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About Ream Shukairy

A Syrian American author, Ream Shukairy is known for her work in the Young Adult genre. Born and raised in Orange County, California, she also spent her summers in Syria, giving her a unique blend of cultural experiences. This rich background deeply influences her writing, adding depth and authenticity to her stories.

Shukairy excels at creating characters that feel real and relatable. Her protagonists often face challenges that resonate with young readers, making her books engaging and entertaining. She has a knack for crafting narratives where every character, regardless of their role, contributes meaningfully to the story, maintaining the readers’ interest from start to finish.

One of Shukairy’s many strengths lies in her ability to weave compelling plots with engaging narratives. Her storytelling captivates readers, drawing them into the world she creates. With a focus on diverse and authentic experiences, her works offer both great entertainment and insightful perspectives, making her a noteworthy voice in Young Adult literature.

Her work skillfully combines her imaginative storytelling with authentic elements from her own life experiences. This blend allows her to create narratives that are both engaging and deeply honest. By drawing from her Syrian American background, she offers readers truthful reflections on identity, culture, and resilience.

She also makes her work accessible to a universal audience by touching on themes that many people can relate to, such as identity, family, and personal growth. This approach allows readers from different backgrounds to find common ground in her stories. At the same time, she stays true to her own life experiences, infusing her narratives with authentic elements from her Syrian American and Muslim heritage. This blend of universal themes and personal authenticity makes her books both relatable and unique.

Ream Shukairy has many exciting projects on the horizon. With her proven talent for storytelling and character development, readers can eagerly anticipate more captivating narratives. Her future works promise to deliver the same depth, authenticity, and engagement that have made her a standout in Young Adult literature. Fans can look forward to many more compelling stories from her in the years to come.

Early and Personal Life

Ream Shukairy grew up splitting her time between Orange County, California, and summers in Syria, which gave her a unique cultural perspective. Her love for reading and writing developed early on as she explored different worlds through books. She feels at home wherever her family is and finds peace and inspiration near the beach. Attending Boston graduate school, she would go on to find her voice as an author with something to say.

Shukairy has a knack for learning languages, which fuels her passion for travel and experiencing new cultures. This adventurous spirit often influences her storytelling, adding rich, diverse elements to her work. Her ability to weave these experiences into her narratives makes her stories engaging and relatable.

She drew from the diverse experiences of growing up between Orange County, California, and Syria, which added a rich realism to her work. This blend of cultural influences allows her to create authentic and relatable characters and settings. By incorporating real-life observations and experiences, her stories resonate deeply with readers, making them feel both genuine and impactful.

As the daughter of immigrants, Shukairy is determined to challenge stereotypes and challenge expectations. This determination is evident in her writing, where she creates strong, multidimensional characters that resonate with readers. Through her stories, she continues to grow as an author, consistently delivering fresh, compelling narratives that captivate her audience.

Writing Career

Ream Shukairy launched her writing career with her debut novel ‘The Next New Syrian Girl,’ published in 2023. The book was well-received for its engaging storytelling and authentic narrative. This strong start helped establish her as a notable author in the Young Adult genre.
Continuing her journey, Shukairy’s next book, ‘Six Truths and a Lie,’ was released in 2024. With these two novels, she would go on to make a significant impact. Readers can anticipate even more captivating stories as she continues to write and grow her literary portfolio.

The Next New Syrian Girl

A stand-alone contemporary Young Adult novel by Ream Shukairy, her debut novel was published on March 14, 2023. It was released by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. The book gained recognition as a CYBILS Award Nominee for Young Adult Fiction in 2023.

An unlikely friendship grows between two very different Syrian girls amidst the pressures and expectations they face. Khadija Shami, a Syrian American high school senior, dreams of escaping her sheltered life, while Leene Tahir, a Syrian refugee, struggles to adapt to a suburban Detroit high school.

When their worlds collide, they initially clash due to their contrasting views but are forced closer together by a startling discovery from Leene’s past. As they uncover the truth, a tentative friendship begins to bloom, leading them on a journey to Jordan and challenging their perceptions of themselves and each other.

A compelling debut novel by Ream Shukairy that beautifully explores friendship, identity, and resilience. The story of Khadija and Leene’s journey is both heartwarming and eye-opening, making it a must-read. This engaging narrative will captivate anyone who enjoys contemporary Young Adult fiction.

Six Truths and a Lie

Another stand-alone contemporary Young Adult novel by Ream Shukairy, this was published on March 12, 2024, and would be a thriller. The novel was again released by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. This marked Shukairy’s second major publication in the Young Adult genre.

It follows six Muslim teens who are falsely accused of a deadly Fourth of July attack, delving into the complexities of America’s justice system. The explosion off the California coast leaves them as suspects, despite their varied backgrounds and aspirations. Each teen has their own secrets and struggles, from an aspiring doctor to an immigrant in love.

To clear their names, they must navigate a treacherous political game, deciding whether to betray each other or expose their secrets to earn freedom for all.

A gripping thriller that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The story of six Muslim teens navigating false accusations and intricate political games is both intense and thought-provoking. It’s a powerful read that shines a light on justice and resilience.

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