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Red Rock Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Red Rock Mysteries Books

By: Jerry B. Jenkins, Chris Fabry

The Red Rock Mysteries refers to a series of Christian-themed kid’s mystery books by Jerry B. Jenkins , an American author. The series follows Ashley and Bryce Timberline, who are thirteen years-old twins. The 2 kids go on mysteries anywhere they go and they are always looking for ways to find out the whole truth.

Jerry B. Jenkins is an American biographer and novelist. He is well-known as co-author of Left Behind series with Tim LaHaye. Jenkins has also written over 185 novels, including mysteries, biblical fiction, historical fiction, cop thrillers, children’s adventures and international spy thrillers as well as non-fiction books . His works normally feature Christians as the protagonists. In 2005, Jenkins ranked 9th position in’s tenth Anniversary list of Hall of Fame writers based on the books sold at over its first 10 years. Jerry Jenkins now teaches several writers to become great authors at his website.

Jerry B. Jenkins began the Red Rock Mysteries series back in 2005 with the book Haunted Waters. This series went for a total of 15 novels, concluding with Dead End in 2006. The Timberline twins (Ashley and Bryce)are on the loose. Ashley and Bryce are ATV-riding tweens who hail from Colorado. The twins unearth action-packed adventure and mystery wherever they go. From managing to clear the name of the local miscreant to thwarting the gold-stealing heist, these twins’ growing faith along with the strong example of their parent’s guides them through different life-threatening situations.

With a trademark page-turner style that’s used by Jerry Jenkins, the Red Rock Mysteries is a series of fast-paced novels that will keep even the reluctant readers at the edge of their seats. The Red Rock Mysteries Series is perfect for kids who are aged between 8 and 12 years. Below is a comprehensive description of the first two books in the Red Rock Mysteries Series by Jerry B. Jenkins:

Haunted Waters

This is the first book in the Red Rock Mysteries Series by Jerry B. Jenkins. Adventure, danger and excitement seemed to follow the two twins, Ashley and Bryce Timberline to any place that they were going. First, their father died mysteriously in an accident. Then they had to move to Colorado with their mother and baby brother so that they could start their new lives over. It was here in Colorado that their mother met and then fell in love with Sam (whom Bryce and Ashley refer to as The Cowboy). Sam has a daughter who is aged 16. Ashley and Bryce, her twin are 13 years. Their baby brother is just four years old.

Being in a blended family was quite tough for the teen. As such, on one weekend, Sam suggested that they should have a cabin in the mountainous adventure with just the 4 of them–the 2 twins, Dylan and Sam as their mother stayed home so as to finish a book that she was writing. They had sledding, tubing and skiing to look forward to, a satellite hook-up in their cabin and a pinball machine. To top it off, they were looking forward to viewing a large gold nugget on the display nearby and the replica of a certain mine shaft where gold used to be found. That’s exactly when all their adventures began.

Haunted Waters has been told in the first person narrative with chapters that alternate between Ashley’s point of view and Bryce’s point of view. Their adventure includes suspicious people who are following them, break-ins, thieves and eventually the high speed chases and the life threatening accident. Nevertheless, in the conclusion, you will be left in suspense when Ashley and Bryce discover a secret concerning their step-dad.

This novel is perfect for the middle grade readers. Bryce and Ashley face relevant situations that the teens would understand quite well such as being bullied at school, and enjoy the great laughs at witty exchanges between the twins.

You will certainly like how the novel’s high interest level makes it an appealing book to a wide range of age. This is a book that you should recommend for your children to read. All the adventures are fun, the attitudes and language of characters is clean, while the adults and young people aren’t perfect or unrealistically ” good to be true.” Since Bryce, Ashley and their mother are Christians, they decide to live their faith out through the daily lives rather than preaching about it. They might falter from time to time, but they still learn and grow in their experiences.

Stolen Secrets

Stolen Secrets is the second book in Red Rock Mysteries Series. When twins, Ashley and Bryce Timberline’s step-father drops the bombshell that he actually killed their father, they do not know what to do next. Missing food, secret phone calls and the attack on certain middle school students also adds up to the mystery that which doesn’t make sense.

Can Bryce and Ashley untangle the mysteries which they and Red Rock series are caught up in? Or, will all the secrets that are surrounding them destroy their whole family and the innocent man? Join this mystery and the search for the whole truth as you read through this second book in the series.

You will certainly enjoy this book. The end can made you tear up, because it is really good. There are very few books that can make you get emotional as Stolen Secrets. You can easily predict Sam’s occupation – the basics, not the details. You will find this book to have a more satisfying end as compared to the first book in the series. The ending of the first novel was to reel the readers in for the second book which certainly worked. Thankfully, the writer did not try it again for the second novel. You will definitely continue reading the series because you will get attached to the characters and end up wanting to find out how they continue dealing with their circumstances. Indeed, this is a great job by Jerry B. Jenkins.

This is a fairly good series for the younger readers. However, adults can also enjoy reading this book as well. You will like the fact that there are 2 mysteries that are going on at once. This certainly makes it an interesting novel even though some parts are somehow predictable. Overall, this is a great book that will make you look for the next novel in the series.

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