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Red Dragon Rising Books In Order

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Publication Order of Red Dragon Rising Books

By: Larry Bond, Jim DeFelice

With a background in game design, the American writer Larry Bond is no stranger to vast and expansive environments. On top of that, he is also highly adept at creating faced paced narratives that keep the reader engaged and on the edges of their seats. His political insight is also something to be admired, as he has a clear insight into international relations, a factor which weighs heavily on his work. Originally working with titan of the thriller genre Tom Clancy, the two of them previously worked at creating Red Storm Rising. Later he came to writer the Red Dragon Rising series of thriller novels alongside the also much acclaimed author Jim DeFelice. Set within a cold-war type era they manage to capture an atmosphere of paranoia and foreboding, whilst also remaining exciting and engaging.

With a clear visual style, as well as a strong understanding of geopolitics, these four novels have so far provided a gripping set of thrillers. Following the earth’s near destruction from climate change, they tell of a world now currently set in turmoil. Taking into account the politics of such a major upheaval, it follows the social and economic fallout of such global changes.

Shadows of War

Setting up the overall franchise and really establishing it for the readers, this was first brought out in 2009 on the 10th of November. Released through the Forge Books publishing label, this works at laying down both the premise as well as the formula. Creating the world and the universe that they’re inhabiting, it manages to provide a sense of style and tone too.

The ideas in this series are somewhat grand, which is why this is the ideal opener for the overall franchise. Providing the foundations it works at world-building in a manner that’s not too convoluted or overbearing. It also lays out the geopolitics in a manner that’s easy to follow as well, allowing any newcomers to the genre accessibility. Taking place on a worldwide scale, with many of the events being set in the not too distant future, it also manages to centralise the action too. Starting out in Vietnam it provides a gateway into the action and story, offering the reader an intriguing premise from the very outset. Not only that, but it also manages to make the most of its locations, creating a unique ambiance in the process. The characters themselves are also highly engaging too, with their motivations being established early on. Following the American scientist Josh MacArthur for much of the action, its narrative circulates around him, thus seeing the world through his eyes. It also allows the reader an ideal viewpoint into the world too, as they have someone to root for throughout.

Having found information that might implicate the Chinese in making it appear that Vietnam has aggressive intentions, Josh MacArthur is now on the run. A climate scientist studying the breakdown of the environment, he is not so adept at fighting, which makes the Chinese monk on his tail a whole lot more worrying. Adding to that, there’s also a CIA operative who hopes to track him down, as he’s the only one holding the evidence on China. Will they be able to get the information out there? Can they escape the hostile Chinese agents? What will become of them as they find themselves in the shadows of war?

Edge of War

Originally published in 2010, this was set to be the direct follow-up to the first novel acting as a sequel in the series. Initially brought out through the Forge Books publishing label once again, this was first released on the 23rd of November. Continuing in much the same vein as before, it really captures the style and tone of what came previously, whilst adding some surprises of its own along the way.

The themes contained within are pretty much a continuation of the first, asking what happens when international relations start to break down. Where some may fall into outright cynicism with such subject matter, Larry Bond keeps a hopeful tone at the centre of it all. However far things may fall down, all is never lost and there’s always a second chance to make it all right again. Taking place on the same turf again as well, it starts going back to a lot of the same places as those in the first novel. Evoking the atmosphere of regions such as Vietnam it really draws the reader into this world of high stakes, allowing them to feel like they’re really there. The sights, sounds and smells of the region come to life off the page, allowing the reader the ideal form escapism in the process. This goes for many of the characters too, as a number of the ones from the original title make a return here.

Still looking to make his escape from the deadly Chinese monk, Josh MacArthur this time has a survivor of a Vietnamese massacre in tow. Having the witnessed the Chinese atrocities, the child is an asset in providing intelligence against the Chinese, which is why his life is also under threat. The CIA agent Mara Duncan has also stepped up to help them, and will do whatever it takes to help get them away to safety. Will she able to save them? Can the truth ever hope to make it out? What will happen to them as they find themselves on the edge of war?

The Red Dragon Rising Series

With the saga taking place on a worldwide and almost epic scale, this manages to capture perfectly the sense of global turmoil going on. As everything is at breaking point and international relations have practically all but broken down, Larry Bond provides a sense of exhilaration and excitement unlike any other. Keeping the pace going throughout at a high-speed momentum, Bond doesn’t let up, always keeping his readers on the edges of their seats. That’s not to say that he doesn’t put in well-defined characterizations and intelligent insights either, as he does. The people populating his novel really come to life and, despite being worlds apart with their readership, still ring true with their audience. Known as a series that’s one of the finest of its kind, it’s great for anybody looking to get into the author for the first time, or even just those returning for a second time.

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