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Regency Spies of London Books In Order

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Publication Order of Regency Spies Of London Books

A Spy's Devotion (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Viscount's Proposal (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Dangerous Engagement (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Regency Spies of London is a historical fiction series by Melanie Dickerson. The series takes the reader back to London in the regency era, where people worked hard to keep proper manners in public while committing heinous crimes behind closed doors. In this series, you are going to meet proper gentlemen inside ballrooms and all kinds of social events and the women who force them out of their comfort zones. Romance is at the heart of these stories, but it is kept clean all through. The characters are well rounded, and it is hard bidding them goodbye at the end of each book. There are also great lessons on love, marriage, and life in general.

A Spy’s Devotion

A Spy’s Devotion is the first book in The Regency Spies of London series. The book stars Nicholas Langdon, a connected British officer, and Julia Grey, a young orphaned woman. Nicholas is returning home to England to heal from an injury as he works to fulfill the wishes of a dying soldier. He is to deliver a coded diary in honor of his dead friend. He is at the Wilherns home in England for a party when this diary goes missing. It is also in this house when he meets Julia, who he will meet in several other parties in the course of the story. The Wilherns are among the most powerful families in England, and Julia is the family’s ward.

Julia has no substantial dowry, given that she is an orphan living with her uncle and aunt. Even though her guardian is quite influential, she knows there is little hope that a fit gentleman will ask for her hand in marriage. When Julia meets Nicholas, she starts developing feelings for him, but things get complicated when her cousin Phoebe declares her love for Nicholas. Is this a sign that Julia is set to a lonely life as a governess? How can a man like Nicholas choose her, a woman without any dowry over her cousin Phoebe? What will happen when she cannot hide her feelings for this dashing British officer?
When the news about the missing diary and rumors about treason start to circulate, Julia turns into a detective as she tries to piece all the details. Julia is calm and pleasant most of the time, but she also has some low moments that expose her to others’ wrath. There are a few lessons she will learn in the course of the story, but it is admirable how she grows courageous and strong over time. Nicholas is also a lovable character. He is quite the gentleman, restraining himself when the occasion calls for it and always putting the interest of those he loves before his own.

A Spy’s Devotion is a beautiful story of love, family, deception, and spying. It is also a tale about growth, strength, and change, especially for Julia. The spy business gives it a unique edge and adds a lot of excitement to the story. Characterized by a unique storyline, well-rounded characters, and proper representation of the regency era, this is a book you want to read if you are a historical fiction fan. The romance here is sweet, but it is also clean, making this a good read for the young readers. There is also enough action, some element of danger, and unending suspense and drama.

A Viscount’s Proposal

A Viscount’s Proposal is the second book in The Regency Spies of London series. This book focuses on Leorah Langdon and Edward Withinghall. Leorah is a strong-willed woman determined to defy the rules set by society. While everyone expects her to settle for the man society deems ideal for her, she is sure that she wants to marry for passion. The only man Leorah will agree to spend the rest of her life with is one that she will love more than she loves her horse, Buccaneer. For now, she enjoys exploring on her own and watching as society frowns at her choices.

Edward wants nothing but to advance his political career. He knows that he must be careful and marry right, and his reasons are justified. After his father perished in a fight with his lover’s husband, Edward knows that keeping off scandals is the only way he is going to achieve his dreams. The last woman he wants in his life is the reckless Leorah as his wife. However, these two will find themselves together unchaperoned, and when a rumor ensues, there is a possibility that they may be forced into marriage.

Leorah cannot imagine being forced to marry a man like Edward with his uptight nature. However, this is what will happen if she cannot make her family understand what she was doing with Edward in his carriage after dark. Edward also has to fight for his reputation. It is clear that the coach accident was planned, and both Edward and Leorah need to find the culprits and ensure that they pay for their actions. While they are working together, they both start developing feelings for each other and learn how to overcome the prejudices they hold against each other.

Leorah is a likable character, and her view on life and marriage is quite refreshing considering the time. You will also love Edward. While he is too serious and driven, he also has a beautiful heart. The rest of the cast is just as entertaining, and you will love meeting them all as the main plot develops. The setting is quite charming, and you can bet that the trip down memory lane will be worth your time.

A Viscount’s Proposal is an exciting story of love, faith, and marriage. It is a tale about a spirited young woman and the uptight viscount she falls in love with. There are many great lessons here, and the banter between the protagonists will put a smile on your face. You will laugh at Leorah’s first impression of Edward, and the events that follow will amaze you. Will Leorah turn to the pious wife that Edward wants for the sake of his political career? Read this incredibly engaging book to find out.

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