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About Reni Eddo-Lodge

British author and journalist Reni Eddo-Lodge is a writer who largely focuses on feminism, structural racism, and the discourse surrounding it all. Producing work for numerous different publications, she’s a writer who’s been vocal upon these subjects for a number of years now. Making a name for herself in the media, she’s become an international bestselling author, with her being the first British black woman to reach the number one position in the UK book charts.
Building her profile both online and off, the work she creates is non-fiction, as she puts forward different ideas, all backed up by evidence. This has been something that she’s excelled at, bringing readers around with her persuasive arguments, and clear and rational reasoning. Now a household name for many, she remains a powerful voice, relevant to the discussion surrounding racial and feminist dynamics within modern society.

Early and Personal Life:

Born in 1989 on the 25th of September, Reni Eddo-Lodge was raised in London by her Nigerian mother. Growing up, she’d begin to question the world around her, something that would come to form the basis of much her writing in the years to follow. Showing an interest in history, particularly the history of British immigrants, minorities, and racism, she’d begin to seek the historical facts that were typically left out of the classroom.

Pursuing this interest in higher education, she graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2011, where she studied English Literature. Prior to this she attended ‘St. Anne’s Catholic High School’ in Enfield, before going on to build the foundation for many of ideas today. Showing an active interest in politics during university, she’d participate in the 2010 student protests, as well as serving as president for the Lancashire Student Union in 2012, which she held till 2013.

During this time she would focus upon feminist activism, and this would come to inspire a lot of her work and writing, along with issues surrounding structural racism. Following university she’d turn to freelance journalism, writing for a number of big name publications, including ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Independent’, and ‘The Guardian’ to name just a few. This would see her profile rise throughout the media, as she would go on to become a popular spokesperson for her particular field.

Speaking on the radio, she’s appeared on the BBC, featuring in programs such as ‘Woman’s Hour’ and ‘Night Waves’, voicing concerns about issues such as feminism. Becoming a bestselling author, she’s one of the foremost voices within her field, a position which she’ll hold for some time to come. Currently living in London, she’s going to be a fixture for a long time yet, as she definitely has a lot more to say.

Writing Career:

The first book to come from Reni Eddo-Lodge would be ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race’ in 2017. This would be an accumulation of much of her ideas and work up to that point, expanding upon an original blog post she made under the same title back in 2014. Fast bringing in a mainstream audience with its accessible style, it made clear, concise, and powerful arguments.

Getting a massive response to this the post would go viral, leading to her making a huge name for herself as someone with something important to say. Not only would she write a lot more articles, as well as becoming an active spokesperson, she’d gain plenty of awards too. Winning the ‘British Book Award’ and the ‘Jhalak Prize’ in 2018 for her debut, she’s gained a lot of acclaim, and is definitely a writer to watch in the years to follow.

Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race

This non-fiction work from Reni Eddo-Lodge was released back in 2017 on the 1st of June, and would be her first full book. Introducing her work to an even wider audience beyond her previous articles, this would establish her status internationally as an author. Each chapter makes its own specific argument relating to her central thesis, which is based upon the blog post from which the title was originally derived.

As a polemic this works exceptionally well, getting straight to the point with its direct approach that immediately grabs the reader from the outset. Not wasting any time, Lodge is focused with plenty of evidence to back up her case, whilst also not over-burdening it in academia. This makes it easy to read, ensuring that its many complex points and ideas are more far more accessible than they would be otherwise.

Writing an article of the same name back in 2014, Reni Eddo-Lodge would then post this to her blog, and the result was that it went viral in no time at all. Drawing from this, she now writes an extension of her thoughts and feeling on race, and what it means to her living in modern Britain. Taking this understanding, she then uses it as the framework with which to explore a number of different ideas surrounding the subject matter. Opening with the history of racism in the UK, to how it’s interlinked with class, gender, and society in general, she looks at the structural issues surrounding race, and how it’s come to be a systemic problem as a whole.

Previous Articles and Posts

As mentioned earlier, Reni Eddo-Lodge has written for numerous different publications, as well as being a contributor to ‘New Daughters of Africa’ in 2019. This would see her stepping into the world of publishing with an already established profile, and her work being respected by many. She’s also appeared on the radio, including shows on the BBC, and in interviews continually being vocal about issues such as structural racism and feminism.

Many have also noted her podcast ‘About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge’ as being extremely influential too. Filled with interviews and highly informative conversations, it’s especially useful for anyone who may have read the book and wanted to find out more. As gifted a speaker as she is a writer, she really does cover a lot of ground here, leaving little out, ensuring that her work really will stand the test of time.

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