public. Maintaining their profile both offline and on, they have become a household name, as they find more and more readers every day.

Between Perfect and Real

Originally published in 2021 on the 27th of April, this would first come out through the ‘Harry N. Abrams’ publishing imprint. A stand-alone Young Adult novel, it would be based in reality, as it would draw from realistic situations giving it a high degree of authenticity. Not a part of any series, it can be read on its own, making it easy to read yet difficult to put down at the same time.

Everyone at high school believes Dean Foster to be a lesbian, but he knows he’s actually trans, having questioned and researched it enough already. Wondering if it would just be easier to wait until college to come out, his theater director and girlfriend Zoe don’t know yet, as he usually plays a ‘nontraditional’ Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. Playing Romeo all the time on stage, he wants to become who he truly knows himself to be in his everyday life. Playing a role, he finds that his performance may be able to prepare him for his life off-stage, becoming who he wants to be.

With themes of identity running throughout, this is a heart-warming story filled with good natured humor and warmth. The story itself is well-written and well paced, making for an engaging narrative that’s easy to follow, as it’s a more than compelling novel. With strong characters that the reader can really root for, its world comes alive off the page delivering a clear message in an entertaining manner.

Arden Grey

Initially coming out through the ‘Harry N. Abrams’ publishing outlet once again, this would first arrive on the 26th of April in 2022. It would be another stand-alone Young Adult title, with an entirely self-contained narrative that’s extremely accessible. As a heartfelt story on growing up and adolescence it works extremely well, making it another great book from Stoeve.

Struggling with her life, Arden Grey is sixteen years old, dealing with her mother leaving her, her younger brother, and their father. Harassed by her classmate Tanner as well, she’s constantly harassed for her sexuality, despite not having come out yet. Then her there’s her trans friend Jamie, and he’s not around as he’s just started dating Caroline, leaving Arden alone with only her interest in photography. Starting to consider whether her relationship with her mother was fraught with issues from the beginning, she also begins to wonder if she’s also jealous of Jamie and his relationship.

Not shying away from some of the more difficult subject matter, this book handles many of its more serious issues with care and sensitivity. There’s so much personality from the author themselves here, making it an extremely engaging experience to read. The story is again well told, making it another great novel from Ray Stoeve, really showing them growing as a writer with something to say.

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