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I Married A Naga (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
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I Married A Merman (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Pets in Space 5(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Regine Abel is a bestselling science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy author and junky. She loves anything with a lot of romance, a touch of the unusual, and a little magic.

She has made a reputation for herself writing action-packed steamy romances with twists and turns where no-nonsense kick-ass heroines meet hot alien warriors.
Before Abel became a full-time author, she worked a range of jobs including stage manager, and event moderator. After years of working at live concerts and movie dubbing as a sound engineer, she transitioned into game design.

She started out as a level designer at “Artificial Mind and Movement” and ultimately ended up as Design director, lead game designer, and executive producer at the likes of “Arkalis Interactive,” “Gameloft,” and the “Rovio Entertainment Corporation.”

Because of the nature of her job, Regine has become a globe-trotting world citizen who has worked all over the world from the US to Canada, Asia, and Europe.
She currently makes her home in Europe, from where she writes her novels after she became a full-time author.

Like many authors, Regine Abel was quite the storyteller growing up. As a thirteen-year-old, she was on her way as she penned her first manuscript that she submitted to a publisher. She was surprised when one of the editors read the entire manuscript and wrote back with a gentle rejection letter.

Since she was still a teenager, the amount of work that was required to make the manuscript ready for publishing was just too much. Moreover, she did not understand half of the things she was advised to fix such as plotting and character development.

Regine gave up writing altogether and never believed she was cut out to be a writer even though she always felt an urge to write. The desire to become a professional author kept popping up in her mind over the years and she finally took the plunge in the 2010s.

Abel published “Anton’s Grace” her debut novel in 2017 and has never looked back since. She now has more than thirty works to her name that including several novellas and contributions to several series.

Even though Regine Abel can write in other genres, she loves to write science fiction romance because of the absence of boundaries. She does not have to be limited by the rules of the contemporary world.

She can usually get as crazy and as wild as she wants as she creates spectacular worlds, cultures, and societies. Regine loves that she gets to combine real-world problems with her alien cultures and societies and in doing so bring in new twists and perspectives.

Regine Abel’s novel “I Married A Lizardman” is an intriguing story of the romance between an alien and a human woman. The lead in the novel is Susan, the youngest daughter of a family living on Meterion, the farming colony.

She does not have a promising future despite being endowed with a great work ethic, top-notch skills, and a pretty face. Since her father cannot provide a dowry of fertile lands to her, there are hardly any suitors knocking even as she approaches twenty-five.

She will have to leave home to go to the capital city to find work as an indentured servant. The only way she is going to get a man is to work with the Prime Mating Agency, which is known for arranging marriages.

However, she is paired with a massive and grumpy lizardman even though it is not long before she starts liking his quirky ways and his scales. All that Olix the lizardman wants is a scaleless, squishy alien mate who seems to be obsessed with farming.

He is not a dirt digger but rather a hunter and he believes the Seer must have been wrong to pair him with Susan. Her softness is very addictive but he does not understand how such a soft and tiny creature could be their salvation.

But with their lands threatened there is no other way out.

“I Married A Naga” by Regine Abel opens with Serena arriving in Trangor for the First Hunt. The last thing she expected was to be executed or have to marry an Ordosian.

She does not know anything about the Ordosiann or his society except that he has scales, fangs, and a very long tail.

The good thing is that she has to play wife for half a year and then she will be allowed to leave. Still, it does seem that Szaro has other plans.

He is quite the intimidating man who somehow does everything in his power to make her happy. He had been fascinated by Serena right from the moment he saw her in spite of her fragile and delicate-looking human frame.

He has never had a more intoxicating kiss than what her tongue left when they kissed. He had saved her life by claiming her but it will be a huge challenge to convince her to stay and ultimately overcome their differences.

Regine Abel’s novel “I Married a Birdman” introduces Luana, who is living in a colony threatened by an alien attack. She is the only child of the leader of the planet that has been left grievously wounded.

With no one else to look after her, she seeks out the Zelconians one of the only native species found on the planet. They are a peaceful race of bird-like creatures who would provide her village with the protection they desperately need.

She marries one of the Zelconians even though she is terrified yet intrigued by her hybrid fiance. Somehow, she finds his majestic wings, strange eyes ad hypnotic voice fascinating.

Dakas is surprised that his soul is clamoring for Luana and he finally believes he could have found his soul mate. Her demure and delicate appearance fuels his empathy, even though he can still sense the strength and fire burning in her.

He needs to take her as his mate in the interest of their people. He will conquer her heart and protect her village even if he loses himself in the endeavor.
Will Luana be able to embrace a marriage to the man, or will the coming war destroy any hopes of a future for them?

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