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Rebecca Fleet
Rebecca Fleet is a mystery writer with a few thriller books to her name. She is best known for her debut novel, The House Swap that tells the story of a family whose decision to swap houses for a change brings more grief than good. Aside from writing, Fleet works as a brand strategist in Windsor. The oxford-educated author lives in London.

The House Swap
The House Swap is an intriguing story that documents the happenings after a house swap. Francis and Caroline get an offer to swap their city apartment with a house in a leafy suburb in London. The couple jumps at this opportunity that promises to give them a week’s break from their son, home, and the stress that has been causing tension in their marriage for ages.

The new house is stark and empty, and it is hard to figure out the personality of the person who lives there. However, the couple is not letting this get in their way of happiness. Life in the new house seems all fun at first, but the marital issues begin to resurface. Francis has unhealthy behaviors that he needs to work on. Thanks to his addiction to his blue pills, Caroline is mostly left to cater for their young son alone. There are indiscretions that Caroline is accused of. Her lack of control where her feelings are concerned is causing some rift in the marriage. The couple wants to work on their weaknesses and reconnect. However, many factors are working against them.

For one, there is a young woman next door who seems so keen on the activities of the two lovebirds doing everything to salvage their marriage. Things get interesting when Caroline begins to uncover her life in this house. From her favorite flowers in the bathroom to the music playing through the rooms. The selection seems innocent to anyone else. However, Caroline has a strange feeling that this is connected to her past. A past she would want to forget. Caroline is convinced that the person who initiated the swap is someone who knows, and there is no way this was a random selection. If her suspicions are correct, the owner of the house is not just someone who knows her but one who is aware of her dark secret.

It is evident that this person wants to destroy her, and the new life is working to create for herself. So, whose house is this, and why are they interested in bringing up the past? What happens to Caroline and Francis after this? Are the two able to find out whose house it is they are living in? This is an exciting thriller that will leave you at the end, the edge of your seat. Get a glimpse of Caroline’s tragic past and find out why she is so keen to bury her feelings and memories of the past.

While the House Swap is Rebecca Fleet’s debut novel, it is clear that the author is quite talented. The character development is excellent, and the plot is nothing but solid. The story flows well, and the narration is nothing but spectacular. Additionally, the pace is relentless from the start, and it is great that this book does not end with a cliff hanger — a great thriller based on relationships and family.

The Second Wife
The Second Wife is a mesmerizing domestic thriller featuring Alex and Natalie. Alex meets Natalie after the tragic loss of his wife. Natalie changes Alex’s life for the better and brings a ray of light in his rather hopeless life. Natalie also gets along well with Alex’s teenage daughter Jade, and the three start a blissful life together.

The family’s life is shattered when their family home burns down. Alex is out when the tragedy happens. When he gets home, Alex finds that Natalie has escaped while Jade is still stuck in the house. Fortunately, Jade is found alive and recovers fully after a short stint at the hospital. However, Alex is quick to note that Natalie is not as distraught about Jade’s injuries or the fire like any human being would be.

Alex’s daughter insists that on the night of the fire, she saw a man in their house. Natalie refutes these claims. Alex’s loyalties are tested when he has to choose between believing his daughter or wife. As the story unravels, Alex realizes that there is a lot he does not know about Natalie. Her dark past comes as a shock, and Alex is sure that it will surely catch up with his wife. Alex is determined to find the identity of the strange man and discover some of the secrets that Natalie is hiding.

Is it possible that Natalie or Jade started the fire, and what was the motivation? What more secrets is Natalie hiding, and will their relationship ever recover? Is it true that Jade saw a man in their house, or is she traumatized as Natalie says? If it is indeed true that there was a man in the family house, what was he doing there and is it possible that he started the fire? Could a love that seemed so perfect be just a façade, and why would anyone be this cruel?
This is a heart-thumping story that is sure to keep you guessing to the last page. Just when you think you have the story figured out, a new twist will throw you completely off-guard. The author captures you from the first page, and the pace is consistent throughout the story. With a host of exciting characters and numerous twists and turns, this is one book you will have trouble putting down.

If you are looking for a compelling thriller with a unique storyline and enough family drama to last a lifetime, The Second Wife is an ideal choice. Get to meet Alex and his daughter Jade as you also find out a few secrets about Natalie. The plot here is engaging, and it will be hard not to fall in love with the multi-layered characters. This is a page-turner and worthy investment.

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