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Publication Order of Rendezvous With Destiny Books

Rhineland Inheritance (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gibraltar Passage (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sahara Crosswind (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Berlin Encounter (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Istanbul Express (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
In the Shadows of Victory (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Passage Through Darkness (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

T. Davis Bunn is an American author of fiction. Born in 1952 in North Carolina, he also uses the pen names Thomas Locke and Cameron Wolfe. He was born and raised in the state of North Carolina, leaving for Europe at the age of 20 years old. However, he was studying instead of traveling.

T. Davis Bunn studied economics and finance and once he had completed his graduate studies, he started on a career in business. His job would take him to over 40 countries that included countries in Europe, in Asia, Africa, and in the Middle East. He found his faith at age 28 when he was running a business advisory group in Germany.

Two weeks later, T. Davis Bunn also started writing. It has remained a passion of his ever since that moment in time, as well as what he considers to be a calling of his. He wrote for 9 years and had written 7 books before he even ever got once accepted and managed to get published. This would be Bunn’s debut novel, The Presence. It was released in 1990 and would be the first of two novels in the T.J. Case series of fiction. The book became a bestseller.

Bunn continued to work in business while writing. Bunn would travel to two or three countries in the course of a week. He is now not only a writer but an in-demand speaker that goes to different places to speak on writing. He is also the honorary Writer In Residence at the Regent’s Park College at Oxford University.

T. Davis Bunn is the author of the popular Rendezvous with Destiny series. The series started with the release of the debut novel in the Rendezvous series in 1993. It was titled Rhineland Inheritance. The second book came out a year later and is titled Gibraltar Passage. Next came Sahara Crosswind, which was followed by the fourth novel, Berlin Encounter. The fifth book in the series is Istanbul Express.

Two more books came out in the Rendezvous with Destiny series, In the Shadows of Victory in 1998 and A Passage Through Darkness. An omnibus was also released of the series in 1995 that was titled the same as the series and brings all of the fun of these novels packaged up into one complete set to read.

The Rendezvous with Destiny series takes place in a world that is currently at war. Rhineland Inheritance is the debut novel in The Rendezvous with Destiny series. In this novel, the public is weary of war. The ravages of war are happening all over the world, but can peace be discovered? An American captain is confronting not only a nation that is in tatters and complete ruin but a dangerous assignment that will be taking place on the border that lies between France and Germany.

With the mission to take care of, the captain is given an ally. He is to work with a fighter that has volunteered from the French Underground to go on the mission with him. The two gradually become friends and the last thing that the two of them expect is to fall upon what appears to be hordes of ridiculously expensive and valuable treasure stolen by the Nazis.

Now the two of them have effectively stumbled upon the start of what is to prove a conspiracy that may reach up to the very top– on both sides of the conflict. Now the two of them may find themselves in hotter water than even they anticipated. There’s no quicker way to put a target on your back than to turn up a snake’s den of secrets that were never supposed to be discovered.

The American captain must figure out how he and the French Underground partner he has on his side can get out of the conflict with their lives. Now that they have found out about this conspiracy, they’re going to have to move quickly if they want to avoid finding out what they do to spies.

Little could either man predict that a lovely diplomat would come along. She has been assigned to the same border that they are to get to, and she has been through more than her share of war (although not the same kind that is currently being conducted around the world).

Even though she has had a tough life, the diplomat lets down of some of her hardened ways to reach out to the groups of children that have been made orphans when their parents or guardians were killed by the war. As more bombs fell and more were killed, the number of children fitting this bill in Germany only rose. She feels sorry for the kids, so poor and alone.

The war has taken more lives than just those of the adults. The compassion of this diplomat will go on to have consequences that no one ever anticipated. The impact of her kind actions towards the children means that eventually, the two soldiers will find her and her kind efforts. When they find out that they both hold a romantic attraction to the diplomat, it’s sure to be interesting. What will happen? You will have to pick up the first book in Bunn’s series Rendezvous with Destiny, Rhineland Inheritance!

Gibraltar Passage is the second novel in T. Davis Bunn’s historical fiction series, Rendezvous with Destiny. This novel is packed with action and adventure that will have you turning the pages to find out what happens next. When a young refugee’s cry shatters a man to the core, what will happen?

Pierre has been resigned to the fate of his twin brother, but perhaps that is about to come to an end. His twin is named Patrique, and he is serving as a leader of the French Resistance. Pierre had believed previously that his twin had fallen victim to an enemy ambush years ago. But could it be possible that Patrique survived?

Even if he did survive, what would he be doing hiding in Morocco? When it comes to adventure, this is the book to pick up! Jake Burnes and Pierre Servais set out on a journey to look for Patrique. If he could be alive after all, it’s his job to find him.

As they travel through Europe and race assassins into North Africa, Pierre has more hope that his brother is alive than he’s had in years. But is his hope in vain? Pick up Gibraltar Passage to find out for yourself!

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