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Publication Order of Reid Family Books

The Heir (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil Who Tamed Her (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Rogue of My Own (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Let Love Find You (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Johanna Lindsey is one of the premier authors of the romance genre. Her books have been loved by readers and bestsellers for years. She continues this tradition by creating another great family series, the Reid Family. The series begins with the story of Duncan and Sabrina. He is the sole heir an English marquis and has no desire to be in London or married. However, he is now required to find a wife and assume the duties of his grandfather’s title. Enter Sabrina, a beautiful and innocent country lass, who is even less underwhelmed by the prospect of a London season. However, she has agreed to be guided by a lady known for her viperish speech as much as for her ravishing beauty. The twist is that this is the lady to whom Duncan has become betrothed. Even though there is no love lost between them, he has to decide which is more important, duty to his title or his fervid passion for Sabrina. The series continues with the story of Ophelia and Raphael. Ophelia is determined to make her own choice for a husband and Raphael is the heir to a dukedom. He is chased by all the young debutants despite being completely uninterested in marriage. This story involves a bet, a change of opinion and a passionate romance. The third book in the series belongs to Rebecca and Rupert. It contains intrigue, spies, assumed deceit as well as romance. She is an inexperienced beauty, unused the the deception of the royal court. He is a charming spy who leads a double life. Due to the machinations of a noblewoman who uses young ladies like Rebecca as spies, he becomes convinced of her duplicity. Once they are thrown into a situation that brings them to intimacy he discovers that he was extremely wrong. Now he finds himself unbearably in love with a woman he has grossly insulted. How can he show her that she is the only woman he will ever love? The latest installment in Reid family saga, features a real-life Cupid in the person of Devin. He is a well-known horse breeder who also likes to bring about matches between marriage-minded ladies and gentlemen of a similar mindset. Amanda is the loveliest lady that any gentleman could hope to marry but she is beginning her third season still searching for a husband. She sets her hat on a horse-loving Earl and knows she needs to overcome her fear of horses to bring him to the altar. To accomplish this and acquire the skills she needs, she enlists the help of her sister-in-law. Devin, as a masterful horseman, agrees to give her riding lessons and the sparks start to fly! Now the dilemma facing Amanda looms, she must choose between the sensible choice and the one that makes her heart beat faster. This series is another romantic achievement by Johanna Lindsey. With every book she brings another passionate love story to life for her devoted readers.
In ‘The Heir’ Lindsey creates yet another masterpiece full of romance, passion and mesmerizing characters. Duncan Mac Tavish needs to find a suitable wife to fulfill the requirements of his grandfather’s title of Earl. To meet those duties of which he is heir, he has become engaged to a beauteous but cantankerous lady. This lady has decided to lead the newly arrived from the country and lovely, Sabrina, through her first season. Sabrina, by her very nature, enchants Duncan, while his intended continually refers to him as her “Scottish barbarian” groom-to-be. Duncan and Sabrina are often in each other company due to his attendance on his fractious fiance. The attraction builds between the two, and they end up in having some interesting, yet questionable, and humorous moments. Now Duncan must decide if he weds with his first choice, or if he will allow his heart to rule. The passion, humor, delicious romance and enthralling characters Lindsay has produced with her first issue, ‘The Heir’, of a thrilling series will delight the reader for hours.

The second book in this thrilling series is titled ‘The Devil Who Tamed Me’. The main characters are Ophelia, an incomparable sensation who has a nasty tongue and Raphael, an heir to a dukedom with total disinterest in marriage. They are both highly sought-after, but Ophelia is the one who has decided marriage is in her best interest. However, she wants to make her own choice, not leave it to her title-hunting father. Rafe developed an intense dislike of Ophelia from their first meeting, but has doubts to her viperness after she showed him a vulnerable and honest side to her character. Then Rafe makes a bet with his friend that he can change her from a witch to a well-natured lady for some lucky gentlemen, it just won’t be him. He takes some scandalous steps to win his wager, resulting in amusing and fiery occurrences. His lessons soon bring about a positive change in Ophelia but with the consequence of showing him her true delightful, yet spirited, character. And when Ophelia turns over a new leaf and reenters society, she gets more offers than she can handle. It then becomes obvious to Raphael that she is the only women he would want to change his bachelor-hood status. The torrid attraction they have for each other brings their story to life, yet will Ophelia believe that he truly has fallen head-over-heels in love with her or will she choose a gentlemen who is less likely to break her heart? Rafe now needs to prove his love for Ophelia, hoping that he will let him be the devil who tames her.
With these four books, Johanna Lindsey has conjured from her imagination another family who are dynamic, enchanting and full of passion. The series follows the romantic lives of the Reid family and their friends through entertaining events and impassioned embraces. She continues to delight her readers by never failing to enrich her characters with intelligent wit, beauty, dynamic personalities. She fills her stories with ardent romance and will certainly extend her wonderful talent to any future novels involving the enthralling Reid family.

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