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Raylin Marks is the author of romance fiction books filled with adventures. Her love for writing is mainly driven to help introduce readers to characters and exciting worlds to get lost in with attractive hot alphas that make her swoon while writing them. Raylin became a published author in 2018 when Life Blood, the first book in Immortal Devotion, a reverse harem series, was published. She switched to another different steamy genre and published Chase’s story as a standalone novel titled: Needing Chase. In 2020, she published Dr. Mitchell, the first book in her Billionaires Club series.

Life Blood, the first in a series, is an exciting read that will have you hooked right from the first page to the last. The author does a fantastic job setting the stage for her future novels with some fascinating twists on the vampires. Vampire stories have been told so often that they become dull with the same old-line storyline; however, it’s always refreshing seeing that Raylin Marks did something different with her vampire romance novel. In this story, vampires can feed on other vampires, and they get stronger by doing this; this is unique compared to the fact that most vampire stories don’t often tell of vampires feeding on other vampires. Additionally, in Raylin’s world, you can become a vampire through birth or getting bitten, as it’s been the norm in most vampire stories.

Ellie is the lifeblood, meaning she is meant to feed other vampires. She is more than an ordinary vampire because her blood replenishes itself much faster than humans, making it possible for her to feed vampires without the fear of them draining her. This is not a slow-burn romance book and gives a feeling of “instant love” between the characters, which is interesting to see happen. Ellie also has feelings of disbelief, confusion, and jealousy of her men. These little additions to the story feel more natural and contribute much to the overall story.

Life Blood is an exciting novel to read. You can never go wrong reading this book as it’s filled with suspense, intrigue, and hot steamy vampire romance. The author does a fantastic job of creating likable characters that are easy to connect with, from Ellie Simms, who has a tough life, to Zac, Cole, Braden, and Logan Banner.

The chemistry between these five characters is so intense that they can’t resist each other. Ellie does pull all these men in ways she cannot explain, but the four men know what she truly is. Even though she seems timid, Ellie is headstrong and determined to figure things out. So, when the men tell her purpose and introduce her to the vampire world, she first wants to fight it. However, some things make her re-evaluate and accept her destiny. While all this happens, the bond holding them solidifies, making the chemistry hot. At first, the story takes the guise of a slow-burn romance, but once a few moments pass, it takes off. And as the reader, you cannot put the book down because you need to know what happens on the next page.

Billionaire’s Club debut novel features an exciting storyline while fascinating characters that are well developed, so readers cannot help but fall in love with them. All of the novels in the series follow the same pattern. Meet, instantaneous love, fantastic sex; a few ex-conflicts settle quickly, then a trauma separates them. In the period apart, there is a therapy which restores, and they’re brought back together with an immediate proposal or wedding on the spot, and frequently a pregnancy before the wedding. Although all four novels in the series so far have taken this pattern, each narrative and challenge are unique, and the writer has clearly done detailed research on the subjects she is writing about.

We are introduced to Dr. Jacob Mitchell, a heart surgeon at the top of his career and one of the youngest best surgeons in the city. Ashley ceased existing and abandoned her education to care for her ailing mother; she is an exceptional artist who has struggled since her mother’s death. Jacob is a brilliant cardiologist with no time for relationships who consistently achieves what he wants. Jacob is captivated by Ashley, who accidentally pours her iced coffee on him. Ashley attends a family event and runs into Jacob, who is not only there on business but is also a wedding guest. Ashley is immune to Jacob’s allure till they meet again. When Ashley’s father is hospitalized, and Jake saves his life, fate grants them a second chance. Jacob is delighted and astonished to see her, but he does not combine business with pleasure.

This time, Jacob doesn’t hesitate and pursues the woman he wants with a strong mind, a woman he is sure would change his ways, but then life and an unexpected twist of events get in the way. Once again, Raylin Marks has proven to be one of the best romance writers, crafting romance books featuring strong characters that try hard with their relationships. Besides the main characters, plenty of supporting characters is likable and easy to connect. Dr. Mitchell is a tender, steamy, hot, and dramatic novel. It’s overall a romantic and beautiful story with plenty of plot twists and turns. The story is hot moving between Dr. Mitchell (Jacob) and Ashland, blending their relationship, the betrayals they experience and questioning their trust at the end.

The story of Jacob and Ashley is filled with romance, suspense, poignant situations, cons, blackmail, passion, determination, tenacity, and genuine love. Jacob and Ashley’s conversation is undeniably charming and romantic, and their rapport is out of this world. Dr. Mitchell is a sensual contemporary romance about a dominant billionaire/reformed player and the ferocious gentle soul who wins his heart. There will undoubtedly be sexual encounters, and a happy ending is guaranteed.

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