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You Don't Know Me but I Know You (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Is What It Feels Like (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad Things Happen Here (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
And Don't Look Back (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Interview with the Vixen (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Rebecca Barrow is a published author. She resides in England, a place that has more rain than any of the fantasy worlds that some of her characters inhabit.

Rebecca Barrow enjoys obsessing over cosmetics, in particular lipstick. She also is a big fan of the movie Mean Girls and says she has the ability to be able to recite the entire film from beginning to end. Besides being able to quote pop culture classics, she also happens to be a fiction writer.

Rebecca writes stories of her own that usually have girls as the main characters. She likes to write about all they can achieve. When she is not reading or writing, she is getting another tattoo or collecting another cat. Or she’s checking out books and collecting more of them than she probably ever will be able to read. Barrow became an author in print for the first time in 2017.

You Don’t Know Me But I Know You is the debut full length fictional novel from author Rebecca Barrow. You can find this bright first book from the author in a bookstore or library close to you. If not, check online and see what your options are so that you can get your hands on a story that involves choice, chance, and the power of unconditional love that focuses on individuals making the future that they want one step at a time.

Audrey has a box sitting in her closet all the way in the back that she doesn’t think about much. On the inside of this box is a seventeen year old letter that is from someone that she has never met before. It’s apparently from her mother, but she doesn’t know her. The person that she considers her mother gave it to her so that she could read it if she wants to.

Audrey doesn’t know if she wants to open the letter and read it. She knows that she is adopted, as that’s something that her adoptive parent always made sure that she was honest and up front about. She doesn’t really think about that letter, but it would be another puzzle piece that she could put together about her life if it did contain valuable information.

She does want to put it all together deep down and see the full picture. She’s been trying to put things together and figure out who she is. Is it the people that she knows, the things that she enjoys doing, where she came from, or who raised her?

Audrey finds out that she’s pregnant all of a sudden, and then discovers that she has a whole range of emotion going on with her that she never considered before. She’s finding that she is experiencing feelings that she never knew that she even felt and now Audrey is seeing all of her fears spill out.

She finds that she has more questions than she actually thought she did about where she came from. It was twenty years ago that someone in a similar situation to the one that she herself is in made a decision that would end up being the origin point for much of Audrey’s life.

Now all of these years later, Audrey is trying to run her mind through what has happened, what could have happened, and what might happen in the future. The potential of what might have happened is making her freeze up and she’s finding that even her best friend seems to be more distant. She senses a distance growing between Rose and herself and wonders whether their friendship might be in jeopardy.

Trying to review her past all of the time is making her crazy, and Audrey already has enough stress on her plate with the knowledge of the fact that she is going to have a baby. She has nine months to consider all of hr options and find a way to find herself.

With a child on the way and being caught in the middle of a huge identity crisis, it’s time for Audrey to really figure out who she is. What does it mean for her to be herself? Find out along with her by picking up this intriguing first novel from author Rebecca Barrow.

This is What It Feels Like is the second full length fictional novel from Rebecca Barrow. When it comes to music the people in a certain town can’t get enough. Now there’s an annual contest going down, the Sun City Originals.

Some people say they don’t care what the prize is. But maybe they’d change their tune if they knew that the grand prize is rumored to be a cool fifteen thousand dollars. That’s going to create a lot of competition for the change to win that money and the recognition, as well as the golden opportunity of a lifetime to open up for an awesome band– one of the best to play in this town.

Dia is interested in winning the money, but she doesn’t have a chance right now. Without a band, she absolutely doesn’t have a chance to win the contest. She used to have a group of girls to make music with, but Hanna kind of broke that up when she left to keep on drinking. Without Hanna in the band, Jules and Dia don’t have anything to do.

It’s just not the same as when the trio were planning what they would do in the future. It was fun in the past, but in the present, they’re having to deal with all sorts of things that they never anticipated. From babies to rehab to relationships, It all is part of growing up, but still, the band is totally broken up and it hurts.

Dia is finding that she’s in the middle of a tough spot. She’s trying to get over the past and embrace the future, but is that even possible? The friends must find a balance not only in their own lives, but with each other. Can they discover a new found peace with who they were and will be? Will they enter the contest? You will have to read this book to find out!

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