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Publication Order of Red Princess Books

Red Princess is a mystery series by Lisa See. This series takes the reader right in the heart of Beijing and other rural parts of China. With Chinese and American protagonists, the series exposes the conflicts that often arise when different cultures merge. Each book also comes with a mystery that the main characters Liu Hulan and David Stark, have to solve. There is no doubt that the author understands the Chinese culture and way of life. See’s writing is quite descriptive, making it easy for the readers to visualize the setting even if they have never set foot in China. The mysteries are believable, and the well-developed characters will stay with you long after you are done reading the series.

Flower Net

Flower Net is the first book in the Red Princess series. The story stars David Stark, an American district attorney, and Liu Hulan, a talented police detective. Two deaths of prominent members of society have been reported in the recent past. First is the U.S. ambassador’s son, whose lifeless body is discovered inside a frozen lake in Beijing. Next is the son of a prominent Chinese politician who is killed inside a smuggler’s plane headed to California. Preliminary results show that these two deaths are related, and this brings together two brilliant minds from different worlds together as the race to find the killers begin.

David and Liu are no strangers to each other. These two know each other well, and it seems like their romance picks right where it stopped. The author allows the reader into their past and somehow explains what ended the character’s relationship. Amid all the relationship drama is a mystery that needs to be solved fast before more lives are lost. This case leads them to different parts of China, starting with the dingy karaoke bars where mafia kings and government leaders seal their shady deals to the elaborate hutongs in Beijing. Their adventure will reveal a part of China that many people do not know about, and you cannot help but be wowed by it all.

Liu is a great and complex character who is rebellious yet loyal to her family and traditions. She takes her job in law enforcement seriously. In a world filled with officers who turn the other way while crime goes on unabated, she sure does stand out. David is a man caught up in his emotions, and he has to wrestle with his conscience, where his relationship with Liu is concerned. The mystery is well written, and it is hard to tell the killers until you have read the book to the end. So, who is the high and mighty, and what is their motivation? What is the link between the Chinese politician and the American ambassador?

Flower Net is a thrilling, well-written, and thought-provoking story that is perfect if you like a book with a likable protagonist and some element of culture. The pace picks from the first page, and the tension doesn’t ease up until the end. There is some romance element, and the relationship between the main characters takes some heat off this mystery. All the loose strings tie in the end, but the ending will leave you searching for the next book in this series.

The Interior

The Interior is the second book in the Red Princess series. It has been a few months since the last book ended, and Liu and David resolved the first mystery. The book opens with David working hard to find a way to get to China and convince Liu to move to America. These two have rekindled their affair, and David is worried that the distance will put a wedge between them again. Liu is invited to Da Shui village by an old friend who has just lost a daughter. The initial evidence shows that the young lady’s death is somehow connected to a new factory owned by an American toy manufacturing firm where Chinese women have been enticed to work under deplorable conditions.

David gets his lucky break when his employer offers him a position to head their Beijing office. Now he can see his girlfriend anytime he wants and gets a chance to take the relationship to the next level. As fate would have it, David’s first assignment in Beijing involves the same toy company Liu is investigating. Yet again, these two are caught up in a contest. Each of them determined to do their best for their clients. David is forced to withhold information that Liu would have been helpful. Liu, on the other hand, tries hard to fight for independence as their relationship grows deeper. Will their relationship stand despite all these?

The author had done a great job of detailing Chinese life from Beijing to the remote areas. It is fun following Liu and David throughout the country, taking in the landscape and unique cultures. The contest between these two lovebirds and the different adversaries they encounter along the way is at the heart of this story. This book provides an opportunity to know Liu and David better and learn a thing or two about their pasts. While you will understand things better if you have read Flower Net, this book can still be enjoyed as a standalone. All characters are well-fleshed out, and even the secondary cast adds a lot to the story.

The Interior is an intriguing story that will introduce you to Chinese traditions and recent history. All this is done in a cross-cultural setting with two main characters from two different worlds. The plot is quite intricate, and the narration is flawless. There are both bad and good times in this story, but overall, it is quite enjoyable. If you are in the mood for a mystery story that is both entertaining and informative, especially in the Chinese culture, this book is ideal. It is admirable that in line with the Chinese culture, the author lays a lot of emphasis on respect for the elders and outstanding members in society.

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