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“REAL” is a series of romance novels by bestselling romance novelist Katy Evans. Evans’s novels have been Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New York Times bestselling titles. She wrote her debut novel Real in 2013 and it shot to the top of several prestigious bestselling lists. She has since gone on to write many more popular novels that have since been translated into several languages across the globe. She started writing when she was twelve and wrote short stories and poems as she got encouragement from the school newspaper choosing to feature her submitted essays. Evans decided that she wanted to become an author when she read a novel that had only one kiss right at the very end. As a passionate fifteen-year-old, she hated that the fact that the novel had no sex, no make-out sessions or even just long kisses and swore to write something with more passion. However, it took more than fifteen years of rejection letters and close misses at contests before she got published.

The Real series of novels is the love story of Remington Tate and Brooke Dumas. Remington is a disgraced boxer that has been relegated to the underground circuit. Similarly, Brooke is a former running champion who has against all odds managed to blow her chance of being included in the Olympics team. She now needs to come to terms with the fact that her dreams are probably unachievable. Since she cannot do anything about it, she decides to go back to school and get a master’s in Sports Rehabilitation. Brooke’s friend Melanie takes her to the Underground to blow off some steam and see the latest sensation Remington Tate nicknamed “Riptide.” From the first time she sets her eyes on him, she knows there is no turning back as the magnetic connection between them is intense. Likewise he cannot stop thinking of anything and immediately makes a move to keep her in his life by making her his sports performance manager.

According to Katy Evans, the Real series is a combination of three stories even though they feature the same characters in both. The three represent three stages of growth for Remington and Brooke. “Real” the first novel of the series is about lust, excitement, mystery, love at first sight and magnetic connection when two strangers meet. In “Mine,” things get real as the two come to the realization that their ideal mate is not perfect but still love them as they are. It challenges the devotion, growth, and proof of the love they have for each other. The last novel “Remy” tells the love story from Remy’s perspective and is something of a combination of “Mine” and “Real.” Remington is an intense multi-dimensional character who can be flawed, vulnerable and yet strong. He has a painful past and his current struggles have made it so hard for him to show who he really is and express himself as he would love to. Nonetheless, he is an undefeated, famous and wealthy fighter in the underground, He shows a ruthless and unrelenting character which has won him hordes of adoring women fans who want nothing more than to be with him. Brooke connects with Remington since she has a similarly scarred past as she had her dreams shattered when she got injured as she was practicing for the Olympics. She treats him with care and is kind with him and it is not long before she is in love with him though she doubts his love for her.

“Real” the first novel of the series by Katy Evans opens to Brooke Dumas who has reinvented herself into a sports rehabilitation specialist after her Olympic dream was shattered. Her friend Melanie drags her to an underground match and her whole life is transformed when she meets Remington “Riptide” Tate. He is a well-known and popular underground fighter with a magnetic presence that just screams danger. Remy calls her backstage and when he learns that she is a sports professional hires her as his personal sports rehabilitation expert. But given his reputation, Brooke thinks the man just wants a one night stand. Now that she is his employee, they have to frequently travel together which significantly tests her emotional and physical attraction to the enigmatic man. There is nothing in life she has ever wanted more than she wants Remy. However, he is more interested in something more concrete and holds back from the casual sex she is offering. She needs to know him really well including the dark secret he had never told her about.

“Mine” the second novel of the series finally has Remy and Brooke together as they enjoy a promising season of love as things start looking up. They are now more solid in their relationship despite some remnants of anger that Remy has towards Brooke for not telling him about her imminent departure. Her departure is a life-changing event as they have to be apart from each other for a while. The problem is that the distance breeds insecurity especially from Brooke who does not like that Remington is often surrounded by groupies. Remy had also gotten used to leaning on Brooke and being apart is taking its toll. They are on the verge of breaking and it remains to be seen if they will fight on or submit to their demons. It is an emotional, delicious, passionate, and sexy novel that has been called the altar of worship to the strong masculine.

“Remy” the third novel of the “Real” series is Remy’s story. He is a damaged man that refuses to let his bipolar diagnosis define him. He is a total badass man that is passionate, protective, strong and possessive particularly towards Brooke. But behind the alpha male properties is the real Remy, with his love for music and his emotions. Through this novel, the readers get an insight into the feelings and thoughts of the “Riptide.” The best thing about Remy is that he accepts himself with his faults and when he loves, he gives it his all. When he first met Brooke and felt the connection, he went all in to make her his and make sure she knew how much she meant to him. But will he finally get his happily ever after?

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