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Comrade Rockstar: The Life and Mystery of Dean Reed, the All-American Boy Who Brought Rock 'n' Roll to the Soviet Union (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
At Balthazar: The New York Brasserie at the Center of the World (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marvelous Manhattan: Stories of the Restaurants, Bars, and Shops That Make This City Special (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Reggie Nadelson is a mystery and thriller author who splits her time between London and New York. She was born and brought up in Greenwich in the United Kingdom. She started schooling at the City and Country School before she attended high school at Elisabeth Irwin High School. Nadelson then went to Vassar College where she was an English major before proceeding to get her journalism degree at Stanford. After graduating from Stanford, Nadelson did all kinds of jobs in journalism and publishing many of which involved a lot of travel. She had always wanted to be a writer but never got the time to do it as she had to earn a living. She eventually ended up as a columnist for “The Guardian” and also worked for “The Independent” for a time. Reggie shifted gears when she started working for the “BBC” producing and sometimes working as a narrator for a string of documentaries. As a journalist, she writes on all manner of subjects from leisure, travel, culture, and fashion for outlets such as the “BBC,” “The Financial Times,” “Departures,” and “Conde Nast Traveller.” “Comrade Rockstar,” a book about Dean Red that was nicknamed “The Red Elvis” was her debut novel. The novel was a huge success and would have its rights purchased by Tom Hanks who intends to make it into a film. Her first work of fiction is “Red Mercury Blues,” the first of the “Artie Cohen” series of novels that she published in 1995.

Reggie Nadelson was a crime fiction reader before she got started writing. The first novel she believes got her hooked into reading and writing was probably “Daughter of Time” by Josephine or maybe “Roger Ackroyd” by Agatha Christie. During the time she was in Paris working, she had a friend doing her Ph.D. and together they would go to WH Smiths to find and buy mysteries during the weekends. After reading a lot of mystery novels, she was attracted to the police procedural as she read the likes of Ian Rankin and John le Carre. As such, it seemed natural to write her crime thrillers as police procedurals. Even though she lived in both New York and London, she loved setting her novels in the former. Reggie believes New York which grew organically from the center is a surprisingly complex city with crazy, interesting, stubborn, irritating, diverse, funny, and moving people. It is in that milieu where she enjoys time with her friend going to the movies, eating out, theatre jazz, and sometimes just watches TV. She is a huge addict of police procedurals such as “Law and Order.” When she is not in the house, she takes long trips in the American West or walks around the city. She also watches British TV, including drama and documentaries such as “David Attenborough,” “Brideshead,” and “Jewel in the Crown.”

Nadelson’s best creative work is the “Artie Cohen” series of novels featuring New York City detective Artie Cohen, who is just as damaged and wounded as the city he lives in. He is a mysterious but handsome man who every woman that he meets is enthralled by. Artie made his first appearance in “Red Mercury Blues” and recurs as the lead in more than eight titles since then. The novels follow his life and times in a New York peopled by immigrants and émigrés, Italian garbage kings, and Russian oligarchs living on the banks of Hudson in glass condominiums and moving effortlessly in the high life of the city. It also captures the lives of ordinary citizens in Brooklyn with their rotten docks and the desolate suburbs of Manhattan. Nadelson writes of a post 9/11 New York, where the streets are meaner and darker that Raymond Chandler would have ever imagined them. She writes novels that are deeply human despite their damaged and disparate nature which makes for some electrifying tales.

“Red Mercury Blue” the debut novel of the “Artie Cohen” series by Reggie Nadelson is a suspense-filled atmospheric look into Russian noir with a hard-boiled hero in Artie. Artie Cohen is a handsome, street-smart New York police detective who works alongside a supporting cast to resolve crime mysteries in the city. Among the people that work with Artie include Lily Hanes a glamorous girl, and Sonny Lipper his gnarly superior. Artie was born in Russia and has a secret past which combined with his love for jazz and girls makes him quite an interesting character. Artie had just come back from leave and is thinking of quitting when he is put in charge of a case that takes him back to a painful past. He had thought he had left it all behind when his work takes him deep into the Brighton Beach Russian mafia. He is soon embroiled in the horrifying world where there are lethal secrets and the atomic smuggling of rare elements known colloquially as Red Mercury.

In “Bloody London” by Reggie Nadelson, New York is basking in a fine summer with no one bothered by the homeless who have made their home by the river or the incontrollable teenagers in Central Park. No one thinks that they could have anything to do with the Russian mafia that has been slowly but surely elbowing their way into the affluent east side. They are also connected to the death of a man named Thomas Pascoe. He is an elderly super-rich English banker that was found gruesomely murdered and thrown in the swimming pool on the day he was to go back home to the UK. His body had been found floating in the outside pool of one of the most exclusive apartments high rises in Manhattan. Since he was the chair of the co-op for the apartments which are owned by the residents, he had to give the go-ahead when someone new wanted to move in. Could he have been murdered for this? Artie Cohen’s investigation takes him to the UK, where he soon has to deal with meeting someone from his past, meets his longtime girlfriend, and look into a string of murders.

Reggie Nadelson’s “Hot Poppies” follows Artie Cohen the New York City detective on further adventures in New York. He had been on extended leave without pay after his misadventures in a previous case but with foreign crime around him, he gets back into the game. A friend of his who deals in diamonds had found the body of a Chinese girl in his shop and had called Artie for help. He is also working with the family of Ricky Tae who need his help helping their daughter break a drug habit. He owes the family as one of their own had received severe injuries trying to save his life. The Tae daughter is addicted to “Hot Poppy,” a kind of exotic heroin originating in China. In the meantime, Lily Hanes whom is Artie’s lover finds herself in trouble in China while looking for an adopted child. It happens to be that “hot poppies” is another name for fattened female infants. Nadelson provides a new exploration of Chinatown in New York making a new fresh characterization that is real and entertaining.

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