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Numbers Game (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chan's Story (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Numbers Ignite (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruby's Story (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Numbers Raging (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Richard's Story (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Numbers Game Shorts (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Numbers Ascending (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Numbers Collide (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Tides of Mutiny (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Adamant Spirits(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rebecca Rode is a Wall Street Journal and the USA Today bestselling novelist best known for the Numbers Game series of novels.

She published Numbers Game her debut novel in 2015 and has never looked back since then. She now has more than a dozen works to her name and has shown no sign of slowing down any time soon.

In addition to her novels and novellas, she is also an inspirational author. She wrote a nonfiction work for mothers too overwhelmed with parenting and has contributed several articles to online magazines and newspapers.

After she had been published under traditional publishing houses, she decided to try her hand at self-publishing under which she has published two science fiction trilogies.

In addition to her writing, she also teaches marketing and craft workshops and creative fiction at a number of writers’ conferences across the United States.
She is also a freelance journalist for the Provo Daily Herald, Deseret News, Family Share, and

Just like many of her contemporaries, Rebecca Rode started illustrating and writing stories very early in life. She used to pen all manner of stories in the many small journals provided to her when she was nine.

Later on, she went to Brigham Young University where she would graduate majoring in child development with an English minor. By 2006 Rebecca was writing for a range of magazines the most prestigious of which was Schooled.

In 2011 her notoriety increased even further when she started writing for the Salt Lake City-based Deseret News and for KSL.
Rode currently makes her home in the Rocky Mountains where she lives with her husband and children. In her living room are a ridiculous number of books and two cats. She currently works with Rees Literary’s Kelly Peterson.

When she is not working on her books she can usually be found reading, traveling, and practicing the martial arts. She has also said in the many interviews she has had that she is addicted to chocolate-banana shakes.

Rode will sometimes offer free previews of her work in the newsletter on her website and on her social profiles.

The idea for Rebecca Rode’s most popular novel series came about very unexpectedly. She had been sent to the bank by her husband to look into the finer details of a loan they were taking to buy a truck.

Upon looking at her credit score she was struck by how weird it was that just one number said everything about her. It included her buying history, how reliable she could be, and whether lenders could trust her with credit.

It was at that moment that she started thinking of how bizarre it was that almost everyone trusted in the accuracy of just one number. It had become so important that almost no one could live a normal life without it.

The idea spiraled from there as she started thinking what if someone had always been manipulating the credit score number. What if the number could be made to include intelligence and appearance rather than just financial history?

It was not long before she was starting to get a clear plotline that she would eventually make into her first manuscript for Numbers Game her debut.

Numbers Game by Rebecca Rode is the story of Reena who could not be any more nervous. This is the worst day to be nervous given that it is rating day in which she will be assigned a number on which she will be judged forever.

It is the number from which she will be either deemed a pathetic waste of space or a valuable citizen. Her boyfriend is a top-rated young man who is confident that she will score high and they will get to attend college together.

But when she finally gets her numbered rating, it is a shocker for everyone. To get her boyfriend and her life back she will have to expose a military spy by going undercover.

It seems easy enough except for the fact that somebody has targeted her for elimination.

On the other hand, is the mysterious soldier Vance with beautiful brown eyes and a haunted past. Working together they uncover a dark numbers scheme that changes the course of the nation.

Treena needs to keep Vance close if she wants to live through the vicious game of numbers. It is an enthralling story with fascinating questions that also comes with well-crafted characters and plot.

Rebecca Rode’s novel Numbers Ignite opens with Vance and Treena believing they escaped the numbers game but they could not be more wrong.

Treena is coming from a catastrophic attempt at uniting her country which only resulted in the death of millions that continuously haunt her.

All manner of accusations and hatred have followed her across the border. This is despite the fact that all she wants is to lead an uneventful and peaceful life after leaving the horrible days in the past.

However, she soon starts seeing mysterious apparitions hiding in bleak uninhabited cities and stumbles upon a bizarre desert population. It is then that she realizes that her people could be in a lot of danger.

As for Vance, he is a prisoner that has been put on trial for the betrayal of his clan and has been dumped by the girl he loved more than life itself. Things get even worse when he is accused of committing a crime he knows nothing about.

They find themselves in the middle of the political machinations of a deranged lunatic and Vance is the only one who can stop him. But first, he will have to keep himself from being executed.

Vance and Treena are still participants in the game but this time it will take a lot more to save their loved ones.

Numbers Raging by Rebecca Rode is set ten weeks following the return of Treena to NORA. The council has been rejecting all her attempts at war preparations and Dresden seems unwilling to fulfill any of his promises.

Her followers have been pushing her to depose Dresden but she will not do it as the state is just about to head to war.

In the meantime, Vance is dealing with his own problems as his settlement is plagued by infighting and the settlement’s future is not looking that bright.
It seems that it will only be a matter of time before he joins NORA but he will not give in since it would mean putting his people and younger sisters in danger.

Treena then asks Vance to go to the peace convention abroad which will force him to choose between his heart and his responsibilities.

Together they will need to navigate a perilous political undercurrent and stay together in spite of the fact that their enemies are determined to tear them apart.

They also have to convince a reluctant world that they have to band together to fight a deadly and powerful enemy who might destroy them all.

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