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Publication Order of Taste Of Texas Mysteries Books

Here Today, Gone Tamale (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Good, the Bad and the Guacamole (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cinco de Murder (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rebecca Adler is a renowned author who also writes as Gina Lee Nelson. She grew up on the Florida Gulf Coast and has lived in Mississippi and New York. Currently, she resides in Texas with her three sons. Before becoming a writer, Rebecca acted in some places including children’s theater in Jacksonville, dinner theater in Mississippi, can-can club in Florida, acting school in Broadway. She even worked as a waitress at the all-night drive in Jersey. While working at the restaurant, she did the craziest thing ever. After work at 2.30 in the morning, she risked her life by over speeding at the subway.

She raised her three sons before embarking the career in education where she taught theater arts. Thereafter, she started entered into the world of creative writing. Rebecca has dedicated many hours to her writing career. She says that she writes for long hours over holidays, school vacations and weekends. When Rebecca is on the deadline, she works many hours late into the night. It is this commitment that has made Rebecca one of the most respected writers.

Despite facing a myriad of challenges, Rebecca has never relented in writing. Time management is one of the major hurdles Rebecca faces in her career. Also, it is important to remember that Rebecca works for long hours at her job of being a theater teacher. However, her unique writing style has enabled her continue bringing new characters into life.

Rebecca loves reading Bible, romance, history and prophecy. She says that she is willing to read such books over and over. Also, her favorite childhood book was Touch not the Cat by Mary Stewart and To the Hilt by Dick Francis. Rebecca loves listening to Bluegrass and Zydeco music while writing. She says the rhythms keep her focused and creative.

Rebecca Adler two early books

Under the new pen name, Rebecca Adler has written two books: Here Today, Gone Tamale and The Good, the Bad and the Guacamole. Both these books are mystery series known as A Taste of Texas Mystery.

Here Today, Gone Tamale: this book talks about a Josie Callahan- a likable character with great investigative instincts. Also, Josie has fascinating romantic possibilities. The plot in this book unravels providing a reader with plenty of motives and suspects to keep the readers guessing.

After losing her fiancé and newspaper job in Austin, Josie decides to head back home in Broken Boot, Texas. This happens as her fiancé un-friends her from the Facebook. However, as Josie enter Broken Boot, she becomes busy since the Wild West Festival is about to start. The festival committee is working round-the-clock to ensure everything goes as planned. Things become worse when jewelry designed to turn up extremely drunk. The designer comes without the necklace that she has promised for this festival’s auction. Everyone in the festival’s planning committee becomes offended and leaves the restaurant. Things turned bad as the local jewelry designer is found dead in the dark alleys of the town. The cause of the jeweler’s death is a mystery yet to be unraveled. Everybody thinks that a young waiter is a prime suspect in this heinous murder. Jose tries to save the day by using her investigative skills to uncover the truth and clear the young waiter from the assassination implications.

The Good, the Bad and the Guacamole: this series talks about Tex-Mex waitress and Josie Callahan who is a part-time reporter. These new friends are about to administer justice in this Taste of Texas Mystery novel.

Tourists are flocking into the town of Broken Boot, Texas as the annual Homestead Days Music Festival is around the corner. The celebrations are officially opened by a soft-spoken country singer, Jeff Clark. Interestingly, Geff is an ex-boyfriend of Patti Perez – the Josie’s best friend. The charismatic Clark woos Patti to the stage hoping to rekindle some old feelings. Josie fears that Patti would fall into the trap of Clark.

Josie decides to impress her editor of the Broken Boot Bugle by making a story out of these former lovebirds. Josie grabs her Chihuahua and pursues the Geff to the Patti house. Josie was hoping to book an interview with them. To a rude shock, Josie discovers Geff Clarke bloodied guitar and his face down into a bowl of guacamole. The prime murder suspect is Patti Perez, and now Josie has to use her reporter skills to unravel the truth. Josie must work very fast before the killer strikes back and do damage.

Other notable works of Rebecca Adler is Play It Loud. This novel was written under the name Gina Lee Nelson. This is a sweet romance story that talks about Claire Ashton- Howard. Claire is out to prove that she has all the qualities of a great journalist. She stumbles into the story of her lifetime when she rescues Evan price from the oncoming subway train. Soon after, the devastating motorcycle accident strips Evan price of his icon status. However, he is determined to a make comeback in his Pop-star music career. Evan is touched by Claire’s passion so he allows her into his heart. Evan decides to reveal his painful secrets hoping to cement his reputation. However, Claire started questioning herself if she is going in the right direction. The days are passing, and Claire’s head and heart have taken sides. She is in a dilemma whether the love for Evan is real or just a crazy obsession.

Rebecca has written short stories under the name Gina Lee Nelson. These short stories include; Deep in the Hearts of Texas and Loves Texas Style. The anthologies are a collection of short stories that will satisfy your craving for romance.

Rebecca Adler has plans of writing more books in the Taste of Texas series in the future. Most of these books will be set in Broken Boot, Texas. Rebecca likes this place because it feels like home to her.

Rebecca Adler, formerly known as Gina Lee Nelson, is an inspiring writer who has written fantastic book series. You will want to The Taste of Texas mystery series again and again. With her outstanding work, Rebecca has chances of winning awards. Also, her work might make into movies or Tv shows.

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