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About Reeves Wiedman

An American writer, Reeves Wiedman is fast becoming world renowned, known for his interesting and engaging style. Largely focusing on contemporary fiction, he’s someone with a unique voice that really stands out from the rest. There’s a lot to unpack in his work, as he definitely doesn’t hold back when saying exactly what it is that he wants to say. Working as a reporter too, he’s always willing to unpack a new and exciting subject, whatever that might be.

His observations really stick out when writing as well, with many of them being extremely insightful and to the point. Speaking directly to his audience, he gives each subject his whole attention, not leaving any single detail out. This is something that he’s become gifted at, creating a style and a brand that is very much his own as an author. Knowing exactly what it is that he wants to say and when to say it, he sets himself apart by having his own distinct viewpoint as a writer.

Hugely talented, he manages to portray people as they really are too, sympathizing with them, and giving the audience an understanding of them as living beings. Finding a huge audience worldwide, this continues for him as a trend, as he continues to draw in readers from a variety of different backgrounds. It’s the universality of his subject matter that really resonates, establishing a personal connection between him and the reader.

There’s a lot to invest in when it comes to Wiedman’s writing, which is part of why his work is difficult to put down. Instantly grabbing the reader from the outset, he holds them there, not letting go for the entire duration of the story or feature. He’s come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, and he’s progressing, with a lot more to offer in the future as well. Growing continually from strength-to-strength, he’s got plenty more planned on the horizon, as he isn’t stopping any time soon.

Early and Personal Life

Writing from a young age, the future author to be Reeves Wiedman would develop a voice and tone that was to be his own. Developing his style over time, he’d draw in inspiration from the world around him, putting it all back into his work. This would go on to create the style that he’s currently known for today by many from all around the world, really taking his art to another level. Massively gifted from early on, he’s nurtured his craft, writing in a manner that is engaging and extremely entertaining.

Taking real-life stories, he would use this as inspiration, continuing to build upon his craft throughout his education. His writing features detail on each and every page, something that he clearly would come to revel in in later years. Understanding business and high-finance too, this would be something that would come to greatly inspire him in later on as well.

Writing Career

Starting out writing features, Reeves Wiedman would rise to prominence during his time working at the New York magazine. Working there as a contributing editor he would come to make a name for himself amongst his peers, further establishing his brand. Setting himself apart, he would later go on to write his first book in 2020, publishing the non-fiction title ‘Billion Dollar Loser.’

Telling real-life stories, he would present a sense of grounded truth in his work, making sure it fully stood out from the rest. Dealing with contemporary issues too, he managed to find stories that really had something different and unique to say. Currently still writing, he’s still got a lot more to say, as he continues on growing onwards and upwards, on into the foreseeable future.

Billion Dollar Loser

The first book to be released by Reeves Wiedman, this would originally come out in 2020 on the 20th of October to much acclaim. A non-fiction title, it would be a straightforward account of the huge news event surrounding the company of WeWork and its very public fall from grace. Initially published through the ‘Little, Brown and Company’ publishing label, it would arrive with much fanfare.

This book tells the real-life story of Adam Neumann, the CEO of WeWork, an American start-up business venture that was doomed to fail. The company itself focused on the idea of providing surplus office space in and around New York to freelancers looking for space of their own. Seeking investment, WeWork ended up attracting billions of dollars in revenue, only to see his vision spectacularly fail. Looking at the internal drama of the organization too, it examines the progress of start-up firms over a period of time, looking at their history in the modern American marketplace.

It’s a compelling document of a time with a lot to offer, really showing a mindset that is at once extremely interesting and engaging. In the lead-up to the election of Trump, it definitely has a lot to say, as well as being an insightful character study of the CEO at the centre of it all. This book is definitely worthwhile on multiple levels, giving readers an insight into a world they might not otherwise have seen.

Previous Writing

In the past Reeves has worked at the New York magazine, writing extensive articles over a number of years. This has seen him write a variety of features, many of them on different subjects, from writing about sports to politics. He’s always willing to get behind the subject, finding out what really drives it, as his work is admired by many. A regular fixture on the front page of the magazine, his name is synonymous with a certain style of journalism.

This style of reporting in the moment was something that he would bring to all his work, using it to drive his writing career forwards. Knowing his readers well too, he delivers interesting and informative material that’s detailed, well-researched, and entertaining in equal measure. He’s not disappearing any time soon either, as there’s a lot more work and writing planned for him on the horizon.

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