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Reigning Cats and Dogs Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Reigning Cats & Dogs Mystery Books

Dead Canaries Don't Sing (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Putting On The Dog (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lead a Horse to Murder (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Right from the Gecko (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who's Kitten Who? (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Monkey See, Monkey Die (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Had a Little Lamb (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crossing the Lion (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Reigning Cats and Dogs is a mystery series that features Jessica Popper, a veterinarian and her four-legged friends Lou the Dalmatian, Westie, Max , Tinkerbell, the tiger kitten, Blue and Gold Macaw , Prometheus, a chameleon Leilani and the aging cat Catherine the Great, As a veterinarian, Jessica Popper is more experienced with the paw prints as opposed to the fingerprints. However, thanks to her knack to land on her feet and dogged persistence, Jessie has got murder on a fairly short leash.

The first novel in the Reigning Cats and Dogs Series by Cynthia Baxter is The Dead Canaries Don’t Sing. In this book, the sun has barely risen and the day has already started going for the dogs. As Dr. Jessica Popper embarks on the house call to one local horse farm, Lou, her one-eyed Dalmatian and her tailless Max, Westie stumble on something which was a little bit unexpected. They stumble on a corpse that is half buried inside the woods. As Max happily digs the dead canary that was planted near the corpse, Jessie later realizes that the corpse was clearly just about to sing. However, what was it going to sing about and for whom? Enlisting the help of her on/off lover, Nick Burby, Jessica Popper applies stubbornness of the bloodhound along with the agile moves of a typical cat to identify the main suspects. The list includes one who wants Jessica off the case to an extent that he can kill again.

Below is a description of the first 2 books in the Reigning Cats and Dogs Mysteries series by Cynthia Baxter.

Dead Canaries Don’t Sing

The main concept for this series by Cynthia Baxter as a whole is all about the part-time sleuth and full-time veterinarian Jessica Popper along with her dogs Max and Lou, and a one-eyed Dalmatian who happen to stumble upon crimes during the course of their daily work. They travels throughout the long Island on her mobile veterinary clinic. While on her way to visiting a sick horse, Jessica Popper together with her dogs discover a dead body of the local PR big-wig whom no one was particularly fond of. Her friend Max digs up the canary next to the corpse. This leaves Jessica wondering what the body was about to sing. Popper then requests for the help of Nick Burby, off-again boyfriend because she had rejected his romantic marriage proposal. She wants Nick Burby to help her in investigating the crime. In the course of her investigation, she inevitably gets herself over her head as the murderer gets closer to her.

The writing of this novel will certainly impress you. In addition, the story is enjoyable enough as compared to other novels even if the ending is quite easy to predict. The characters in this novel proved to be somehow endearing. It is always a nice feeling to change from what you normally read. The Dead Canaries Don’t Sing novel offers something that is a little fluffy, fun, quick and also verbally uncomplicated.

However, it’s important to note that some of the characters in the novel are a bit annoying and the final outcome is somehow predictable. Nevertheless, Dead Canaries Don’t Sing still remains to be an entertaining and light read. After reading the first novel in the Reigning Cats and Dogs Mysteries Series, you will definitely head to the library to look for the next book in the series; an interesting novel. The book is perfect to people who love something that’s engaged in sort of teen/angst romance.

Putting On The Dog

This is the second book in the Reigning Cats and Dogs Mysteries Series by Cynthia Baxter. This is a good novel with twists and turns relating to a dog shadow and the ice statue with intrigue and revenge. A good read indeed. A charity dog’s show has Jessica Popper hitting the road with her faithful one-eyed Dalmatian, Max, Lou along with her tailless Westie, for palatial summer estates of The Long Island’s fabled Eastern End. When Jessica arrives, the posh seaside community is already crawling with stars eagerly waiting to take best in the show for their cherished pooches. However, things change completely when a celebrity photographer is felled by the giant ice sculpture at a 500 dollars-a-plate fund-raiser.

Unable to resist the scent of this hunt, Jessica is soon investigating the casting director’s dream on the potential suspects. However, if she’s not careful enough, she might just become the next victim of the killer who is determined to prove that she is barking up the wrong type of tree.

This second book in Reigning Cats and Dogs series will take you to the star-studded Bromptons. After an overly zealous photographer has been killed by the ice sculpture, Dr. Jessica Popper, who happened to be in attendance at the event at which this unfortunate event unfolds, decides to investigate the whole issue. This is possibly because the previous book in this series got a bit of character development out of the way. However, this one is a much more better mystery. There are still few improbable bits which should stretch your capacity for willing the suspension of disbelief. Despite of its limitations, this is an entertaining story that will make you love the series.

Putting On The Dog is another cozy series which tat’s based on the veterinarian who stumbles on her own mysteries just by having a vet-mobile for visiting her patients. This also gives her the rare chance of finding all kinds of killers that she can actually solve. This mystery series involves animals (not the talking type of animals).

This series is certainly getting better as you move from one book to another. Even though it might not be as thrilling or well written as some of your other favourite sleuthing character novels, it’s still good novel worth consideration; a fun mystery novel. In case you love novels that centers so much around then animals, then this is the perfect book for you. All characters are likable while their pets are adorable. You will always keep on guessing for most part of the novel till the end. This is a good fun mystery novel without the gory details.

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