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Publication Order of Rebel Fleet Books

Rebel Fleet by BV Larson

Rebel Fleet is series of science fiction books by American bestselling author BV Larson. Larson writes across a wide range of genres but mainly focuses on science fiction. Some of BV Larson’s works have been produced in audio and e-books formats and translated into different languages.

BV Larson began writing Rebel Fleet series in 2016 when the first book in the series, Rebel Fleet was published. Apart from this one, he has authored some more series which have seen him listed on the top 10 lists for The Amazon Bestsellers List on many occasions.

Rebel Fleet

Rebel Fleet introduces the series, Rebel Fleet. War is on the brink, and the rebel fleets are having an imminent attack. Will they manage to beat the enemy that has long taken them for testing grounds for their weapons?

For a long time, an outer space power has been taking the lesser ones in the galaxy as testing grounds where they could end up killing a considerable number of people and also the loss of property. Enough is enough, and the lesser ones have to fight back against this hatred. Aliens visit earth in search for soldiers who will fight with them against the oppressors. Leo Blake is picked as the man to represent universe though at first, he is unwilling.

Blake is a former Navy pilot, and once he encounters the aliens, he contacts the Pentagon hoping that they will respond. Unknown to him, he is already selected to join in the fleet that is supposed to offer protection. The ensuing events are all geared towards teaching him to fight the great enemy. Though at first, they thought he would immediately accept the offer, time makes them get to understand human beings.

With time, he adjusts to the course and fits in the group as the captain of the fleet that will fight the enemy. More fleets from the inferior planets join hands to get into this fight. As the omnivorous and carnivorous predators clash with each other blood is spilled, lives lost but in the long run, they have to fight back and win. The vicious foe is up against them with their extreme weapons and tactics, but they cannot beat the will of these rebels who are destined to stop this oppression once and for all.

This is a piece that is fun to read with entertaining action and suspense. The characters are involved in one difficult situation after the other as they overcome each keeping the reader engaged and entertained. The humoristic read keeps the reader engaged all through.

Orion Fleet

Next in the Rebel Fleet series is the Orion Fleet. Blake is presented with another task. The Orion fleet comes back to war with a massive and dangerous machine that has the potential to crush an entire planet to dust. Blake is called in action to beat this enemy. Will he win this war?

The Kher Empire retreated a year ago though they were not defeated and the Orion fleet, the higher power in the universe returns with a bigger fleet that is targeting to terminate the lesser planets. They are a group of ruthless machines that has no humanity only there to test their superior weapons and conquer. The rebel fleet is against this enemy and has to use all they have to keep them at bay and protect their planets. The Orion has targeted earth after noticing they have set forth to kill and destroy this foe. They plan an act of revenge that will see them use all that they have at their disposal.

Blake is the hope of earth against the Orion fleet. He takes the warship to space to counter this force before they get to Earth. His actions in the first war have triggered this powerful force to target earth for revenge. His crew is getting bored as the battle rages on, but the bigger enemy forces them back on track. Most of the aliens are unaware of the power that human beings will and this time they will face considerable opposition that they faced last time.
The action-packed story will undoubtedly thrill you. Suspense, betray, and war keeps the book entertaining from cover to cover. The fictitious journey to space will keep you entertained all along. He has created another piece that is incredibly enjoyable.

Alpha Fleet

Third in the Rebel Fleet series is The Alpha Fleet. After repeatedly being defeated, the Orion fleet comes back with a cunning way to crush the rebels. Captain Blake is again on the front line to beat the enemy and stop this war. It is time to use all that is at their disposal to overcome the foe.

Life had cooled down and peace reigns but this is short lived. A new fleet is coming up, and the approach that they are using is entirely different of which the earth alliance is completely unaware of. Their target is destroying the earth and will stop at nothing except seeing earth on its knees. Captain Blake and his fleet are up against a vast and dangerous enemy that has engineered a new weapon that can terminate all life on earth.

He comes up with a new crew that comprises a huge part of the former members together with an addition of new ones. The new ship is way bigger and powerful than the former one giving them a better advantage to win. The crew moves out to space to find the enemy to halt them before they get to earth and cause havoc. War comes back and sees, and his team uses all that they have at their disposal to protect earth and the nearing planets. It is a fight to the death that might see universe destroyed unless Blake employs all that he can to win the war.

BV Larson presents another story taking you into deep into space through an experience that is thrilling and attention-grabbing. The science fiction read combines, humor, suspense and action to deliver a remarkable story.

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