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Publication Order of Renegade Angels Books

A Dark Kiss of Rapture (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Touch of Crimson (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Caress of Wings (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Hunger So Wild (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Taste of Seduction (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sylvia Day is an American author of fiction. Born in 1973, she also writes under the pen names Livia Dare and S.J. Day. She is an international bestselling author of novels that have won awards and appeared on bookstore shelves in over forty countries. She has appeared on the USA Today and New York Times lists as a number one author. She is a number one bestselling writer in 28 countries. Tens of millions of her novels are in print.

She is a writer that specializes in the genre of romantic fiction as well as supernatural fiction and even romantic historical fiction, as evidenced by her series that include the Georgian series, Dreams of the Oasis series, Dream Guardians series, Carnal Thirst series, and more. The 2017 movie Afterburn/Aftershock was written and produced by Day and is based on her novels, Afterburn and Aftershock.

Sylvia Day is the author of the Renegade Angels series, which started in 2011 with the publication of the first novel, A Touch of Crimson. It was quickly followed by the second novel in the series, the exciting A Hunger So Wild. From there, Day provided readers with another installment of the Angels series with the 2013 publication of the third book, A Taste of Seduction.

The Renegade Angels series introduces readers to Adrian Mitchell, an elite angel that commands special ops angels. His goal is to punish angels that have fallen and become lycan. But when he discovers that an old love may be around, can he keep his focus? The second novel starts off with a new character, Elijah the lycan. When his people revolt against the angels, he must lead them to victory– or fall in defeat. The third novel rounds out this exciting supernatural trilogy from Sylvia Day.

A Touch of Crimson is the debut novel in the Renegade Angels series. The main character in this debut novel is Adrian Mitchell. He is an angel with considerable power and his job is leading a unit of Seraphim in their elite Special Ops mission.

Adrian’s job is to punish all of the fallen angels that have turned. Once angels have fallen, they quickly become vampires. These angels have not only fallen and become vampires, they now run a pack of indentured lycans, who operate under their command.

Adrian understands what it is like to deal with the issue of mortality. He even went through his own form of punishment for ignoring the rules and becoming involved with human beings. Losing the woman that he loves over and over again means that he has been through a unique kind of torment for years that few would understand.

He might finally have a glimmer of hope, however. It has been nearly 200 years, but Adrian believes that he has found her. Adrian believes that her soul has found a new body, but despite being the woman that he loves she has reincarnated. As a result, she has no memory of him and who they are to each other.

Adrian doesn’t care that she doesn’t remember him; it’s to be expected. He’s just thrilled that after years of searching for her, he has finally discovered her. This time, it’s going to take everything the world has to make him let go of her.

Will his love conflict with his sense of duty to the angel brigade? Can Adrian track down the angels that have become vampires in time, or will things get out of hand? You’re going to have to pick up A Touch of Crimson by accomplished author Sylvia Day in order to find out for sure!

A Hunger So Wild is the second book in Sylvia Day’s gripping Renegade Angels series. The author of Bared to You brings readers into a seductive and unique underworld once more. Here, angels and vampires as well as lycans battle for supremacy in an endless war to try and win domination over all.

Elijah Reynolds is a lycan, and he is a rare Alpha. That is the most dominant type of lycan that there is, and it brings him certain advantages as well as skill sets. His primal sexuality is also off the charts, but he has an uncanny skill for taking on the hunt and coming up with whatever he’s after.

Conflict arises when the lycans decide to revolt. They are responding to angel rule, which has come to dominate them like an iron fist– and the lycans are tired of it. Elijah steps into the leading rule to take the lycans on a journey to be free, all while having to navigate the ever-ongoing conflict between the angels and the vampires.

The vampires are getting desperate in their battle against the angels. So Vashti steps in to try and negotiate something that may help both the lycans and the vampires. Vashti is second in line when it comes to the list of the most powerful vampires to exist. She is not only beautiful, but dangerous too, and leaves a trail of devastation behind her everywhere she goes.

Vashti must try to strike up an alliance between the lycans and the vampires. This is made more complex by the fact that it was the lycans who are responsible for her mate’s death. Still, an alliance must be attempted. Vashti comes to Elijah to try and work things out; two leaders trying to do what is best for their people and attempting to put their personal feelings aside.

Elijah has his own complicated feelings. He has the urge still to avenge a friend– and that may mean seeking Vashti’s death. The two have very strong feelings about the other– but could there be more to the feelings of contention than first meets the eye?

The two would appear to be enemies at first. But what starts as contention turns into all-out attraction as the two act on their mutual feelings of desire. Elijah has never met a woman like Vashti, whose fierce spirit and warrior-like sexuality tantalize him endlessly. Vashti thinks that she has finally found the one man that might be her equal.

As war approaches, each of them faces a choice. They must decide which side commands their loyalty– an enemy lover, or their own kind. What will happen? Pick up the second book in the Renegade Angel series by Sylvia Day to find out! If you liked these books, then check out the third installment, A Taste of Seduction.

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