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“Reasonable Doubt” is a series of romance novels by Whitney G, a New York Times, USA Today author who also writes memoirs, biographies, and literary fiction. Whitney is also the co-founder of inspirational blog “The Indie Tea,” which is a resource for aspiring indie romance authors. She is known for the “Jilted Bride,” “Captain of My Soul,” “Wasted Love” and “Mid Life Love” series of novels. She loves connecting with her fans and can often be found responding to comments on her website, her Facebook page or on Instagram. When she is not writing her novels, you can find her at a Starbucks or feeding her candy addiction. She also curses a lot and has a tendency to disappear from social media, when she is working on her projects. Whitney is also a confirmed hypochondriac, travel junkie and indie book fan. She loves reading the likes of John Grisham and listening to Ariana Grande and Beyonce.

Whitney never became a popular author even after the publication of several novels. It was only with the publication of the first novel of the “Reasonable Doubt” series “Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1” that her popularity exploded as the novel went viral. She does not know what made the series go viral and was seriously surprised that it did so well. She had been using it as a way to improve her writing before she finished her works in progress. She decided to pen some short fiction so that she could work on aspects of sexual tension, scene building, and banter when the novel just exploded in popularity. With the success of the debut, she decided to make it into a series and it has become one of her biggest successes. While the effort definitely paid off, Whitney G asserts that she does not have a golden recipe for the successful novel.

The Reasonable Doubt series is the story of Andrew and Aubrey told in a layer by layer manner with each deceptively random scene having a purpose in the overall story arc. While the leads are some of the wittiest characters in an erotic romance, the beauty of the novels is also driven by Whitney G’s phenomenal writing style. The series sees the leads go on personal journeys as it tells of their willingness to sacrifice to achieve their biggest desires in life. Andrew Hamilton the lead is a successful lawyer with a shady past that he religiously keeps under wraps. He does not believes in relationships and is a loner. For the past six years he has been concerned with just his career and his social life has been strictly about one night stands. But while he has managed to avoid emotional attachments or friendships, everything changes when he meets a woman different from all the others. Aubrey Everhart is a young woman struggling between pleasing her parents and pursuing her innate passions. She is adamant in her refusal to sleep with him, which has made him abandon his one night one dinner policy as nothing has ever intrigued him more. Everhart has always lived to please other people and she is not going to do that anymore as she has dreams of her own too.

“Reasonable Doubt” the first novel of the Reasonable Doubt series introduces the lead Andrew Hamilton, a successful lawyer who finds women online to sleep with for no attachment one night stands. He follows a simple set of rules one night, a dinner, casual sex that is never repeated. He has worked his system for six years and thinks he has perfected it until he met the enigmatic Aubrey. She is nothing like the women he has been meeting and they are soon the best of virtual friends. They exchange emails and messages, talk and chat on the phone. While they are just friends, the sexy banter between them is always full of tension. Six months after they first met, Andrew starts pressuring her to meet but she refuses the offer as she had lied to him and knows that he hates liars. She is supposed to be unattractive, a lawyer and nothing he would ever date. But she is none of those things and she believes he would be royally pissed and confused if he found out. He tries to cut Aubrey off but he cannot keep her out of his mind and he is soon rethinking his one-time policy.

“Reasonable Doubt: Volume 2” starts off from the massive cliffhanger of the first volume of the series. Andrew had a lot to explain about his past but he never had that perfect explanation that would placate Aubrey. He felt that the past should not be dug up having buried it six years past. But he was not going to give up on his pursuit of Aubrey who he could not keep out of his mind. He is still the asshole who only wants to share his cock and is still cocky as hell. But when it comes to Aubrey, he is the vulnerable and tortured hero who may just change his one-night policy. He cannot walk away from the alluring scent and sexy body though he still blows hot and cold. The complexity in their lives is further made more intricate with the introduction of his ex-wife, which results in a lot more questions than answers. Aubrey wants a lot from Andrew the most important of which was for him to come clean and explain how he became who he is. Nonetheless, she cannot deny the sexual fire he lights inside of her even if she cannot find the answers to her questions. While Andrew is not willing to talk of his past he is also not willing to let her go. But then he comes to the realization that he may never have her, not unless he is willing to experience the hurt he once had to go through.

“Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3” opens to Andrew having kicked Aubrey out of his apartment and his life. He felt that he had no choice since the past had come back to haunt him by digging up long-buried wounds and secrets. He is trying to move on with his life and going back to his one-night policy, but every time he tries to think of another woman he finds he cannot push Aubrey out of his mind. What makes it worse is that Aubrey has been giving him the cold shoulder and will not have anything to do with him out of the office or inside it. But push is all he knows until he pushes too far and she pushes back hard. She is not willing to take the scraps he has been throwing her way as she wants his heart and not his cock. Andrew does not seem interested in ever handing over his heart until he starts to understand how deep he has come to love her. But when he comes to this realization, he finds it is too late as she wants nothing to do with him and has even moved to another city. What follows is a grovel from Andrew that will make anyone pant and smile at the same time as it makes for a perfect ending to the story.

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