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The Queen's Rising (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Rebecca Ross was born and raised in Georgia, a place where she continues to live with her husband, an endless pile of books and a lively dog. Ross received her bachelor’s degree from UGA. After completing her University education, she served in a Colorado ranch and also as a live-time captionist and as a school librarian. Rebecca Ross pens down fantasy novels for young readers. The Queen’s Rising is Rebecca Ross debut novel. The Queens Rising has been translated into Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Bulgarian and several other languages.

Queen’s Rising
The Queen’s Rising is a brilliantly written and imaginative young adult novel by Rebecca Ross. The novel is filled with lyrical and extremely beautiful descriptions. In the Queens Rising, author Rebecca Ross introduces the readers to Brienna. The narrative begins as young Brienna is being taken to Manglia House. In Manglia House the students are raised in one out of five passions; they include art, music, wit, knowledge and drama. Normally, for each passion, one child is selected. However, as luck would have it, Brienna is selected as a second. The main reason why Brienna was selected as a second was her parentage. Brienna has no idea who her father is. However she believes that once she can solve the mystery, then she may be able to find out who she is supposed to become. While at Manglia House, Brienna struggles to find out which passion she should follow.

Eventually, she realizes that she was mainly chosen because of her parentage and not because she was talented. The Valencia Kingdom, a place where Brienna is raised felt more like a refined France. The town of Maevana had a Scottish feeling; a land that is not only untamed but also extremely violent. A long time ago, Mavaena was ruled by queens. However, one day the Queen’s Magic was stolen and then hidden far away. The kingdom was eventually handed to a dynasty of men, who were both unwanted but also extremely cruel. Nonetheless, the dynasty of men was unchallenged. Eventually, Brienna stumbles onto a gift of her own, which will eventually put her on the right path to royalty. As the mysteries continue to unravel, Brienna eventually finds herself choosing between the father who was selected and the father that she has always wanted her entire life.

After being raised in house Manglia and having all the preparations that she needed, Brienna’s biggest fears eventually comes a reality. The solstice does not go as expected and in the process, Brienna is left without a patron. Several months later, Brienna’s life eventually takes a turn that she did not expect, after a disgraced lord offers Brienna patronage. Left with no other option, Brienna takes the offer. However, she remains suspicious of the offer. Nonetheless, there is so much to Queen’s Rising. Brienna eventually comes to the realization that the disgraced Lord has given her shelter for his gains. The disgraced lord plans to use Brienna in his vengeance plan. The disgraced lord plan is to overthrow King Maevana, who hails from the archrival kingdom. If the plans prove to be successful, then the Lord will restore the rightful queen. With war looming between these two lands, Brienna is expected to choose a side that she is going to fight for.

According to prophecy, a queen is expected to rise and in the process lead one of the lands to certain victory. Queen’s Rising is filled with detailed rendering and gorgeous descriptions of a universe where not everything or everyone is what they appear or seem to be. Despite the fact that Queen’s Rising is author Rebecca Ross’s debut novel, Rebecca still manages to weave an intricate tale of loyalty, revenge, and self-discovery.

Furthermore, Brienna will also have to choose between assisting a queen to rise to power or destiny, which she was going to find out as time goes by. Readers are going to love the various relationships from the passion between the two sisters and the tension between the untouchable master and Brianna. Readers are also going to love the various unexpected revelations, which will be unraveled as the narrative continues. Author Rebecca Ross has done a brilliant job of ensuring that there is no love triangle in the narrative. The love story that develops in the narrative is extremely clean and slow burning. It is evidently clear that all the characters involved have feelings for one another. However, due to the various circumstances, the tensions cannot be able to develop further.

With that said, the Queen’s Rising is an enjoyable fairy tale fantasy novel that readers can easily burn in less than three days because of the eagerness to know what happens next. The great thing with Queen’s Rising is that it does not have a cliffhanger towards the end, something that is quite common with today’s young adult novels. The ending of the Queen’s Rising was quite satisfying, while the world building has been exceptionally done. Apart from being real, Brienna is also compassionate and extremely kind. Furthermore, Brienna is also loyal as well, and she manages to be loyal without necessarily sacrificing any of her other characteristics. Ross’s world building is not only compelling but fantastic as well. Unlike many young adult novels, Ross has managed to create a world that is centered around passions and not magic. Nonetheless, magic has been limited to only one area of the narrative. This technique is quite refreshing considering the fact that the readers do not have to focus on the type of magic that the main characters will have to use to resolve various issues in the book.

By doing this, it was left to the realistic resourcefulness and the personal ingenuity of the characters to find the solutions to the various problems. Overall, The Queen’s Rising was brilliant from start to the end. The history behind the main narratives and the details were beautifully done. The Queen’s Rising is ideal for every teenage girl, who is coming to her own. The book has been filled with a little of everything. Girl power, romance, family situations that readers normally deal with on a day-to-day basis and several fighting scenes.

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