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Remington Kane Books In Order

Remington Kane is an American author that writes action-packed thrillers. The author might be unfamiliar to some people because Remington Kane is actually a pseudonym for Donald Wells.

Donald Wells has garnered a reputation for writing darker and somewhat serious novels about killers. The author was born in New Jersey. He never really left and has since made a home there. Like most of his peers, Donald Wells was an avid reader as a child.

He spent many an hour devouring every book he came across. And it wasn’t long before he began to yearn for the chance to write. Like many aspiring authors, Donald Wells knew he had the capacity to tell stories. However, he was a little hesitant to venture into such uncharted waters, not only because he didn’t know where to start with regards to writing a book but also because he didn’t have confidence in his own ability to produce compelling fiction.

Again, like most notable authors, Donald meandered about for a while. Rather than going into publishing the first chance he got, Donald tried his hand at various odd jobs. He worked as an insurance salesman, a Real Estate Sales person, and even a Retail manager.

The jobs, though seemingly meaningless in the grand scheme of things, did wonders for the author’s writing capabilities. Whether he was driving trucks or cleaning floors, Donald gained insight into the workings of the world.

He met unexpected people and heard their intriguing stories. He came across numerous strange encounters and even participated in some of them. He essentially dipped into so many unique aspects of life that it came as no surprise that he had more than enough stories rattling around his head when it finally came time to write his first novel.

Not that many authors can claim to have been offered a chance to act as bodyguard to a drug dealer. Since getting his first book sold, though, Donald has finally settled in his career. The author loves writing novels and there is nothing he else he would rather be doing. The fact that he has found a way to make money out of his passion makes him one of the luckier individuals in the world.

By the time Donald Wells began writing as Remington Kane, he had already become established as a novelist with numerous thrillers under his name. However, writing as Remington practically took over his life.

This is because Donald has achieved more success writing as Remington Kane than he did producing novels under his real name. Kane is best known for the Tanner series of novels. Tanner is a hit man who accepts a job to take out a mob boss.

When he is betrayed and thrown into prison, Tanner thinks of little else besides getting revenge. And once he finally gets his freedom, the hit man becomes a one man army, engaging in a brutal way against a crime organization known as the Conglomerate.

Each new book sees Tanner raising the stakes by finding a new target that will sting the Conglomerate in ways they couldn’t possibly fathom.

Remington Kane has been praised for the Tanner novels because Tanner is such a refreshing hero. The protagonist is so average physically, devoid of the exaggerated traits that most action heroes seem to bear. If not for his natural fighting and survival instincts, one would be hard pressed to tell Tanner apart from any other ordinary man on the street.

In the Tanner series, everything isn’t black and white. The good guys are not always good and the bad guys are not all evil. Tanner walks a strange moral gray path that somehow endears readers to him.

The Tanner novels are pretty short, but so are most Remington Kane novels. The popularity of the books could be ascribed to any one of several factors. The Donald Wells novels do not feature alpha heroes like the Tanner books.

Donald Wells is associated with novels involving killers. Sometimes, the books follow a team of heroes trying to stop an especially vicious killer. Other times, you have a killer working to stop other killers.

The novels have their readers but they have always paled in comparison to the books that Donald writes as Remington Kane, at least in terms of sales. The success has naturally driven Donald to inject more of his time into the Remington Kane books, essentially ignoring ‘Reynolds Family Saga’, ‘Caliber Detective Agency’ and every other series of novels that Donald has been writing under his name.

Donald is more fortunate than most in that even the most disgruntled of his fans rarely grumble for long. This is because the size of Donald’s novels, regardless of which name he is using, allows him to churn out several books in any given year.

This means that he has the capacity to actually please both the fans of the Donald Wells novels and Remington Kane’s work.

Serious critics tend to dismiss Donald’s work as fluff.

+Inevitable I

Tanner thought there was no way he could fail to put Mobster Albert Rossetti in the grave. Tanner was that confident in his abilities. But then he was betrayed, framed for drug possession and thrown in a Mexican Prison.

Albert thought he got away with it. He even made peace with Tanner’s boss, the man who paid the hit man to kill him. With the contract on his life canceled, Albert had every reason to believe he was safe.

But now, Tanner has broken out of his Mexican Prison, and the only thing he cares about is finishing the job he started. The fact that the contract is canceled means nothing to Tanner who won’t let Albert’s hit squad or a female FBI Agent stop him.

+Kill In Plain Sight

There’s no rest for the wicked, and Tanner is definitely wicked. He might have escaped Mexican incarceration but Tanner is not out of the woods yet, not when the Conglomerate is out to get him.

Tanner’s chances look slim. With the resources the conglomerate has, putting Tanner down should be easy. After all, he is just one man.

Tanner might be one man but there is nothing ordinary about him. He is more than ready to go to war with his foe, especially when he teams up with the other target the Conglomerate is so intent on killing.


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