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Publication Order of Rebekka Franck Books

One, Two ... He Is Coming For You (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three, Four ... Better Lock Your Door (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Five, Six ... Grab your crucifix (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seven, Eight... Gonna Stay Up Late (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nine, Ten ... Never sleep again (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eleven, Twelve ... Dig and Delve (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thirteen, Fourteen... Little Boy Unseen (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Better Not Cry (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ten Little Girls (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
It Ends Here (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Rebecca Franck series is a series of horror mysteries by renowned by bestselling fantasy, paranormal romance, horror, mystery, and suspense author, also known as scream queen Willow Rose. The first novel in the series was the 2011 published “One, Two … He Is Coming For You”, that fast established itself as a fan favorite. The lead protagonist in the novels is Rebecca Franck, an investigative journalist who tackles a range of murder mysteries in several small towns. After the first novel in the series proved highly popular fast becoming an international bestseller, Franck wrote five more novels in the series by 2014. Inspired by the likes of Anne Rice, Isabel Allende, Stephen King, Agatha Christie, and James Patterson, the Rebecca Franck series of novels are terror filled nail-biting horror stories set in small Danish towns where destruction and death stalk a series of women and men. While out on a night of fun and debauchery they suddenly wake up to find that the night is not going to be as fun as they had thought. Growing up on the Freddy Krueger movies and classic horror movies such as The Shinning, Silence of the Lambs, the Exorcist, the Next Psycho, and Nightmare on Elmstreet, Rose’s series of novels have a lot in common with the elements of such movies. Some of the Rebecca Franck series of novels also have little hints of the old movie classics, which are something of a treat for any horror fans reading the books.

Rebecca Franck the lead protagonist in the series is a Danish journalist from the small town of Karrebaeksminde. When we are first introduced to the protagonist, she has just separated from her husband who is suffering from PTSD. She was writing for a big national newspaper in the big city, but now has decided to take up a job at the local newspaper. She has moved in with her father hoping that her new life will offer more safety and stability for herself and her daughter. But things are never that simple, moving away from the deranged psychopath that is her husband is not the magic solution for her problems. For one, she has been a city girl for most of her adult life and having to lie and work in a small town is not the most fun and gratifying of things. But she is one determined girl and is focused on making her life work. What she believed would be a quiet existence soon turns into one of the most exciting if not horrifying experiences in her life as she deals with a series of murder mysteries over the course of the series. Over the course of the novels, Rebecca Franck also gets to work with Sune a photojournalist with whom she becomes best friends with. Now considered a star reporter rather than a simple journalist, the two journalist investigate all kinds of murder mysteries that seem to always happen in their vicinity.

The Rebecca Franck series of novels are some of Willow Rose’s best novels. The novels range from terror and horror filled narratives to suspenseful thrillers that will knock off the socks of any horror fiction fan. With the lead characters ranging from a businessman waking up nearly dead to vacations gone bad to the murder of a wealthy and prominent Danish man, Rose is an expert at writing novels in the classic horror fiction genre. What is intriguing about the series of novels is the sense of hopelessness and terror that nearly every novel’s protagonist evokes. Right from the very first novel in the series where Rebecca has to leave a psychopathic husband behind to protect her daughter to taking a vacation that soon turns deadly, the novels are a roller coaster ride of thrills and terror in equal measure. Even as all the novels feature the lead protagonist Rebecca Franck as the investigative journalist, they can be read as standalones. Nonetheless, most of the novels are written in sequence with some being sequels. Characters from previous novels also recur in the proceeding novels with the most prominent character to recur being Rebecca’s ex-husband and her photojournalist friend Sune. The novels get progressively more chilling as Rebecca gets a better taste for her work. The narratives in the latter novels get even more horrendous as ugly secrets, cannibalism, and serial killings make for terrific psychological horror thrillers in the mold of Stephen King.

“One, Two … He Is Coming For You” is the first breath-taking thriller in the Rebecca Franck series of novels. It starts out with Rebecca Franck the lead protagonist and a renowned Danish reporter moving back to Karrebaeksminde her hometown to start a new job on the local newspaper. Soon after she gets down to work on her new job, one of her acquaintances, and one of Denmark’s wealthiest men is found murdered in his summer residence. Digging into his past, Rebecca soon finds that the man and his friends who had all attended the same school had many dark secrets, which may just have led to his death. Things get even more interesting when another of his friends that had attended the same school also turns up dead, leading her to believe there is a connection between the two deaths. It is the first case of a serial killer in Denmark and Rebecca is in charge of the case. In addition to dealing with one of the most high profile of cases in her career, she also has to fight off her estranged husband who now desperately wants her and her daughter back. What follows is a chilling and suspenseful narrative as she teams up with Sune a photographer to try to resolve the mystery of just who is killing off the wealthy men of high society Denmark.

“Three, Four…Better Lock Your Door” is the sequel to the first novel in the Rebecca Franck series of novels. Set in Karrebaeksminde, Denmark it is a thriller of a narrative with the very same suspense and horror of the first. A psychotic murderer is in town and it is up to Rebecca Franck and her sidekick Sune the photographer to take him on. First, they need to collect as much information on him for the local paper as they could, given that Rebecca is now deemed the local paper’s star reporter even as she is more of an investigative journalist. She hardly finds the time to sit at her desk as she and Sune spend most of their days on the road looking for clues about the elusive killer. His first victim had been Susanne Larsen who met for dinner and casual sex with a stranger she had met at a popular dating website, only to turn up dead in the bathroom – slaughtered. When more murders with a similar MO are reported, Rebecca knows that she has another serial murder case on her hands. In a spell binding race against time, she must now find the killer who taunts and laughs at them even as he kills even more victims.

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