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Publication Order of Reapers MC Books

Reaper's Property (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reaper's Legacy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil's Game (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reaper's Stand (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reapers and Bastards (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reaper's Fall (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reaper's Fire (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shade's Lady (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rome's Chance (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eli's Triumph (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Reapers MC is a series of romance novels by Joanna Wylde, the New York Times bestselling author who also writes science fiction and fantasy novels. Wylde started out as a journalist and worked as an editor and reporter at two dailies. Her career then went in a different direction as she went from managing a homeless shelter before she ran a freelance writing business. Her business was just as varied as she did everything from ghostwriting for academics to fundraising proposals. Wylde first got interested in writing fiction when she got a Kindle reader as a gift just at the time when indie writing was undergoing the biggest revolution in recent times. Shortly afterward, she got to writing and published “Reaper’s Property” the first novel of the Reapers MC series in 2013. The book went on to become a bestseller and she was hooked. She is now a full-time author who writes her works from the mountains of northern Idaho, where she lives with her family.

The Reapers MC series is Joanna Wylde’s most popular series of novels. The novels are about the men of the Reapers Motorcycle Gang founded by ex-Marines that are veterans of the Vietnam War. The outlaw club has many of its current members drawn from veterans, though it also has active military and nomads among its ranks. The series tells stories full of action, and raw grit combined with passion and steamy love. The first novel of the series “Reaper’s Property” introduces the beautiful and naïve Marie, who left her cheating and abusive husband only to be swept up by Horse of the Reapers MC. Horse is a big man nearly six and half feet as compared to the petite Marie. He is clearly an alpha male with his tattooed tribal cuffs, muscular arms, and broad shoulders that can melt the heart of any woman no matter how immune she thinks she is to masculinity. In “Reaper’s Legacy” Sophie is struggling to take care of herself and her child after Zach her high school sweetheart abandoned them. She is a tough and feisty heroine but being a single mother is not easy, even with the Ruger the brother to her ex acting as role model. Ruger is the domineering sexy as hell though possessive and jealous man of the dangerous Reapers MC gang that wants to love and protect them. But the snag is that he is not willing to give what Sophie wants. Devil’s Game the third novel of the series is an introduction to Em who is pining after Painter of the Reaper MC Gang. She wants to give him her virginity but he is too chicken to do it. Enter Liam Hunter of the Reaper MC gang who wants her from the first time he sees her. The only problem is that he is from a rival gang. But that will not stop him from seducing the little princess from Reaper MC.

“Reaper’s Property” the first novel of the series is a hot story of Marie and Horse of the Reaper’s MC gang. Marie just left her cheating and abusive husband and is living in a trailer with her brother. Jeff her brother is working for the motorcycle club. Horse and Marie hookup when the gang visits them to discuss some business. He offers an exclusive relationship as he wants Marie to be his though she flatly rejects his offer, hurts his feelings and even insulted him. She blew him off and things became so bad they did not even talk for months after that. But then she gets drunk and is back with Horse who gives her some mind-blowing orgasms. The only fly in the ointment is that he wants to make her something akin to property. She will have none of that until Jeff her brother steals from the gang and she finds him with a gun to his head. She has a choice of accepting Horse’s offer, which will let her brother off the hook and give him a chance to make things right or have him die. While she convinces herself that she is doing it for her brother, deep down she is also doing it for herself. She soon finds herself deep in an unknown and strange world where rules are made to be broken. To make it worse, it is a very sexist world where women are like property though they are loved and protected. Instead of being horrified, she is excited and loves her new life as with Horse by her side she is untouchable and loved.

“Reaper’s Legacy” the second novel of the series is an intensely erotic and raw tale of Sophie and Ruger. Eight years ago Sophie had been deeply in love with Zach Barrett, a man to whom she had given her virginity to. The night could not have been more embarrassing as it was romantic as Ruger a tattooed and muscled biker of the Reaper’s Motorcycle Gant who is also Zach’s brother catches them in the act. Ruger had never forgotten the exquisite curves of the beauty he had caught with his brother though he had kept his distance. She may have been embarrassed and thought she lost her dignity but at least she got something from the night – her son Noah. But that was all she got as soon after the relationship with Zach fell apart, as he proved a deadbeat dad that was not interested in taking care of his son and the mother. Ruger is now the only male role model that her son Noah knows. When he discovers that his nephew and Sophie are living in poverty, he is determined to help them. With the help of his brothers in the Reaper’s MC club, he is going to give them the life they deserve. But Sophie never planned to expose her son to outlaw bikers and is hesitant even as Ruger insists on helping them whether she likes it or not. What he does not know is that Sophie has always wanted to have him ever since Zach left. She will soon learnt that seducing a biker will get her dirty in all manner of ways.

“Devil’s Game” is the third novel of the Reaper’s MC series of novels. Liam Hunter Blake was born and raised as a member of the Devil’s Jack, which means he naturally hates the Reaper’s MC. His duty is to defend his club from their age old nemesis, the Reapers. He is to fight with any weapon at his disposal though he thinks there is no need for that when he intends to charm the Reaper’s president’s daughter. She is vulnerable and alone and he wanted her from the first time she set eyes on her. He now has a good excuse to spite the Reapers by seducing her. Em, the president’s daughter has lived her whole life protected by her father and his gang. She is now twenty-two and thinks it is high time her crush Painter took her virginity. But the man is more interested in keeping her father happy as the last time she had a boyfriend her father had shot the man. It is thus understandable that most of the men in her gang want to be in the good books with her father rather than have a good time with her. But then she meets Hunter who does not care. He is not afraid to treat her like the woman that she is and he is handsome as hell. She thinks he is the one but is he?

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