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Rebecca Dinerstein is the author of The Sunlit Night, and also the author of Lofoten, a bilingual collection of Norwegian poems. Her first nonfiction work appeared in the Guardian, New York Times, as well as the New Yorker Online. Rebecca Dinerstein was awarded a Bachelor of Arts from the Yale and her Masters from New York University. Currently, Rebecca Dinerstein resides in Brooklyn. Before she became an author, Rebecca Dinerstein used to pen down poems in the morning. Dinerstein book of poems, which is known as Lofoten, was published in the year 2012. Lofoten has been penned down in half English and half Norwegian. Immediately after the book of poems was published, it was critically received. The poem collection has been divided into the dark and the light.

Lofoten is a poem book about falling in love with the landscape and a woman who is discovering herself. During the afternoons, Rebecca Dinerstein would pen down more than one thousand words a day, which would eventually become the first draft of the Sunlit Night novel. Her first novel, the Sunlit Night has been set in the city of Lofoten, which is located more than 95 miles from the arctic. Lofoten is a string of five islands located in the Norwegian Sea. For more than years, Rebecca Dinerstein resided in Norway for more than a year, where she survived using a college grant, which was awarded to one student from Yale University. During this period, Rebecca Dinerstein focused on penning down novels and used her surrounding as her source of inspiration. Dinerstein survived on three meals a day. She would wake up in the morning and have a huge Norwegian breakfast, that consisted of a brown cheese on an exceedingly large cracker.

After having her breakfast, Rebecca Dinerstein would then seat down and continue writing. She would then have lunch, write and finally dinner. Her life during this period was mainly eating and writing and sometimes looking out of the window. According to Dinerstein, living in the arctic was one of the formative experiences that the author has ever had. With that said, Rebecca Dinerstein is a highly talented writer who has the ability of penning down a highly entertaining novel that oozes with her unique writing style and wit. Due to the fact that this is the author’s first book, readers are waiting eagerly for the author’s second novel.

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Sunlight Night is the first novel by Rebecca Dinerstein and possess all the necessary ingredients of a debut novel. Soiky Yiddish wit, fast-talking New Yokers and an exceedingly fashionable Norwegian setting, a funeral, a wedding and an endorsement by one Jonathan Safran Foer. In this highly captivating debut novel, an isolated island located above the arctic is the setting for two individuals who are not only trying to sommount grief but also find love as well. After breaking up with her boyfriend, one Frances runs off to Manhattan to work as an apprentice for a laonic Norwegian artist, who resides in a local community known as Lofoten. While residing in Lofoten, Frances has no option but to learn how to adjust to the Norwegian Summer. Ass Frances is still adjusting, one Yasha Gregoriov, who is five years younger than Frances, comes to the town of Lofoten, so as to bury his father who passed away. Gregorigov’s father was a Russian immigrant who had relocated to the United States several years ago.

Vassily’s wish was to be laid to rest at the top of the world. Both Yasha and Francesc come from dysfunctional families. Frances mother and father love to argue from time to time. Furthermore, her parents have been constantly trying to put an end to her sister’s engagement due to their exceedingly high principles. The exceedingly gorgeous Olyana is Yasha’s mother abandoned their kids Vasilly and Yasha more than 10 years ago. As a highly accomplished author, Rebecca Dinerstein pens down these domestic situations with compassion and humor. Her prose is not only silky but lyrical and specific with acute precision and direct description. When pallete, voice, and place come together, the result is a highly entertaining novel. Drawing from her own personal experiences as a professional artist in the Loften Island, Rebecca Dinerstein has, in turn, created an exceedingly unique sense of place.

The novel has the amplified palette of any Wes Anderson movie, and definitely, there is no denying of the author’s exceedingly unique and authoritarian voice, a young, sassy falsetto with bass notes from the University of Yale. Frances leaves New York City and heads to Norway so that she can learn to be alone. Frances takes part in a project that involved painting a barn yellow and eventually turning it into a cultural destination. After a night that was full of disaster, the barn is seen as it requires public funding and Frances has the opportunity to fraternize with an exceedingly young Russian boy who has traveled all the way to Norway so that he can bury his father. As time goes by, the passion between Yasha and Frances develops, alternating between the characters different point of view and eventually reaching its peak during the yearly whale meat festivities. There are some exceedingly sillier moments, which the author decides to play with bathos.

From the look of things, this is the only way to justify a sex scene that is set right under tubular roots of an exceedingly large sculpture of the tree of life, in the presence of a curved goat, that has been made out of cheese. It is evidently clear that Norway is a suitable setting for surrealism. However, the author, Rebecca Dinerstein muddies the waters by venerating her subject matter and then eventually undermining it as well. With that said, this novel is an improbable love story about dark and light, and how these universal forces, illuminate and subvert our lives. As an experienced poet, the author, Rebecca Dinerstein employs John Safran Foer’s whimsical style and flavor and her own writing style, to pen down this highly entertaining novel. The author also treats the readers with some exceedingly gorgeous imagery and highly entertaining Norwegian lore that surrounds a Viking museum.

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