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Shatter the Sky (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Storm the Earth (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Mosaics of Independent Women(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fools In Love(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night of the Living Queers(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lofty Mountains: Eleven Stories of Cloudy Peaks, Airship Adventure, and Sapphic Experiences(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rebecca Kim Wells is a fantasy writer known for her debut novel Shatter the Sky. The California born author wanted to write a story of an unapologetically bisexual heroine who stands out because of her qualities and not her sexual orientation. Currently, Wells works at a Massachusetts independent bookstore and does her writing in her free time. Wells also enjoys singing along to musicals, playing soccer, and drinking tea.

Shatter the Sky

Shatter the Sky is the first book in the Shatter the Sky series. The book features two young women who love each other but have divergent dreams. Maren and Kaia live in a mountain nation conquered decades ago by a powerful emperor. All Maren wants is to spend a quiet life with her love Kaia in Ilvera. Kaia, on the other hand, dreams of exploring past the ruins, across the Anekta mountain range, and south of the ocean. The restless girl dreams of becoming a Talon as this is the only way to get close to the dragon and take power back for her people.

Ilvera was conquered generations ago by a powerful emperor. The Verran’s had no way of resisting the Zefedi downmountainers because they were well armed with the dragons stolen from Ilvera. Over the years, the two tribes learn to live with each other. Maren has a Verran mother and a Zefedi father. While hers is a loving family, it is clear to everyone else that she is multiracial. Maren mostly takes after her father, and her light brown skin is conspicuous against her girlfriend and most of the villagers’ darker skin.

While the politics of her home do little to make her comfortable, Maren wants nothing but to live in a peaceful and beautiful mountain. The only other thing she wants more than this is her girlfriend, Kaia. As long as Maren is on Kaia’s side, nothing else matters. Kaia plans to go ahead with her adventurous plan, and even though Maren is not enthusiastic about it, she would do anything for Kaia.

Maren and Kaia’s plans are shattered when the Aurati seers arrive. The seers are a part of the Verran communities, but they are exceptional in that they come with unique, mysterious, and powerful prophecies. These prophecies are capable of changing the political climate. After every seven years, the seers go on a pilgrimage to the mountain. Occasionally, the seers take a girl on this pilgrimage, and while Maren has been terrified that they will choose her, she is surprised when they pick Kaia instead.

Kaia is brilliant, brave, and adventurous, and this looks like a perfect opportunity to learn something new. For Maren, it feels like the seers have snatched everything she loves. The void left when Kaia leaves cannot be filled, and Maren cannot stop thinking that terrible things are going to happen to the love of her life. Maren starts dreaming about dark things happening, and she shares these dreams with her mom. Her mother thinks there is a link between Maren’s dreams and the longstanding affinity the Verran’s have for dragons.

Maren comes up with a plan to run away, steal one dragon, and rescue Kaia. While adventure has never been something Maren wanted, she starts her journey with a dangerous trek where she is forced to lie that she is fully Zefedi. This journey takes Maren to Armatory, where she is chosen as an apprentice of the dragon trainer. While Maren’s mission was to rescue Kaia, she finds herself attracted to Sev, a fortress guard with enough secrets of his own.

Maren’s stay in Armatory doesn’t help stop her dreams, and the more times goes, the more potent and frightening they get. Is this a sign that Kaia is in danger? Tension is also building thanks to rumors of a simmering rebellion. A prince prophesied to be the one to make everything right is said to be coming. This makes Maren realize that her home is at risk of a political revolution. Will Kaia be the only one she wants to save now that Maren’s life may be turned upside down? How can Maren use the information she has to save her home?

The author has done an excellent job with the world-building. With the help of compelling magic, prophecy, and music, the author tells the story of love and the extents two brave girls are willing to go for those they love. There are also dragons in the story making this perfect for those who love the shimmering thrill that comes with these creatures. Most of the characters here are female, and the good thing is that there are no damsels in distress. Kaia and Maren learn to use their own powers to save each other. Will Maren complete her mission and rescue Kaia from the seers?

While the story starts by showing Kai as the strong one, it is amazing how the tale allows Maren to grow and celebrate her capability. Maren’s story is intriguing, and it is easy to wonder where her life journey will lead her next. Will she manage to take down a corrupt regime even though she is borne of it? The bisexuality highlighted here is revolutionary, and it is amazing to read about two young women who are free to love and express their feelings about each other. It is also wonderful to see how the characters transform throughout the story. Maren grows to question her childhood comforts and accept that with growth, change is unavoidable.

This book has all the elements of a good novel. The characters are well developed, the storyline is intriguing, and the pace is consistent from start to finish. To make it more interesting, there is a love triangle, a bisexual narrative, and all things dragon. The tension rises as you get towards the end, and you will be left with a hunger to know what happens to Kai, Maren, and Kaia. Shatter the Sky is an outstanding fantasy story that is inclusive, compelling, and well put together. The book is slightly over 300 pages and can be enjoyed in one or two sittings.

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