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Rebecca Deel
Author Rebecca Deel is a preacher’s daughter with a black belt in karate. She teaches business classes at a private four-year college located in Nashville, Tennessee. She runs interference for her family’s Westies, writes freelance articles, and plays the piano at church. She delivers monthly devotions to the women’s group at her church, and also conducts seminars in money management, personal safety, and writing.

Rebecca has been married to her wonderful husband for well over twenty years, with whom she has two grown sons with.

Rebecca’s work has been published in places Co-Laborer, ONE Magazine, and Contact. She was profiled in the June of 2010 edition of the Nashville Christian Family magazine.

She finished her Doctor of Arts degree in Economics and she wears her beloved Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt when life gets ugly.

“Midnight Escape” is the first novel in the “Fortress Security” series and was released in the year 2015. Saving her sister may just require the ultimate sacrifice. Brenna Mason’s sister has been missing now for over a week. She failed Dana years prior with some disastrous consequences. She isn’t going to do it again. She is determined to locate her sister and bring her back home. However somebody is equally determined to stop Brenna. Within just hours of her showing up in town, Brenna’s life gets threatened. Being a writer, she crafts some killer sentences, but she just doesn’t have the skills to take on some real killer. To save Dana, her only chance is to team up with this man that has his own agenda.

Eli Wolfe, as an ex-Navy SEAL, saw more than plenty innocents butchered to populate his dreams with bloody ghosts. After his PI mentor gets murdered, he hunts for the killer. What he discovers is a woman that has a mission much larger than his. However Brenna is unaware that Eli asked Dana for a favor that may have led to her vanishing.

Working with one another to look for her sister, they find connections to a human trafficking ring that Eli and his SEAL team stumbled upon just a few years earlier. With just 48 hours until Dana becomes lost in the seedy underbelly of human trafficking, Brenna and Eli have to rescue her before time runs out. When Brenna gets kidnapped by these kidnappers too, Eli sprints to locate both sisters before the time runs out. This raises the stakes for Eli. Now that he has fallen in love with Brenna, losing her may cost Eli both his sanity along with his life.

This is a fast paced novel with danger around every corner and some readers found themselves just holding their breath. There is also a rather sweet romance that also dealt with some important issues, particularly human trafficking.

“Midnight Reckoning” is the second novel in the “Fortress Security” series and was released in the year 2015. Her sister used to be a world class jewel thief. However she crossed the wrong person and now Sophie’s child might pay the price.

Sophie Valero has lived her entire life living down her last name. In a family of thieves, con artists, and murderers, she is the black sheep in the family. Since she is the owner of a legit business, the most difficult challenge she faces is helping her customers locate the proper herbal supplements to enhance their health. However when she gets attacked in her own home, she is given only three days to locate what her sister stole. Her son’s life is the price of failure. Since this retired cat burglar cannot go to the local cops for help, she goes to the one guy that might just help her. Assuming he can forget she is a Valero.

Micah Winter, a Secret Service Agent, stopped for a coffee and left with a bullet in his leg. The gangbanger that shot him ended up leaving in a body bag. Now Micah is back home on medical leave and has a contract out on him. The very last thing that he wants is to be protecting some gorgeous jewel thief. But within just minutes of laying eyes on Sophie, he’s got zero choice but to offer her protection.

Sophie and Micah work together to find the items her sister robbed as they stay a step ahead of the gang that is determined to murder Micah and the local law that is committed to pinning some jewel thefts on Sophie. Micah has vowed to neutralize these threats to Sophie since the fed has fallen hard for her. However the deadline is fast approaching and the murderer has gotten much closer than he thinks.

“Midnight Rendezvous” is the third novel in the “Fortress Security” series and was released in the year 2015. When the present and the past collide, the results just might be lethal.

Lily Stanton, a Fortress Security operative, survived a life on Nashville’s streets and thrived while in the Army. Abandoned when she was just an infant, her family has become her Fortress team members, so her world gets rocked when a woman that claims to be her mom begs to meet her. After Lily and Remy Doucet (her partner) learn of a link between their mission and Lily’s mom, she’s got no choice but to face up to her past. She needs Remy (the man that slipped through her defenses and captured her heart from her) in order to navigate through the emotional minefield.

Remy Doucet, an ex-NYPD homicide detective, has not thought about Christine, his high school sweetheart, since he met Lily Stanton, the woman that has been starring in his dreams. Except when Christine goes missing, Fortress Security sends Lily and him off to locate her. The search takes them deep into enemy territory, and they team up with an elite Delta unit, Fortress Security’s latest squad, so they can stop a con artist from preying on those that are desperately ill.

Remy knows that one misstep might lead them to mission failure. Worse, he might lose Lily. And he isn’t going to allow anybody to take her away from him, no matter what the cost is to himself.

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