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Reese Rivers is a Canadian reverse harem author. She is highly addicted to coffee, dark humor, inappropriate memes, and happy ever after. When not writing, she loves spending time in her most comfortable place on earth, her camper in the woods, where like Snow White, she attracts mosquitoes, critters, and skunks instead of birds and bunnies. She would reside in the woods forever, was it not for the Canadian freezing winter. Reese’s debut reverse harem novel, Dying to Love, is a post-apocalypse standalone story full of occasional zombies, sexy steam, and humor. Additionally, the RH series, Time After Time, is a time travel paranormal romance featuring many vampires and wolf shifters.

Dance Butterfly Dance is the first book in the Masked Duet series by Reese Rivers. It’s a new-adult reverse harem story smoldering with sizzling chemistry from the lead characters that will hook you from the first page to the last.
It follows the story of Savy, a young college student leading two distinct lives. On one side, she is a quiet, meek student keeping everything to herself; on the other, she is a confident and strong dancer who often wears masks to hide her identity. When tasked with playing fake girlfriend for Tate, she soon finds herself madly falling in love with him and his three best friends. The problem is she doesn’t trust anyone because of the skeletons in her closet. Along with Tate comes the three friends and surrogate family, Beckett, Jude, and Asher. However, Savvy is hiding secrets, and everything will explode dramatically when they are finally revealed.

Dance Butterfly Dance is an engaging, easy read. Like most reverse harem books, each of the main male characters in the story had something unique to offer. One of the most notable ones is Jude, a kooky and jokester man. Besides this, he sees beneath Savy’s surface and accepts her for who she is right from the start. Both Jude and Tate are on their way to becoming professional footballers, and while Tate does struggle with the foot-in-mouth disease, Jude is untroubled and deeper than he truly appears. Additionally, Beckett is makes decisions wisely, but also aimless after enduring a career-ending injury. Lastly, Asher doesn’t care at all but is overly obsessed with a mysterious female dancer.

Reese Rivers does a fantastic job of crafting a strong female main character. At first, Savy starts as a timid girl, but soon she manages to get her footing, making her realize her true worth. While the boys manage to raise her confidence in bed, the story’s main plot is mainly driven by her not allowing the boys not take advantage of her and pushing back against the bad perceptions of herself. It’s fascinating to see a female lead character who is physically and emotionally strong.

Another exciting aspect of Reese River’s book is character development. Each of the main characters has their own distinct personality and background story. This makes all of them interesting. The romance in this story is quite steamy and never feels forced or gratuitous. The chemistry between Savy and the boys is something the reader will yearn to experience. You can feel the attraction between them. Besides the romance theme, the novel also highlights the shortcomings of fake dating and the dangers of not being true to yourself and others. The story ends on a cliffhanger setting up the pace for the next book in the series nicely.

Overall, Dance Butterfly Dance is an intriguing reverse harem romance that handles standard tropes satisfying and empoweringly.

Catch Me is the first book in Time After Time by Reese Rivers, published in 2021. It’s the first book in a three-novel reverse harem fantasy romance trilogy featuring a time-traveling damsel from 2028, 2 wolf shifters, and two vampires. The female main character is 29-year-old Eden Kelly. She’s had a traumatic experience in the last few years and still experiences PTSD when she falls through a mirror to 1667 France. The male main characters have their share of traumatic pasts but are all drawn to her willingly or not.
The year is 2028, Eden’s life sucks and is boring. After her latest in the long line of traumatic events, she withdraws from the world and continues to learn martial arts to keep herself safe, something she couldn’t do in the past. She soon found herself being sent back in time by a magic mirror to her dead aunt’s attic in France in 1600, and life gets weird for her.

Upon arriving in France, she encounters thugs who attack her, but luckily her martial arts skills save her, and the attackers find themselves on their losing side. Upon her arrival, her encounter with the thugs is witnessed by two werewolves and two vampires who see her as a witch. But that doesn’t stop them from being attracted to her besides their wariness toward her. Once again, Reese Rivers has done a fantastic job creating a time-travel reverse harem story. Even though it’s a time travel, unlike most books, it doesn’t switch back and forth. Instead, there is only one jump through time, and that it’s to the past.

It’s also worth noting that the time travel does not impact the plot too much, as the story mainly revolves around the relationship between Eden and the four men. This is like an urban fantasy novel set in the past since we have a kick-ass warrior-like woman who falls in love with werewolves and vampires who think she is all amazing and worships at her feet.

Like most reverse harem novels, all the men have a mix of personalities; most are compassionate, protective, and caring towards her. Catch Me is a multi-point-of-view novel with the reader getting a chance to get inside the men’s heads too. This narration helps the reader better understand the characters, hence establishing their reasons and feelings. There is an instant attraction between Eden and the men, and things get pretty steamy quickly. If you enjoy reading hot and smutty novels, then Catch Me is a highly recommended read.

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