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Chronological Order of Red Queen Books

Red Queen is a series of fantasy novels by an American author of young adult and fantasy books Victoria Aveyard. She was born and raised in Western Massachusetts. Victoria took a writing course for film and television at Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts and graduated in 2012. Her writing draws hugely from history and myths and has been influenced by known persons such as George RR Martin AND JRR Tolkien.

Victoria Aveyard began her Red Queen series in 2015 when Red Queen the first book in the series was published. She has had three publications among them a New York Times Bestselling and also USA Today Bestselling books, another New York Times Bestselling novella and is still expanding on her writing career. The Red Queen has received translations into over 37 languages.

Red Queen

Red Queen is her first book in the series Red Queen. She introduces the leader into a world that is divided by blood where one falls on the red or silver side. The reds are commoners who are under the rule of silver who have god-like powers. Mare Barrow is a seventeen-year-old who comes from the poverty-stricken red side, and she firmly believes that everything will never change.

Things, however, take on a different turn when she takes over to work for a great silver in the palace. It is a place that is full of people that she has lived to hate her entire life. In the course of her working in the palace, she discovers that she has something special which could turn things around causing a change in the balance of power. The silver also finds the same and in their attempt to conceal this they and marry her to the silver princess. This does not slow the ability as she takes advantage of her new position to turn things around.

Mare works silently to bring down the silver where she helps a red guard and the militant resistant group to change things and bring equality. Things do not go as per her expectations as betrayal and lies turn everything to the negative side. It is a perilous path that she takes which implies that any wrong move could even mean her end, but she still dares on.

Victoria gives the reader a masterpiece where romance and revolution come into conflict, power and justice rule delivering an exhilarating and action-packed fantasy book.

Glass Sword

Glass Sword is the second book in The Red Queen Series. Marie Barrow has the colour of ordinary folk, the red. However, the silver who are in authority tries to use her ability to control lightning to their favour by making it a weapon of their choice. After the betray from the prince and the friend, she discovers that there are many more who have a power like hers.

Mare sets out to find red and silver fighters to fight against the oppression that runs their land under Maven, the vindicate king. She, however, has a hard time concentrating on the struggle for freedom at the same time suppressing the darkness that is growing inside her. The fight grows on as the hunting for new babies with abilities like Marie’s is launched by this regime. She has to fight back and save as many babies as she could while still trying to nurse the pain and wounds that have been inflicted on her by Maven.

The author gives a blend of passion, hate, betrayal and action or in one book. She vividly describes the characters which make it clear for the leader to understand the difference between the two sides and also the reason that pushes Marie to fight one. One will definitely be drawn in emotionally, and a reader will move along to the end almost feeling present at each moment in the book. Victoria takes you through an emotional roller coaster, surprising events which feel vivid and electrifying in this story.

King’s Cage

Kings Cage is the third book in The Red Queen Series. This is a test of allegiance happening to both sides. The king is long gone, and the once Marie’s love is now the king trying to assert his control over the land. Marie has been captured, and worse, she does not have her power and is living at the mercy of her once lover who also happened to betray her.

She has surrendered to the king with the aim of protecting the others. She is greatly haunted by what happened to shadow, and thus she cannot let anyone else fall in harm’s way. Maven uses this as a showoff and even goes further to taunt her with the silent stone. As the tension escalates, maven is advised to solicit help from the lakesides who are the former enemies of the silvers. He grows more paranoid despite this as he focuses on torturing his prisoner giving time for the red militant to organize themselves for battle.

Things have changed and taken a heightened turn. The reds and new blood that she once saved have to organize themselves without her presence to launch a war against the silvers. Hiding is no longer an option for them as things have taken a different turn especially with the absence of their leader and the oppression growing. The fire escalates, and the rebellion has got to do its best to reach their target. Unity and solidarity are apparent in the characters despite their not having an essential part of their group, but the group matches on to unleash war and reclaim their leader.

Marie is trapped not only in a physical cage but also one of her mind and thoughts where she has to deal with dark past that seems to affect her severely. It further gets worse from the fact that she does not have her lightning power. The author also does show the betrayal that exists in the silver kingdom where one son supports the rebellion while the other is busy pushing away the same bringing out the theme of antagonism.

Victoria ushers in some happenings that make the reader feel like they are part of the story with action, suspense and even romance making it an exciting book for the reader.

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