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Publication Order of Red Queen's War Books

Prince of Fools (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Liar’s Key (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wheel of Osheim (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The New World (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Red Queen’s War is a book series written by Mark Lawrence, who is a writer and poet. The book series, which contains three main book titles is part of two other book series that are written by the author additional to various short and stand alone literally works he has published. The ongoing Red Queen’s War book series was conceived from around the year 2014. Another book in the series is set to be released in the summer of year 2016.

Before coming up with the Red Queen’s War book series, Lawrence wrote the “Broken Empire Trilogy” with the book “Emperor of Thorns” winning him the David Gemmell Legend Awards for the best novel 2014l. The main character in the novel going by the name Red Queen is a leader who is feared by all the kings of the Broken Empire. She manages to exert control over situations by carefully plotting her own moves and influencing other characters to work for or against each other in order to benefit her heart’s desires. Most of the characters in the Red Queen’s War book series do not actually know that the queen is controlling their actions.

Book characters found in the Red Queen’s War series

The Red Queen

The Red Queen, who is the main character in the novel series is no ordinary woman as unlike other women who choose to stay at home and let their husbands fight to protect their kingdom, Queen has managed to fight the long war throughout her reign. She has also been able to contest in secret against the evil powers that stand behind nations that wish her kingdom to be doomed. This alone makes kings and other leaders fear her. She achieves this through plotting wars and other special strategies meant to benefit her kingdom. Her motivation stems from something better than gold or land that would have easily intoxicated other leaders.

The Silent Sister

This book character manages to stay anonymous throughout the book series, but also manages actively help the red Queen throughout with her unseen hand at play in various situations. The Silent Sister is not only powerful but very resourceful in terms of coming up with solutions to problems. She also has magical powers that she gets to use once in a while in order to get things done.

Prince Jalan Kendeth

Jalan is the only person who has the ability to see through the Silent Sister’s actions. He is a gambler, alcoholic and addicted seducer of women who believes in enjoying himself and regards himself highly. Although prince Jalan his tenth in line to the throne, he his totally contented with his position, unlike other royal members who powered by greed would do anything to inherit the throne.

The Dead King

He is an individual with a vendetta that actively conspires against humanity through plotting to open the underworld in order to unleash his dead subjects so that they can rule the world hence giving him even more power. He is also actively involved in trying to wreck havoc to the Red Queen’s kingdom which he believes is rightfully his.

Novels in the Red Queen’s War book series

“Prince of Fools”

The Prince of Fools is a story about how a reckless, selfish prince is made to play a bigger role towards defending the red Queen’s kingdom. A clear contrast between the fearless and respected Red Queen and her grandson Jalan Kendeth who is tenth in line to the throne is depicted. The Red Queen, who is tasked with shaping the lives and destinies of millions of people that depend on her leadership and wisdom, is faced with a war threat from the “undead army.” The army is marching to her kingdom with an aim of conquering it and ruling over her subjects.

Prince Jalan, who is considered to be the prince of fools in the novel, is depicted at first as a coward, cheat and womanizer whose sole purpose in life is to engage in never ending worldly pleasures at the expense of his royal duty. Although he believes that the approaching battle will not affect him or his life in any way, he is transformed after he proves his worth by escaping a death trap set by the Silent Sister.

His fate is magically intertwined with a fierce Norse warrior by the name Snorri Ver Snagason. The two are tasked with saving the kingdom without their knowledge or consent. Tired of the prince’s reckless behavior, Snorri decides to drag prince Kendeth to the icy north against his will. This journey is one interesting tale that is going to change both their lives forever. Prince Jalan soon comes to realize that he and Snorri are pieces of a game controlled by the Red Queen.

“The Liar’s Key”

The journey in the Liar’s Key novel is characterized by unworldly occurrences and the use of magic to achieve certain goals. In the Liar’s Key, prince Jalan and Snorri manage to find Loki’s key and are tasked with protecting the key as it is not only priceless but also with greater magical capabilities.

The cold winter makes the life of the prince unbearable as he was used to the constant comfort of the palace unlike warrior Snorri, who is at home in the weather due to the fact that he spent most of his Viking days away from home. Although the prince is not interested in the value of the key and whatever treasures it holds, the Viking warrior Snorri is determined to use the key to open the underworld and bring back his dead children and wife to life. This leaves Jalan with no option but to follow him to the end.

This is a very terrifying and hazardous adventure to Jalan whose only desire is to go back home and continue with his life of earthly pleasures and women.

As they come to realize later, there are many forces at play, making the quest tougher with each new day. The people who consider themselves to be the main players in the game are just mere pawns put into play by the Red queen who has her own agenda of using them to get what she wants and later do away with them. The Dead King, who is looking for the key to the underworld just like the Red Queen is very determined to succeed.


The unpredictable nature of the Red Queen’s War book series makes it a must read for all the fictional book lovers and for everyone with a creative mind.

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