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Publication Order of Remnants Books

Remnants is a series of Science Fiction novels written by K.A. Applegate. The books follow the exploits of a group of humans who must survive the end of the world.

+The Story

The Remnants series began publication in 2001. K.A. Applegate was already quite popular because of her Animorphs books. The Remnants series diverged heavily from her earlier works.

While the Remnants books where technically written with teenage readers in mind, they were famous for frightening readers with the author’s particular brand of body horror.

It is worth noting that as sensational as the books became when they were first published, they disappeared out of the public consciousness very quickly.

‘The Mayflower Project’, the first book in the Remnants series, takes readers to 2011. Applegate’s estimations about the technology of the future were not completely accurate, though some of her fictional creations came very close to the real thing.

In ‘The Mayflower Project’, the apocalypse has finally arrived. It is revealed that a massive asteroid is heading towards earth and its size and speed is such that it has the capacity to destroy the planet.

Applegate’s first story primarily focuses on the panic that follows once this news spreads. Not only has NASA been caught completely off-guard but the governments of the world have no effective solutions to resolve the situation.

Jobs is just one of several billion people that must accept their approaching deaths. A ray of hope breaks through all the doom and gloom when the young man learns about the Mayflower, a space shuttle with the capacity to support life for long periods of life.

Jobs learns from his parents that a select group of people will be sealed into the ship after which it will be launched into space. The idea is for the surviving humans to keep the human race going and possibly even find a new planet to colonize.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the Mayflower can only play host to 80 people. Additionally, the people in charge have no particular destination in mind. Their plan is to launch the shuttle into space and hope for the best.

The first story in the Remnants series is a fast-paced heart-pumping tale that looks at the final moments of the earth. The Mayflower Project, though designed to be the human race’s last beacon of hope, triggers all manner of violence when news of its existence spreads and a number of parties make it their purpose to murder people like Jobs, candidates that have been chosen to survive on the Mayflower, with the intention of opening up a few new slots for themselves.

But even after the Mayflower launches, even after the world sees its final dawn and the eighty remnants are shot into space, their lives do not improve. If anything, things only grow worse.

The Remnants series isn’t about the efforts of Jobs and his crew as they try to survive the end of the world. Rather, the series looks at what happens after the world ends.

The crew initially goes into hibernation. They sleep for centuries before finally waking from their slumber. At this point, the remnants of the human race must figure out where they are.

Unfortunately for them, their new world is home to all manner of dangers. People begin to go missing. Others are simply incapable of comprehending life without all the people they lost back on earth.

Factions form and internal struggles for control over the only human beings left in the universe break out. Despite their dire situation, the human remnants cannot help but give into their baser instincts.

This paves the way for many bloody deaths. The crew of the Mayflower is tested to their breaking point. It doesn’t take them long to realize that it isn’t enough for them to simply survive.

They must also find a way to maintain their human decency; otherwise, their race stands no chance of growing.

The Remnants books are short and straightforward. While the author definitely explores some dark and murky waters, the books are still written with children in mind. As such, K.A. Applegate never really goes so far as to attract an adult rating.

The primary protagonists of the series are Jobs, Mo’Steel and 2Face. Jobs is thrown into a leadership position of sorts, though his authority only ever extends to those few friends he makes on the Mayflower.

Mo’Steel is Jobs’ best friend, a surprisingly intelligent individual who is obsessed with physical thrills. Mo and Jobs stick together. They rely heavily on one another.

The two of them meet 2face on the Mayflower. She shows an interest in controlling all the remnants of the Mayflower. 2Face’s primary foe is Yago, an arrogant young man who believes that it is his natural right to reign over the last of humanity.

+The Author
K.A. Applegate is an American author that has written science fiction and fantasy novels under pseudonyms like L.E. Blaire and Beth Kincaid. A winner of the Newbery Medal, Applegate has written a lot of books with her husband Michael Grant.

The author has been praised for her simple, straightforward writing style.

+The Mayflower Project
A massive asteroid is heading for earth. There is nothing the world’s governments can do to stop it. It is the year 2011 and the world is finally coming to an end. Jobs doesn’t know what to do.

And, in truth, when he asked his parents for a solution to their impending deaths, he did not expect an answer. But then they told him that the whole family had been chosen to board the Mayflower.

The Mayflower is a spaceship that will be fired into space shortly before the earth is destroyed. The people on the Mayflower will live to see another day. Of course, no one knows where they will go next. And they will all be in suspended animation for quite a while.

Jobs doesn’t know whether or not he is ready to put his trust in fate.

+Destination Unknown
The earth is gone. Only the 80 people on the Mayflower survived. They were put in suspended animation the moment they boarded. That was five centuries ago. With their shuttle having finally landed, the remnants begin to wake up.

The terrain that meets them is unlike anything they have ever seen. And it doesn’t look like they are alone either.

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