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Mister Kreasey's Demon (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aristo's Family (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Child from the Wishing Well (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cupboard of Skeletons (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Collections

Twists In The Tale (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Family Tree: Stories of Love Beyond the Grave (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Raymond Nickford
Raymond Nickford is a fiction author best known for his dark, macabre stories. The talented author holds a degree in Philosophy and psychology from the University College of North Wales. After graduating, Nickford took up tutoring positions in colleges and with private students. Nickford believes that his love for writing grew the more he continued teaching. His debut novel, A Child from the Wishing Well, stars an eerie music tutor, a young and lovely student, and her paranoid father. Nickford’s writing is unique, and his psychology background shows how he describes his scenes and characters. The author actually says that he thinks that people are stranger and more fascinating than fiction.

Twists in the Tale
Twists in the Tale is a collection of ghost stories that range from the ordinary to the sinister and eccentric. While these stories imply some supernatural elements, the author is careful not to talk about the ghosts directly. All stories have memorable characters who will stay with you long after you are done reading. The fact that they are all short means that you can enjoy the book in bits if you only get a few minutes to read. You can also enjoy the book in one sitting, especially if you are a fan of spooky stories.

The book’s notable stories include A Musical Calling, which stars Sam Baldock, who has schizophrenia. When he is allowed to visit the Beethoven Museum in Vienna, something strange happens at the top of the winding steps on the Molkerbastie, and his daughter is there to witness it. The odd thing is that Sam believed that he was called to the museum. There is also the Parchment Recipes story were Emily clings to the Knick knacks that her husband Berny had touched before he died. When Emily tries to reach out to him, she can feel his overwhelming presence in their home, even though she cannot see him.
In a Father’s Helping Hand, two old boys Bros and Hubbald spent their time shuffling in their converted chapel workshop tuning pianos. Things take an interesting twist when they decide to gift a Steinway piano to their favorite customer. You will also meet Mr. Glossop, the widower in Family Tree. To ensure that his son doesn’t face the same fate as Mrs. Glossop, the neighbors suggest that he should pour acid on the diseased roots. Harry, the barber, looks like a Sumo wrestler, but he is comfortable in his skin until vandals spray his shop window with insults about his weight. How will Sumo react when this happens? You will have to read The Rum Barber’s Baby story to find out.

Twists in the Tale is a short, quality, and terrifying read. As the title suggests, each of these stories come with a mischievous twist. The author cleverly observes each character, making them unique and memorable. It is impressive that this contemporary book explores the language, but it still easy to read. While this book is only about 270 pages in length, it contains many exciting characters, not to mention the variety of unique and captivating stories. The author’s writing is fresh, and while there is no system to the way the stories are narrated, each end will push you to start the following book. If you are are in search for a collection of unique, atmospheric, and captivating short stories, this book is a great choice.

A Child from the Wishing Well
A Child from the Wishing Well tells the story of Gerald Botolph and his struggles with paranoia. Gerald is depressive, and thanks to his strait-laced upbringing, he knows nothing but work ethics and playing by the rules. However, Gerald wants to break from his stiff upbringing, and the only way he thinks this is possible is by bonding with his daughter, Rosie. Gerald wants to be a natural, easy-going father, but this is not something he is used to. Seven-year-old Rosie is confused by all the attention she is getting from her father, so she starts to distance herself from him.

Not one to give up easily, Gerald decides to take his bright daughter for violin classes. The Violin teacher, Ruth Stein, is an old Jewish lady who lives in a Gothic Victorian house. This house is creepy enough, but the music teacher is just as weird. However, Ruth has a childlike way that makes children like her. She also knows how to have fun, play, and make her lessons enjoyable for her students. Throughout his daughter’s class, Gerald stays close by, watching as his daughter masters the instrument. Just like Rosie, Gerald likes Ruth, and he turns her into his friend and confidant. However, his wife is suspicious about Ruth and the hold she has on Rosie. When Ruth passes on, Gerald meets Ruth’s sister, Salome, who explains their tragic past.

Ruth and Salome went through a lot as they tried to escape the wrath of the Nazis in Germany and the horrors people experienced in concentration camps. Does this explain her care-free attitude and musical sensitivity? This story is macabre, and you must have a strong stomach to stand some scenes. However, if you like your stories dramatic and gruesome, you will love this book. From his writing, it is clear that Nickford is gifted in probing eccentric and disturbed people’s minds. The characters are well developed, and it is easy to sympathize with Rosie and the situation she has found herself in. How will Father and daughter now bond after Ruth’s death?

A Child from the Wishing Well is a haunted and beautifully written book. You cannot help but feel the tension as Gerard reaches for the broken doll propped in the garden well. Could Rosie’s life be in danger? Is Gerald’s wife right to be suspicious of Ruth? The author does a great job revealing bits of information, so the tension builds to exhilarating levels. What else does Gerard discover about Ruth from her sister Salome? Can a loving father get over his paranoia to protect his only daughter? Read this book to the end to find out. The book is set in the German side of Prague and Malvern Hills.

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