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Publication Order of Red Team Books

The “Red Team” series by Elaine Levine is from the military romance and action and adventure genres. Each of the books in the series feature different main characters in each book; one of the main characters in each of the books is a member of the Red Team. The stories are not quite stand alones as the story picks right up from where the last one ended. The series began in the year 2012, with the release of “The Edge of Courage”. There are both novels and novellas to the series.

“The Edge of Courage” is the first novel in the “Red Team” series and was released in the year 2012. He is haunted by some memories that are out of his reach, and stalked by some foe that is looking to get revenge against him.

Rocco Silas has returned to his home in Wyoming after some long years as an operative for Red Team in Afghanistan. It is far from easy to go back to living the civilian life, especially since he is suffering from a bad case of PTSD and is being hunted by an old foe that is looking to get some eye for an eye treatment against him. He cannot fight either one until he comes face to face with what really happened on a fateful day in Hindu Kush, some high mountain ranges.

She is the only way that he can be sane. She is Mandy Fielding and she has a dream of starting a therapeutic riding center on the ranch her family owns. It is close to coming true, that is, until she hires Rocco Silas, who is a friend of her brothers that was once in Spec Ops. He has two haunted eyes and quite the passionate touch, which promise a love that she never really thought could be possible for her to have. Will they be able to confront what really happened in his past and put together a future with each other? Or is the enemy hunting him down going to destroy both of them?

This book features elements that fans really enjoy reading about in a story, and was something that was well executed and hard to put down. Fans of the novel felt the parts that explore the emotional and psychological parts of PTSD left them scared, sad, and angry, with some joy. You could feel everything that the hero was feeling in these parts. Here is some stellar writing, and is highly recommended reading, something that you should not miss reading at all.

“Shattered Valor” is the second novel in the “Red Team” series and was released in the year 2012. Every step she takes takes her closer to danger. Eden Miller has put her life together just how she likes it, that is until she has a reunion with some of her best friends from high school. It puts her in the middle of a ruthless prison gang’s turf war, their terrorist allies, and the hunters that have come looking for them. Everything she does pushes her closer toward the danger that surrounds Ty Balden and the team he has of terror fighters. His seductive charming ways and smile that always engages make her believe that he will be able to protect her.

The terrorists that Ty is hunting are able to infiltrate his remote Wyoming ranch, he realizes out that the past he has tried to leave behind is not so willing to stay buried. He is still recovering from a bullet wound that he got in Afghanistan and is hunted by an enemy that he cannot see. He will not leave Eden alone, and face the danger that is swirling around her. It is a danger that both he and his team have brought to her door. It may even mean letting her get close to his own frozen heart. She learns the terrible secret that he is keeping. Is she going to run or stay?

Once readers have finished a book, they still have a hard time letting go, and can’t stop thinking about everything that happens in the book. Fans of the novel find that Elaine Levine sure does know how to write about a tortured hero. The build up that the last novel gave readers was well worth the wait. There were moments of action, suspense, steamy love scenes, heartache, and quite a bit of humor that makes for a fun ride. Readers feel that they cannot stop reading one of these books once they have started, it is just too much of a thrill ride and too entertaining to let them go.

“Honor Unraveled” is the third novel in the “Red Team” series and was released in the year 2013. Kit Bolanger (who used to be a spec ops soldier) has tracked an international drug lord’s trail all the way back to the town he grew up in, which is the one place that he swore that he would not go back to.

His team and he are the only thing that stands between the residents of the town and the evil that threatens them. The woman that betrayed his own trust and wrecked his heart is here, which does not help him at all.

Ivy Banks decided to put some roots down, and has brought her daughter to Wolf Creek Bend (which is a quiet ranching community), Wyoming. It is the only place that she thought she would never run into her high school flame in. He is back, however, and fighting a global foe and some home grown terrorists in an invisible war that places their lives and hearts in danger. Kit was bad news when they were in high school, and has gotten even worse since then.

Levine is incredible at writing compelling heroes that fiercely protect the ones they loved, willing to sacrifice themselves for the ones they love. The heroes are not perfect but have traumas and insecurities they have to deal with to find their own happiness. The female protagonists challenge, deeply love, and support them all the way. Fans of the novel find that they were pulled in at the beginning and still are unable to pull themselves away from it for very long. Some enjoy reading these books, and connecting with each one of the characters.

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