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Publication Order of Regency Royal Mystery Books

A Brilliant Deception (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The name ‘Regency Royal Mystery’ refers to a series of novels written by Kathleen Fuller. Kathleen tends to surprise her fans when they learn how diverse her bibliography is. In fact, some audiences do not realize just how many years she has spent writing novels.

They can only trace her career as far back as the Amish Romance novels for which she has become so popular. However, there is more to Kathleen than meets the eye. The Regency Royal Mystery series definitely shines a light on a side of her creative abilities her many fans did not know she had.

+The Story

The Regency Royal Mystery series is a collection of romance novels set in Victorian England. Kathleen Fuller, the author, is best known for writing romance. And even when she changes genres and tries her hand at new concepts, romance always comes through as the core of her storytelling.

The Regency Royal Mystery series is often advertised as a collection of mystery novels. And while there are definitely some mysteries in play, the romance always takes center stage. The name of the series is pretty apt in describing the tales told by Kathleen.

The novels are set in the Regency era and they typically follow the lives of characters with royal parentage. For instance, Lily Thornton, the protagonist of the first book, is the daughter of the Duke of Breckenridge. And the characters that surround her are of equally impressive standing.

Each novel in the Regency Royal Mystery series is driven by a core romance. And that romance is complemented by a mystery of some sort. There’s always a man and a woman in these books that are circling one another.

And there is a usually a reason keeping this man and woman apart. Sometimes, the man and the woman in question love one another but circumstances have prevented them from bringing their feelings to light. And so they suffer silently, unaware that the object of their desire is also yearning for them.

In other cases, the characters are mismatched in terms of appearance. One is more attractive than the other and many feelings go unrevealed because either the man or the woman doesn’t feel worthy of the adoration of the one they love.

In even more outlandish situations, factors like Amnesia come into play in order to further complicate the relationship in question.

Either way, the mystery at the heart of each book actually helps to bring the different couples together. They are either forced to reveal their feelings for one another, or they spend so much time in each other’s company that individuals who never gave one another much thought begin to fall in love.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the mystery aspect of the Regency Royal Mystery series is often criticized. The mysteries rarely feel like they are thought out because Kathleen Fuller does not consider them to be important. The mysteries are simply tools through which love relationships can blossom. For this reason, lovers of romance tend to embrace these books because they deliver on the romance aspect.

Mystery enthusiasts, on the other hand, have nothing positive to say about these novels primarily because the mysteries are always sacrificed in favor of the romance.

It is worth noting that there is no central figure driving the Regency Royal Mystery series. There is also no central plot. However, these books are definitely a series. They are connected by the relationships between the characters.

While each book always focuses on a particular couple who will be falling in love, Kathleen also emphasizes the supporting characters that eventually come into play later on as the heroes and heroines of their own novels.

For instance, the first novel in the Regency Royal Mystery series follows the exploits of Lily Thornton and Colin Dymoke. The second novel in the series then shifts the spotlight to Colin’s sister Emily. With Lily’s story finally closed, Emily is elevated as her story begins with Colin’s friend Michael who was actually introduced in the first novel.

These links continue to manifest throughout the series. And because the Regency Royal Mystery books are so simplistic in nature, these connections are not that difficult to follow.

+The Author

Kathleen Fuller is an American author born in 1967. A native of New Orleans in Louisiana, Kathleen spent her childhood in Arkansas, specifically in Little Rock. Kathleen started writing novels seriously in 2004.

Before that, Kathleen had nurtured a healthy interest in Christian fiction. And her fascination with the genre grew to a point where she felt compelled to write some Christian fiction of her own. The fact that she was a stay at home mom afforded her the opportunity to pursue this path.

Kathleen started out writing a few simple stories before snagging a deal with Thomas Nelson Publishers and receiving the opportunity to produce numerous Amish romance novels.

Kathleen has a husband and three children. Their home has always been lively, especially with all the animals they have hosted over the years, this including dogs, pigs, cattle, and chicken.

+A Brilliant Mystery

Lily Thornton might be a Duke’s daughter but she never felt like she was anything special, not with her less than average looks. Being accused of participating in a rash of jewelry thefts does not help matters for Lily

Fortunately for her, Lily has Colin Dymoke to lean on. Colin is Emily’s brother. Emily is Lily’s best friend. It isn’t hard to understand why Lily begins to fall in love with Colin. After all, Colin is England’s most eligible bachelor.

Unfortunately for Lily, her former fiancé is back on the scene. He once made it his goal to diminish Lily’s self-worth and he still has mischief on his mind. Because of the tumult of her past relationships, Lily fights her growing love for Colin. But the web of intrigue they stumble upon keeps drawing them closer together.

+A Clever Disguise

Michael Balcarris knew he loved Emily Dymoke several years ago. But he has since fought every chance to express those feelings because of what it would mean for his secret profession. That struggle hasn’t stopped Michael from inserting himself into Emily’s life at every chance he gets.

Emily once nursed a crush on Michael. But then Michael returned from London and proved that he had become quite the insufferable brat. Now Emily hates him. However, Michael just can’t seem to leave her alone. He’s everywhere she goes and before long, Emily finds the fire of her crush igniting once more.

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