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Reniqua Allen is a published author as well as a producer and journalist.

She was a production associate on Moyers On America and coordinating producer for one episode. Allen was the archival producer on the documentary We’re Not Broke. She was a co-producer of the 2017 show Against All Odds, archival producer on Black Coffee, a 2011 documentary, and an associate producer on Bill Moyers’ Journal and Bill Moyers On Faith & Reason.

Allen’s first novel was released in 2019. The book is being put out by Bold Type Books and was released in January, a scintillating look at a segment of America and what they want out of life.

She is a journalist and artist that writes and produces for a variety of outlets, speaking about topics and issues of politics, opportunity, race, and pop culture. She works for Fork Films as a producer. Her first novel came out in 2019 and has only allowed her to expand her resume as a published author. The books is about the black millennial generation as well as the concept of upward mobility.

Allen’s work has been featured in a variety of publications. These include the publication Quartz, Guardian, Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Glamour, and others. She has also produced a variety of media from radio to video to film. They have been seen and heard and watched on HBO, PBS, WYNC, MSNBC, and more.

She is studying American studies at Rutgers University. Reniqua plans for her dissertation to look at the engagement that black culture continually has when it comes to the concept of pursuing the American dream. She currently resides in the Bronx.

Reniqua Allen has become an officially published author with the 2019 release of her book, which is about a generation of black people that are confronting a promise that has been made and broken to Black America.

If you are looking for something new and interesting to read, then you definitely have to check out It Was All a Dream by going online and getting a copy for yourself. You can also find out more about this book and what it contains by reading more to find out a synopsis of what to expect from this book.

The American Dream is a concept that people have been trying to realize for centuries. When it comes to the dream, no one has been trying to realize it more than generations of young Americans that also happen to be black. Through the generations, they have been trying to find that promise of prosperity and freedom.

Young black people have also been coping with the limitations of this reality for nearly the same amount of time. There have always been those that wanted to realize the dream for themselves but never got to that place. Now there is another generation, a new round of people that are going after happiness, success, and even freedom, and all on the terms that they make themselves.

Allen imparts stories of black millennials that are on the quest to find a better present and future for themselves. Despite policies that are racist that have made traditional success stories all but closed off to them, and watching relatives and the generations that came before them follow the rules but still not be able to get ahead.

These individuals have watches their elders struggle and do their best to fight and try to escape the vicious oppressive cycles to get out of them to the prospects that are more promising. Much of the time, they did not succeed, despite their best efforts. Some of them got into debt and only continued to sink deeper into it.

Even though they are living in an era where a black man has already been elected the president of the United States, American black people in their youth are coming up against a crucial turning point in history. Interlaced with the tales of others is the story of this author as well.

In an honest and always engaging way, Reniqua Allen tells her own tale and relates her experience to the reader. In addition to her own inspirational story, she is also relating the stories of young Americans that live in towns and cities all over the country. From Los Angeles to New York to West Virginia, Chicago, Bluefield and more, this is a unique collection of stories that showcase ingenuity as well as hope.

Why is it that so many individuals have striven to achieve upward mobility but only have managed to get further behind? Today’s black millennials have a choice when it comes to all of this. They can accept the concept of being downwardly mobile, they are deciding to do whatever it takes to flip the script.

Can they resist and fight back against the impossible standards that White America holds? Their goals may be the same, but the approach does vary. It could mean getting out of the cities and deciding to move to the American South. Or it could mean getting into a unique field and trying to make their way in the entertainment industry.

It could mean challenging ideas when it comes to sexuality and gender, developing their own activist networks, going against the grain, or getting creative when it comes to getting ahead. These are the individuals that refuse to be held down by the ideas of the past and do whatever they can to make their own way and forge a path for themselves in the midst of it all.

Reniqua Allen has truly come out of the gate and has something to prove in a charged and intellectual examination about how a particular segment of the current generation are learning from the past in order to change the present and their future. Reported well, compassionate, caring, and questioning, this is a book unlike any other.

Read this book for yourself and celebrate the new strides of an entire generation along with this dynamic author, checking out the celebration and exploration of one generation’s determination to fight against the odds and win. Can their dreams make it into the realm of reality? Get a copy of Dream for yourself to find out!

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