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The Front Porch Prophet (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sorrow Wood (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Camp Redemption (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweetwater Blues (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Set List (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

South of Etowah (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Raymond L. Atkins is a reputed and award-winning American writer, who is famous for writing Southern fiction, paranormal, mystery, and humor stories. He has penned several mind-blowing standalone novels, including Sorrow Wood, Sweetwater Blues, Front Porch Prophet, Camp Redemption, etc. Atkins was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on August 27, 1955, and currently lives in Rome, Georgia. He attempted to write his first short story when he was in the third grade. However, he received a poor grade for it from his teacher as he was assigned to write a story about Christopher Columbus and he wrote a piece on science fiction. Atkins’ father was a military man all his career, but he lived in Valley Head, Alabama for a majority of his teenage years. He often jokes that people could consider him a Southerner by preference. At the age of 19, Atkins met and married his better half. He has been blessed with 4 children. In the years following their marriage, Atkins and his wife supported each other through the college years. He studied at Shorter University’s Floyd Junior College and then at Kennesaw University.

Author Atkins gives the credit of his success to his English professor named Ken Anderson, who taught him how to write, and says that he has a lifelong debt to him. Residing in Rome, Georgia, Atkins works as an English instructor at Georgia Northwestern Technical College. His house is very old in which he looks after his patient wife. During his spare times, Atkins likes to read, watch movies, meet people, and looking after his pet dog. Atkins received the Writer of the Year award for his debut novel called Front Porch Prophet. This 2008 novel was released by Medallion Press. The book has been labeled as a clever and intriguing tale and highly recommended for the collections of library fiction by Midwest Book Review. A year later, Atkins wrote and published his second book, Sorrow Blood, which was also released under the banner of Medallion Press. This novel contains pitch-perfect prose and subtle humor. The Publisher’s Weekly noted that it consists of a distinguished and compelling mixture of romance and mystery that takes place in 1985 and has flashbacks to the 30s & 40s. Author Atkins has smoothly woven the past into the present and described the action sequence building into a climactic poignant twist.

Likewise, the subsequent penned by Atkins were also praised for their excellent set of characters, hilarious plots, page-turning storylines, and elegant prose. His third book received the Ferrol Sams prize for fiction. Along with writing novels, Atkins teaches English at a college in Georgia. He even works as a Creative Writing instructor at Reinhardt University and also writes columns for The Rome News Tribune. His columns regularly appear in Memphis Downtowner Magazine and also contribute to Like the Dew. The short stories written by Atkins have featured in Blood & Fire Review, Savannah Magazine, Christmas Stories from Georgia, Red Clay Review, and Lavender Mountain Anthology. In 2015, Atkins attempted to write the first creative nonfiction book of his career and published it in 2016 under the title, South of Etowah. In 2017, the Georgia Writers’ Association awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award.

A wonderful book written by author Raymond L. Atkins is entitled ‘Camp Redemption’. It was released by the Mercer University Press in 2013. The central characters mentioned in this novel include Early Willingham, Ivery Willingham, Jesus Jimenez, Millie Donovan, Isbel Jimenez, Hugh Don Monfort, Gilla Newman, Juan Jimenez, Charnell Jackson, etc. Initially, it is stated that Ivey and Early Willingham are the residents of Sequoyah, Georgia. Early Willinghm occasionally drinks liquor, smokes marijuana, and has been an underachiever all her life. Ivey is a prophet of modern times. She witnesses angels and dead relatives in her dreams. The Willinghams own a Bible camp in the mountains of North Georgia called Camp Redemption. As this camp is failing day by day, they are asked to shut it down. Soon after a large number of people start arriving at the camp from far away places to get rid of their life’s troubles.

The first one to arrive is an abused runaway named Jesus Jimenez. He comes from Florida. Millie Donovan comes with several children. Charnell Jackson visits next, who seeks God’s love to turn his luck for good in the field of law. The mother of Jesus Jimenez, Isobel, follows next with her other kids. Don Monfort is the last one to arrive. He is a local bootlegger. As the travelers settle down in the new home, trouble begins to loom. The camp is coveted by Gilla Newman, who runs a camp of her own and intends to have the Camp Redemption. Juan Jimenez comes to take back his family. Charnell’s creditors follow her to the camp and begin troubling her. All the threads converge on one morning in Georgia and after that nothing remains as usual at the camp.

Another exciting book penned by author Atkins is known as ‘Sweetwater Blues’. It was also published by Mercer in 2014. This novel features the primary characters in the form of Rodney Earwood, Palmer Cray, and a few others. Initially, Palmer Cray and Rodney Earwood are introduced as being best friends for a long time. Both of them share a common genetic sense as each was born late in their respective mothers’ lives. The women had given up their hopes of motherhood before Palmer and Rodney miraculously took birth. While growing up, the two boys wandered North Georgia’s hills, fished the green streams, hinted pine woods, and camped at night.

Rodney and Palmer even shared one another’s clothing, homes, and families. Later, the boys turned into tall men and shortly after their 18th birthday, they both passed out from Sweetwater high school. In their class of 30 students, they secured the seventh and eighth ranks respectively. Later, the friends were driving a Camaro while drinking and celebrating their graduation when the car hit the tree and both of them were thrown out, resulting in the death of Rodney Earwood and serious injuries to Palmer Cray. Palmer was held responsible for reckless driving that caused the death of Rodney. After this tragic incident, nothing remained the same again in Sweetwater. The writing skills of Atkins in this book were highly praised. He was appreciated for creating mature, believable characters and an intriguing story.

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