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Renee Knight, the popular author from London, graduated from the Faber Academy “Writing a Novel” course in 2013 in which S. J. Watson was a part of the alumni. Before publishing her first novel, ‘Disclaimer’ in 2015 by Transworld, she wrote on screenplays, scripts and television show stories. She was an integral part of the BBC directing art documentaries and also worked with other highly established companies such as Channel Four and Capital Films. Her first screenplay ‘Mother’s Day’ has been listed on the 2010 Brit List of best unproduced scripts of that year.

She has found her passion in writing thriller books and many of her books contain ‘psycho thriller’ as the genre. All of her books and writings are sought after by the reading audience and she seeks to write more to keep entertaining her audience.


Published and released in January 2015, Disclaimer has won many hearts of readers across the globe. It is the debut novel of the writer which is already an international sensation. The genre of the book is a psychological thriller and Renee Knight has rightly done justice to it. The book revolves around the main character named Catherine Ravenscroft, who is a filmmaker and the protagonist of the novel. The novel represents a deep desire to take revenge and the insecurities that a person contains within.

Her life seems perfect from the outside but she has a deep dark secret that she is not willing to share with her husband and son. After shifting into a new house, she finds a mysterious and odd looking novel at her bedside one night that she has no memory of buying, which leaves her aghast and in shock. Being completely curious, she reads the book. The book titled ‘The Perfect Stranger’ by E. J. Preston contains the details of the day which Catherine deliberately wants to forget. The fact that nobody knew about her secret twenty years ago except for one person, who was dead, leaves her in complete dismay.

Catherine is totally horrified and desperately searching for the person who knows her deep dark secret. At the end of the novel, the author portrays of the how Catherine will face death, which leaves her ploughed. She is surprised and taken aback because she had never seen or met the person who knows such an important secret of her life. Stephen, who knows her secret, seeks to torture her to take revenge and expose her truth to her family. She is in hope to find the person and confront the truth, however, harsh it may be and even if it would destroy her. She slowly finds out about the intruder, who is a man named Stephen, a former school teacher, and a widower. He lost his son in a car accident.

Set across a dark and terrifying background, Disclaimer sets to send chills in the reader’s body. Thoroughly exciting and enthralling, this novel unfolds many aspects as of how Catherine remembers the secret and Stephen having no pity in taking revenge.

Disclaimer gives you all the wanted suspense and thriller, making it one of the most interesting books. The flow of the story will keep you glued to your seats as you bite your nails in excitement. The interesting plot of a book set within a book catches one’s attention to find out more about it. The book was also shortlisted for the Theakstons Crime Novel of the Year Award.

Mother’s Day
This is a story which was written by Renee Knight before she released her debut novel ‘Disclaimer’. ‘Mother’s Day’ is a story which revolves around the main character Laura, who has spent many years, probably the entire childhood with her parents at Beauwater Manor which is a luxury hotel in the English countryside. She spends a happy time in the hotel with a collection of a lot of memories. After a few years of returning from the hotel, she has a chance to visit it again. Having the excitement of reliving the moments and memories again, she visits the place again. She is shattered in disappointment when she finds that except for a few memories and small things at Beauwater Manor, other moments and things have changed to a great extent, according to her memory.

Mother’s Day is a short story which showcases joy and happiness of a little child and how she is shattered when things don’t turn out the way they are expected to. Being one of her best-rated stories, the book will end in a completely different manner and will leave you surprised with the plot change. The story hinders over a plot where Laura is taken to the hotel for a getaway by her parents. Desiring to go to the beach every day, Laura forces her mother to take her.

Her mother keeps on postponing it to the next day. Her father drives away, keeping us of the assumption that he has left Laura’s mother and her. They keep arguing on the wrong side of the door to get out of the situation. The story leads you to an obvious assumption, only when at the end you get to know the actual truth. The amazing twist in the plot will leave you speechless. There are small clues along the whole story which will make you read it again and again. It is a high recommendation for those who cannot read thick books and long stories. Grab this quick read to find out the surprising end to this story.

Renee Knight is an excellent narrator who makes the reader flow with the narration. Her style of writing makes the reader live in the moment and picture the description, which is a strong sign of a good and engaging writer. Since she excels in the thriller genre, readers who seek adventure and excitement tend to opt to read her novel ‘Disclaimer’ as their next thrilling experience. She seeks to write more books and interesting stories which will get published soon.

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