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Regina Kyle is a bestselling romance author that knew she was destined to be a writer from a very young age. At age 10, she wrote a story about a squirrel and some nuts and it won a creative writing contest making her very proud.

While she is a bestselling author, she still works a day job writing fluffy legal briefs as she represents the state as a lawyer in criminal cases. She usually pens most of her steamy romances full of humor and heart at night.

For her work, she has won two Booksellers awards over the years. Regina currently makes her home on the Connecticut coast where she lives with her teenage daughter, her husband, and two melodramatic cats.

In addition to self-publishing her novels, she also writes for Harlequin Blaze and is a member of the local chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

Jeff Brown’s Flat Stanley was Regina Kyle’s earliest memory growing up. She still remembers the day she bought the novel at the Scholastic Book Fair and fell in love with the work.

This was several years before teachers started making all manner of projects based on the work. While she now writes steamy romances with plenty of naughty words and open-door sex scenes, if she had to write in any other genre, it would be children’s fiction.

In fact, before Regina Kyle became a bestselling romance author, she was writing children’s fiction though she never had much success with them.

When Regina Kyle is not writing her novels or practicing as a lawyer, she can usually be found cooking, reading, singing, and watching reality television.
Alongside her husband, she happens to be an avid boater and can often be found cruising Long Island Sound on the Casting Call the power boat the family owns.
Regina is also an abashed theater geek and over the years she has performed in more than 100 musicals and plays from adulthood to elementary school.
It was only when she started writing that she took some form of hiatus but has recently been getting back to it. In fact, she was part of a local New York City production of Mamma Mia which she really enjoyed.

Regina Kyle’s novel Triple Threat is a feel-good and fast-paced story that introduces Nick Damone. He is a popular action hero but is fed up with playing the same role in the series of movies he signed up for.

He wants to do something novel and hence he agrees to a role in a New York Play. Unknown to him a girl from high named Holly is part of the play. She is an upcoming writer that just recently got divorced.

Nick is playing the role of her horrible former husband as the play she wrote is parallel to her own life. But the play keeps getting into all manner of challenges that people start wondering if it is jinxed.

Nick is surprised to meet Holly but thinks she is hot and would like to spend more time with her. But since she had been so heartbroken by her former husband she is not interested in a relationship.

Moreover, since he is a movie star with a reputation for being a playboy she believes there is a high chance of her heart getting broken once again.
What she does not know is that even though he may be one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, he still remains a grounded nice guy. He would like to know her better but his reputation keeps tripping him up.

Triple Time by Regina Kyle is the second work of the Art of Seduction series of novels.

The leads in the novel are Gabge Nelson the stuffy assistant District Attorney and Devin Padilla the secret painter and Tattoo artist. The two could not have been more different.

Devin is a free-spirited woman who is heavily pierced, tattoed, and dresses sexily. Having come from a tough background she takes no nonsense from anyone.
On the other hand, Gabe is a straight-laced man that has a reputation for being predictable and boring according to her boss and her girlfriend.

They are a bad fit but Devin needs Gabe to do her a favor even though she hates owing anyone. She prides herself on her willingness and independence to do things on her own.

The good thing is that Gabe does not need anything from her and hence they make a bargain. He is going to assist her to find her brother in exchange for her helping him with social skills.

Such an arrangement would work just fine but the thing is they always want to rip each other’s clothes off and do the sexy and fun whenever they meet.
It makes for a nice story as Gabe and Devin bond to reveal Devin’s heart of gold beneath the tough exterior and Gabe’s sweetness despite his reputation.

Regina Kyle’s novel Triple Dare opens with Ivy Nelson back home after spending years away trying to make her career as a photographer. She had become one of the best as she did supermodel shoots and celebrity weddings.

She has come back home as she was informed that her father had a heart attack and wants to nurse him back to health.

Back home she gets a chance to showcase her prowess when the local photographer falls ill and she is called in to shoot photos for the firefighters’ calendar.
A firefighter named Cade Hardesty gets assigned a kitten and G string for his photo shoot but does not mind. What he is more interested in is that Ivy is back in town. When they were young they used to play together a lot.

Since he is very well built, he does not mind parading almost naked in front of her. Things get interesting when Cade tells her that he has a clingy former girlfriend that just will not leave him alone.

He asks Ivy to pretend to be his girlfriend for just one day so that his ex can leave him alone. But their pretend kiss is too steamy that they are not so sure if they are pretending anymore.

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