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Publication Order of A Real Man Books

Jenika Snow is a USA Today author, who is widely known for the Real Man series and Soldier Wrath series. He currently resides with her husband and two daughters in the Northeast. She not only loves to wear socks all year round but she also eating the toppings of her pizza and wearing socks throughout the year.

Real Man Series

Lumberjack is the first installment in the Real Man series by Jenika Snow. Jake is the protagonist in this book series. He is a celibate lumberjack who is also known as the mountain man. Jake used to be an individual with a very strong personality. However, all this changed when he met a girl known as Vivian. Jake had resided in the city for a very long time. However, he was forced to change that life because his male friend and a cheating girlfriend betrayed him. He decides to tell his family what had happened before living the city for the mountain. Five years down the line, Jack is still celibate. He has also managed to make a home for himself. Jake works in one of the small cabins as a lumberjack He decides to live an exceedingly quiet life. Despite the fact that he is constantly invited by his friends to score, this was not just the life that Jake was used to.

Jake was more than willing to wait until he met a perfect match. Unlike Jake, Vivian was an exceedingly sassy who had just parted ways with her boyfriend who was a jerk. All Vivian needed to be a break from the city, her job, and even her ex-boyfriend, thus she decided to rent a cabin in the same town that Jake was living. As luck would have it, the two meet up when Vivian got lost during a hiking trip. While Vivian was on a hiking trip, the sun was setting, and in between the trees, she spots a lone cabin. Once she spotted the cabin, Vivian wondered whether she should as for help or just stay in the woods until dawn. Immediately Jake lands his eyes on Vivian; he immediately knows that she is the right woman for him.

Virgin is the second installment in the Real Man book series. This is the book in the Real Man series, which tells the story between Quinn and Isabell. It is clear to see that the author has an in-depth understanding of how to pen down an exceedingly sexy erotica novel and a sugary sweet erotica. Isabel and Quinn had met more than ten years ago. As the years continued to pass, the relationship between these two characters continued to grow stronger, while their relationship tighter, while the feeling between the two transformed into something else. Ever since they meet, Quinn knew that Isabel was the only lady that he wanted in his life.

At this point in the book, Quinn is nineteen years of age. He is an ardent fan of hockey and plays the game from time to time. He is also madly in love with Isabell. Isabel is not only Quinn’s world, but he also happens to be the air that Quin breaths and also happen to be one of the most important people in Quinn’s life. Due to the fact that he had a fear of ruining what was between them, he decides to keep quiet about his true feelings. It does not take long before Isabel learns that his father has been given a promotion; thus she has to travel with him. Isabell becomes completely devastated. She tries to find a way to tell Quinn about the promotion, but she just cannot find a way of how to tell him.

The idea of leaving Quinn, a person whom she believes is the other half of her soul is quite unbearable. According to Quinn, there is nothing, which can seem to keep him away from his true love, Isabell. Baby Fever is the third book in the Real Man book series. In this book, the author introduces the reader to Dex, who is currently having an austere case of baby fever at 39 years of age. However, he has never been held back before. However, he does not want to upset his childhood best friend, Charlie since he believes that Charlie was not good enough for Eva. Eva on the other has been seriously crushing on Charlie’s best friend. However, Dex has never seen Eva as anything more apart from being the sister to his best-friend. However, things begin to change, when Dex appears all of a sudden at her work-place to try and catch up with her.

The forth book in the Real Man book series is Experienced. In this book, we are introduced to Hugo, who is a Russian businessman. Hugo falls in love with the daughter of his best friend. Due to the fact that he is 50 years old, he has lots of experience in life. Despite being interested in Sabine, he lets her finish school first and does not really tell her what he truly feels. While he is away, he stays celibate. Sabine feels more mature, despite the fact that she is 21 years of age. After completing her education, Sabine felt much older. She had tried to date different people, but none of these people could be compared to Hugo.

Sabine had been deeply in love with Hugo for so many years. However, she had never told him about what she felt for him. Despite the fact that she is still a virgin, she still has done so many things with other many. Because Sabine has finally completed school, Hugo the businessman is now coming to claim his woman. With that said, this is an easy and quick read. Roommate is the fifth installment in the Real Man book series. Roommate is the story about two main characters Meghan and Brendan. Meghan and Brendan have lived under the same roof for so many years. As the years passed by, the feelings that they have for one another have continued to grow. They used to be step-siblings before their parents eventually divorced. Throughout the years, they have continued to stay in contact. Despite the fact that they have been in love for so many years, they were afraid of telling each other.

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