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Publication Order of Red Starr Books

Starr's Awakening (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hearths of Fire (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Targets Entangled (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Igniting Passion (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Untold Devotion (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fulfilling Promises (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fated Identity (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red's Salvation (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Apart from being a USA Today Best Selling author, Kennedy Layne is famously known for her romantic suspense novels which have been a huge success. Layne draws her inspiration for her novels from her second life as a wife to a military sergeant. Her husband doubles as her beta reader, critique partner and also military consultant. Kennedy Layne and her husband currently reside in the Midwest together with their son and pets. One of the most successful series to be written by Layne is the Red Starr series which follows the story of a para military rescue team which was formed more than two years ago.

Hearths of Fire

Hearths of Fire is the first instalment in the Red Star book series by Kennedy Layne. In this instalment, we are introduced to Neal Bauer, who had previously tried going back home but realized that something’s will never go back to be the way they were. When he receives a job offer from Red Starr, a paramilitary hostage rescue team, he grabs the opportunity because it will enable him use his skillset that he learned at the military. Apart from Kennedy Layne, we are also introduced to one Charlotte Whitefall. Charlotte has made some exceedingly bad mistakes in her life. At one point, she left Neal Bauer standing by the alter, all alone.

Growing up in Missouri, she has learned that when a person leaves their town, they never return. Charlotte saved Bauer from a difficult choice and decided to move on with her life while raising her sister. Sometimes later, a local cult invades the town and the locals do their very best to stay away from the members of the cult. However, things begin to change when Charlotte’s sister is drawn to the cult’s way of life. There is only one person who can be able to neutralize the threat. Will Charlotte persuade Neal so that he can come and rescue her sister? Additionally, is she going to convince him that she truly made a terrible mistake all those years back?

All in all, Hearths of Fire is indeed a great read. All the characters in the book are well drawn and also very relatable. The book’s plot is very familiar though it has been given a new twist.

Targets Entangled

The second installment in this series is Target Entangled. In Targets Entangled we are introduced to one Deegan Murphy who is living life in a manner that he is supposed to live it. With his sniper rifle, motorcycle and career choice, most people may end up thinking that he has a death wish on his head. However, Murphy has a family that truly loves him, team members who rely on him and hostages that he is supposed to rescue. Murphy would not at any one point put his on life in harm’s way intentionally. He really understands what it means to be left behind.

Apart from Murphy, the author also introduces Ferrin Hewitt who believes all things have order and her years in the military is a true reflection of the statement. She lives her day to day life with the same amount of discipline she was taught with at the military. However, despite following certain codes, she still cannot figure out why she is so attracted to a retired marine who not only lives his life on the edge but also goes against what she has always believed in. Another character that the author introduces is Ferin. Her assignment is exceedingly simple. He should keep on saving other people. When an unfortunate event happens, everyone appears to blame her. However, one person comes to her defense, Daegan. She understands that help is never given at any instance without any expectations. And when they begin searching for the truth, they are unaware that what she truly needs rescuing is her heart.

Igniting Passion

Igniting Passion is the third book in this series. The author introduces the reader to one Aaron Scott popularly known as Stick who has spent approximately twelve years of his life serving his country. While serving the military he diffused more than 15 bombs, while expecting each of those bombs to be his last. Luck was always on his side, but as fate would have it, he would have his heart broken by a woman. Another noticeable character in the series is Simeone Laurent whose career as an intern was not all that exciting. However, she truly enjoyed promoting her homeland’s culture.

However, despite having an upper hand in everything that happened, she did not expect to be caught up in the middle of political warfare, where she was going to be at risk. Her situation turns from bad to worse as she realizes that the man she had left behind so many years, was the man who may have saved her. While conducting a rescue mission, Stick gets a major setback, when he is told to handle a lady who he was unable to take care of many years ago. Looking at this woman, brought back memories that he had chosen to forget, however as time goes by they begin to open up to one another. Would there newly found love last this time, only time will tell.

Untold Devotion

Untold Devotion introduces the reader to one Kane Tylor, who has spent more than one year trying to find answers pertaining to the death of his sister. He had spent most of his time performing air, sea and land operations, saving the lives of kids who had been abducted. However, despite engaging in all these rescue activities, he was still unable to find the answers that he needed. Apart from Kane, we are also introduced to Jade, who truly understands the meaning of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. She has been a prisoner for more than 17 months. Kane has been counting every minute, hour and days that she has been in captivity.

All in all, the Red Starr series is full of up and down, twists and turns that will leave you the reader, entertained throughout the series. So as to understand the storyline, you will need to read all the books in this series in order.

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