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Publication Order of Ray Books

Ray of Light / Don't Worry, It's Just A Fling (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ray of Hope / Don't Worry, I Don't Love You (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ray of Love / Don't Worry, This Is Over (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ray of Time /Don't Worry, I Still Hate You (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ray of Heart / Don't Worry, I'll Be Just Fine (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ray of New / Don't Worry, I've Done This Before (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ray of Life / Don't Worry, I'm Still Not Over You (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ray Series by E.L. Todd

Ray is a series of romance books by USA Today Bestselling author of fiction, romance and fantasy novels E.L. Todd. It’s a series that’ll set you in for a few eye rolls, few moments and laughs when you can barely get enough air to breathe as the main characters Ryker and Ray bring the house down with their steamy passion and heat. It’s evident that E.L. Todd can write, she puts a unique zing into everything that she touches with her pen and Ray series is no exception.
A quirky group of friends, a clueless brother struggling with business and Ryker, a handsome man whose sweet words can take any woman to the moon and back. The series is told through the point of views of both Ray and Ryker. Todd began her Ray series in 2017 when Ray of Light the first book in the series was published.

Ray of Light

Ray of Light is the first book in the series Ray by E.L. Todd. In this book, we are introduced to Rae who lives in New York with his dog Safari and temporarily, with her brother Rex, who is having a bad time. Rex won the lottery, but he invested everything in a dumpy bowl that is not having any success. While things are solved for Rex, Rae has welcomed him into his home, but both are very different and strong in character and are always bothering each other.
Rae is an independent, professional woman, accustomed to being alone, that’s why having her brother at home drives her crazy. They have the typical sibling relationship, they love each other, but they pull each other’s hair and chin chan whenever they can, especially since Rex is excessively protective of Rae. Of course, this has its explanation, not only because he is her older brother, but because he had to take care of rising her being little more than a teenager, so more than as a brother, he cares for her as if he was her father.

One day when leaving the park to run with Safari, Raw meets Ryker, and the attraction between them is immediate and intense. Ryker has just arrived in the city but by chance of life. But it turns out that the boy Rae meets in the park is a good friend of his brother from the university, and also, if that were not enough, his future boss.

Ray of Light can be considered as an introductory novel. It introduces us to the characters both primary and secondary in details and advances little so that the bulk of the story is left to develop in the next books in the series.

The story is narrated by both Rex and Rae in the first person making the story easy to read and understand as the reader gets in the character’s mind and thinking.

Ray of Hope

This second part is much better, the plots are becoming clearer, and we see friends who are more than a family.

As in the previous book is told in the first person by the brothers Rae and Rex, you can tell the difference when each one narrates it, their way of expressing themselves and we know their feelings and thoughts at first hand. Rae is very sincere, she is determined, and she is not afraid to screw up. Additionally, there is a lot of intrigue with Ryker’s character, she is very hermetic and does not know much about her family environment, she refuses to recognize the facts, and there is something that hides, Rex is very carefree, lazy and cynical, but he is charming. Ray of Hope is a very agile, enjoyable and with many risqué scenes, it is erotic without hesitation, and you will enjoy how couples are formed, and it is much more the friendship that is felt between them, they are always supporting and helping.

Rae is fantastic, witty, and intelligent and knows what she wants from love; her relationship with Ryker in this volume is further explored. The author has entrusted to the character of Rae these reflections of love that help the reader to understand how much more mature and predisposed to the love of his partner. The point of view narration occasionally alternates with that of Rae, and Ryker enabling the reader to grasp a better understanding of the characters thoughts and actions. Instead of showing us what she thinks of in the couple’s love affair, Todd emphasizes the unbreakable bond between siblings, allowing the accent on two stories in parallel.

Ray of Love

Rae hasn’t been feeling well with the Ryker pushing her away, and she’s had to struggle with it for three months. Rae’s former boss (Ryker’s father) has passed away, and she goes to the funeral with Rex and Zeke, and she realizes that she has no feelings for him anymore, only compassion.

Rae got erotic dreams at night and with horrified she realized that they were not with Ryker but with her best friend, Zeke. She did not know where to go with her feelings from that point on. On the other end, Rex ended her love affair with Kayden before she got feelings for him. When this was over, Rex realized he had feelings for Kayden, and he could not bear to see her with other men. After Rae Rex got on the track, she gave him an ass kick and Rex confessed to Kayden his feelings and told everything.

Ray of Time

Ray of Time is the fourth book in Ray series by EL Todd. It’s a beautifully woven story, and there is guaranteed no boredom. Rae and Zeke are now together, and their love life could be so nice if their love in this book would not be put to the test and a couple of unforeseeable events. Let yourself be surprised by the what lays ahead for the lead characters and of course the rest of the circle of friends is going on a lot, and it’s fun to follow the events as a reader.

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