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Publication Order of Rebel Blue Ranch Books

Done and Dusted (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Swift and Saddled (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost and Lassoed (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rebel Blue Ranch is a series of romance books by American author Lyla Sage. Done and Dusted is Lyla Sage’s first Rebel Blue Ranch series novel. For Emmy Ryder, she has always had a plan. She left her small town, Meadowlark, Wyoming, for college and built a career around her passion for horse riding. But a riding accident forces her to stop and return.

Meet Luke Brooks, known in Meadowlark as the troublemaker, bar owner, and eternal bachelor. He’s close to Emmy’s family as her brother’s best friend. Growing up, he always teased Emmy. It’s been a long time since they last saw each other. When Emmy returns and walks into his bar, Luke can’t stop looking at her. Even though he knows he shouldn’t, he wants to be more than just friends with her.

Emmy Ryder is overwhelmed with life and far from looking for love. At the same time, Luke Brooks, the notorious bad boy of Meadowlark, Wyoming, and her brother’s best friend understands the boundaries he should maintain. However, Luke might be Emmy’s missing piece to reignite her zest for life. Their growing connection poses the question: Will this spark lead to a beautiful flame or end in disaster?

Meadowlark becomes a character in its own right. It invites the readers to immerse themselves in its charm, slowly becoming residents ready to embrace cowboy culture—in every sense.

Lyla Sage’s first book is incredible. It has everything: right from the handsome cowboy who runs the local bar and teaches kids to ride horses to Emmy, the kind daughter of a ranch owner. With his tough past, Luke found a second family with the Ryders and grew up with Emmy like a brother. However, everything changes when Emmy returns. It’s a sweet and exciting story, a fantastic read.

Lyla Sage did a fantastic job in crafting relatable characters. Luke stands out as the ideal character in the story, unlike many typical characters in romance novels who often make mistakes. He remains calm, charming, protective, and deeply in love with Emmy, showing impressive skill, such as taking a whisky shot. He understands Emmy deeply, not just because they grew up together, but because he recognizes her struggles with mental health. He becomes her safe place and support. He offers her a space to relax and be herself. This kind of understanding and support is what makes Luke an exceptional character.

He plays the role of her healer and best friend, and this creates a mutual bond where Emmy becomes his everything, his home. The story captures this beautiful journey towards a very satisfying and joyful conclusion. It showcases the two characters’ deep connection and deserved happiness.

Overall, Done and Dusted is a tale of love, healing, and discovery. The story presents the readers with a heartwarming and electrifying exploration of relationships set in the rugged beauty of Wyoming. It’s a testament to the transformative power of love, even in the most unexpected circumstances.

Swift and Saddled is Lyla Sage’s second novel in the Rebel Blue series. We are introduced to Ada, who has always prided herself on her independence and determination. She firmly believes she doesn’t need a man to make her life complete. Her journey hasn’t been easy. She has had educational setbacks and a failed marriage, but these challenges only fueled her resolve to stand on her own two feet. Through sheer willpower, Ada rose from her lowest points. She established a successful business that’s now caught the attention of one of the biggest ranches in Wyoming for a prestigious project.

As she arrives in Meadowlark for her new project, Ada’s first stop is a local dive bar. She seeks some relaxation before diving into her work. There, she encounters a handsome cowboy whose gaze is impossible to ignore. The unexpected chemistry between them leads to an electrifying kiss in the back of the bar, a moment so intense Ada almost wishes it could lead to more. However, she resigns to the belief that this encounter will remain a fleeting memory.

But fate has other plans. Ada’s anticipation for her career-defining project takes a dramatic turn when she discovers that the cowboy from the bar is none other than her client. This revelation adds an unexpected layer to her assignment, blending professional ambitions with personal intrigue.

Now, Ada is faced with the challenge of maintaining her professional demeanor while at the same time navigating the complexities of her attraction to her new boss. This twist adds depth to her stay in Meadowlark, transforming what was supposed to be a straightforward job into a journey of self-discovery, professional integrity, and, potentially, romance.

On the other hand, we have Weston Ryder, known for his cheerful disposition. Wes sees this as a stroke of fortune. Yet, there’s a hitch in his perfect scenario: Ada, the talented designer in question, strictly limits their interaction to the professional sphere and shows no interest in anything beyond that.

Ada firmly believes that her magnetic attraction towards Wes will eventually dissipate. At the same time, Wes, on the other hand, finds Ada increasingly irresistible, her presence constantly on his mind. As progress is made on Rebel Blue, the project site, Ada remains steadfast, her emotional defenses impenetrable, a stark contrast to the physical barriers falling away around them.

This dynamic sets the stage for a compelling narrative of resistance and attraction. Both Wes and Ada face a critical decision as the project progresses: Can they navigate through the duration of their collaboration without succumbing to their personal feelings? The stakes are high, with their professional ambitions and the success of Rebel Blue hanging in the balance, juxtaposed against the potential for a profound personal connection.

The unfolding story is about whether they can complete the project without mixing business with pleasure. Will Wes and Ada prioritize their careers and the project that brought them together, or will they take the leap, risking it all to explore what lies beyond their professional relationship?

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