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Publication Order of Regan Reilly Mystery Books

By: Carol Higgins Clark, Mary Higgins Clark

An American writer of great repute, Carol Higgins Clark comes from a line of mystery and suspense authors, with Mary Higgins Clark the mystery novelist being her mother, whom she has written a few Christmas related novels with, and Mary Jane Clark being her former sister-in-law whose also written a number of suspense novels and series over the course of her writing career. Originally an actor by trade, she has starred in a number of films and plays, including the film adaptation of her mother’s novel A Cry in the Night, where she played the lead role, all of which gave her a unique inside perspective of the creative process that goes into making these stories so compelling for readers worldwide. Getting an Agatha Award nomination for her debut release of Decked in 1992 and an Anthony Award in 1993, she was well on her way to becoming a highly respected mystery novelist and building a legacy all of her very own. One particular series she wrote was the Regan Reilly series, which she began with Decked and has continued to this present day with over fifteen books so far and counting, as more are expected to be released soon.

Based in Los Angeles, Regan Reilly is a private investigator who’s great at her job and will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth and ensure that justice prevails, as she’s both intelligent and quick witted. With a sense of humor, she finds herself undertaking various different tasks which she must complete before finding the culprit and saving the day. There is a dark side to the action though, as it isn’t all light and breezy, as Carol Higgins Clark is equally able to conjure up moments of both suspense and intrigue as well. Whether it be following a killer, or finding the truth behind a murder, danger is never far lying around the corner, as she races against the clock to solve the case in time. With over fifteen novels in this series, it’s obviously got a rich and colorful history behind it, and this doesn’t look like it’s going to stopping anytime soon.


First published in 1993 on the 1st of August, this was the book that not only launched the Regan Reilly series, but it was also the one to launch the career of Carol Higgins Clark as a novelist by trade. Setting up the overall tone and ambiance of the novels to follow, it managed to convey a sense of what was to come in the forthcoming series. Introducing the character of Regan Reilly for the first time as well, it helped to establish her personality and what readers could expect from her as a leading protagonist living in the city of Los Angeles.

Heading home to England for a class reunion Regan Reilly is expecting it to be a simple trip like any other, but things don’t exactly go to plan for her once a dead body turns up and she realizes she has to now catch the killer before it’s too late. Not only that, the murder victim turns out to be none other than her former room-mate, leading the case to have an emotional investment for her, as it’s now imperative she finds the culprit quickly and brings them to justice. Boarding a cruise liner she soon realizes that it’s going to be a long journey home, as she needs to find them before she reaches her destination of England. Who is the killer and why exactly did they choose to murder her former room-mate? Will she be able to find the killer, or will they strike again doing whatever it takes to keep their tracks covered? What will become of them all as they find themselves decked?


Initially published on the 1st of August 1994, this was to be the book that would follow on directly from the first with Regan Reilly’s next case and mystery to solve, as she carries on doing what she does best and bringing criminals to justice. Further developing her character arc and building who she is, it manages to better establish her and her personality for the now fast becoming loyal audience. This time set in Miami, it retains the sunny location for a lot of the darker element of the action, whilst simultaneously managing to retain the light charm that made the first so engrossing to read.

Going to a Miami pantyhose convention, Regan Reilly gets more than she bargained for when she discovers a murder there and it’s up to her once again to crack the case. She was supposed to be there for a wedding at South Beach, but the brides relative Uncle Richie has a nylon pantyhose invention to die for, and someone out there’s willing to go to murderous lengths to get it. As two attempts are made on his life, it is up to her to protect the seventy-something entrepreneur and keep him out of harm’s way whilst finding all those guilty. Will she find the criminal? Can she keep Uncle Richie Safe? What will she do to keep them all from becoming snagged?

The Regan Reilly Series

Strong and resourceful, Regan Reilly is one protagonist that certainly makes an impact on the reader, leaving an indelible mark that manages to stay with them long after they’ve put the book down, thus ensuring that they come back for more. Being set in sunny Los Angeles as well really adds to this making sure that it’s bright throughout, whilst also managing to be simultaneously dark at the right moments too, as it bring up moments of suspense and intrigue to keep its audience hooked and reading. Running for over fifteen novels, its ability to enthrall readers clearly displays the rich literary heritage of its author Carol Higgins Clark who here really excels herself, as she builds a character that will be beloved for many generations to come yet. With a lot of room for this character and series to grow, it really came a long way during its time, something which will continue in the many years to come.

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