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Publication Order of The Fairy Godmother Files Books

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The Summer Marked (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winter's Spite (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Rebekah L. Purdy is a popular American writer of fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, young adult, paranormal, and romance stories. She is particularly popular for writing The Winter People series. Purdy has also written three standalone novels and intends to develop each one of them in their respective novel series. Author Purdy was born and brought up in Michigan. She spent most of her youth time living in Michigan. She has even stayed for brief periods in California, Kansas, Missouri, and South Caroline when she was enlisted in the army. When Purdy was a kid, she used to move around a lot with her family. In fact, she had to spend her freshman & senior years at different schools. She liked moving around and meeting new people so much that she even thought of changing her name to ‘new girl’. Purdy loves to write for teens as she has enjoyed her teenage years so much. Those years have brought her many cherished memories. Purdy discovered and fell in love with her favorite books when she was a teenager.

Some of the authors that she always loved to look up to and read their books include Christopher Pike, Richie Tankersley Cusick, L.J. Smith, Joan Lowery Nixon, R.L. Stine, Lois Duncan, and many others. Purdy is now happily married and lives with her loving husband and six beautiful and obedient children. She likes having a large family and enjoys going on vacations and having lots of fun with her family members. Sometimes, long road trips kind of feel stressful and boring, but Purdy’s family members pass their time with Mad Libs. The first real crush that Purdy had, was when she was eight years old. She was deeply in love with Luke Skywalker at that time. She has a great obsession for movies and TV shows. Some of the television shows and movies that she enjoys watching a lot include True Blood, Ghost Hunters, Lord of the Rings, The Sing Off, Destination Truth, The Vampire Diaries, Star Wars, Being Human, Sean of the Dead, Fact or FAke, etc. She also likes cake designing shows and spoof movies.

Purdy still has a library full of books that she had bought when she was small. She is in deep love with chocolate and likes munching some all the time. Purdy says that if her arm was made of chocolate, she would have chewed it off long back. The celebrity crushes of author Purdy include Taylor Lautner, Ian Somerhalder, Johnny Depp, and several others. In her spare time, she likes to read, hang out with her kids, sing, play with her animals, play soccer, interact with her fans on social media platforms, watch football, go camping, and write. She also loves to spend some quality with her hubby and her sister. Purdy likes chatting a lot. She is grateful to the readers for liking her work and praising her with kind words. She is also thankful to all the critics who have appreciated her efforts and given genuine reviews about her characters, plot settings, and her style of writing.

Purdy is looking forward to writing many more exciting stories in the coming years and entertain the readers as she has always done with her previous novels. Purdy has a full-time day job as an employee of the court system. She writes YA stories only in her free time. She is comfortable with any genre within the young adult realms, but considers urban fantasy, thrillers, fantasy, light sci-fi, time travel, and paranormal romance as her favorites. Author Purdy belongs to a writing group known as YAFF or the YA Fiction Fanatics. She enjoys being in the company of the other members of this group and share ideas with them.

The Winter People series written by author Rebekah L. Purdy is comprised of a total of three books, released between 2014 and 2016. This young adult/fantasy series is engrossing, romantic fantasy, complex, and is set in a unique world. Some of the essential characters depicted by Purdy in this series include Salome Montgomery, Nevin, Colton, Gareth, Kadie Byers, Gwenn, Grisselle, and a few others. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘The Winter People’. It was released in 2014 by the Entangled: Teen publication. Initially, Salome Montgomery is introduced as a girl, who does not like winter. She fears the snow, the cold, the ice, and the frozen pond in which she had fallen when she was a child. She was mysteriously saved by some strange beings and is now haunted by the images and images. Salome is not able to forget the warning of strange beings to stay away from the pond. She did not go near the winter woods and the pond for 11 years. Later, when Salome’s grandparents move to Arizona to get treatment of their failing health, she is left all alone to look after the estate.

As the days pass by, Salome Montgomery discovers that she is an important player in the world that she has tried to avoid for years. The beautiful and strange Nevin lies at the center of that world. Salome saw Nevin trespassing on the property of her family many times. Nevin is cursed with knowledge and dark secrets about the creatures dwelling in the wood. He interacts with Salome and makes her life head in a different direction. A time comes when Salome has to choose between her longtime boyfriend Colton and the beautiful Nevin. She thinks that Colton could help her get over her fear of cold and winter, and Nevin could keep her protected from the dark forces of the winter woods with the assistance of a bodyguard named Gareth. An evil dwells in the darkness that will kill Salome in the first chance he gets and Nevin is determined not to let that happen.

The sequel to the first novel of this series is known as ‘The Summer Marked’. It was also published by Entangled Teen in 2015. This book also contains the same characters as in the previous book along with the addition to Kadie Byers. The novel opens by mentioning that Salome Montgomery left the human world behind and moved to the Summer Kingdom with her boyfriend and bodyguard Gareth. After spending some time away from her fears, Salome learns that the dark forces are rising quickly and her happy days are about to get over as the Kingdom about to go to war. Kadie Byers is introduced as being newly single. She is headed home for attending the Thanksgiving. She hopes that her visit to the home will be filled with hot interactions with handsome guys, hot chocolate, and some quality time with her best friend, Salome. But, Kadie is shocked to receive a message from her bestie in which she tells her to hurry and reach home quickly to help her. As Kadie Byers rushes home to help her best friend, she is also pulled into Faerie kingdoms. There, she discovers that the monsters Salome used to talk about are real and becomes shocked and fearful. Now, Kadie is required to not only save Salome from the dangerous Winter Queen, but also find a way to return to the humankind.

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