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The author of the extremely famous novel series, Crush, Renita Pizzitola is an American novelist of the romance genre. She is gifted with exceptional writing powers when it comes to pen down some amazing love stories in the new adult, young adult and romance genre. As an author of New Adult contemporary romance and Young Adult fantasy, Renita Pizzitola has written some enthralling and widely popular novels. Her books from the Crush series, Just A Little Crush, Just A Little Flirt and Just A Little Kiss have gained much prominence and have attracted thousands of readers from the same genre. Apart from this renowned Crush series, Pizzitola has also written some other fascinating series and standalone novels.

Renita Pizzitola is herself a reading aficionado and starts reading anything she gets her hands on. The unlimited love for reading and writing has made Renita so efficient that she clearly stands head and shoulder above the league in her forte. Almost all the stories that she has penned down so far revolve around love, relationships and fantasies. She undoubtedly specializes in weaving a riveting saga of love, heartache and seduction.

After having enjoyed reading stories with fascinating characters, romance and witty humor, Renita Pizzitola decided to become an author herself only when she was in high school. Renita Pizzitola was determined to become a well-established writer of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. Her hard work paid well when her first book Just A Little Crush came out with flying colors. The success of her first book made Renita self-assured of her talents and she never looked back from there.

Renita Pizzitola is also known as Reni among her close friends and relatives. She belongs to Austin, Texas where she lives with her husband and two adorable kids. Although she doesn’t like watching television much, she can read ‘Anything’ by Richelle Mead over and over again. It is among her one of the most favorite books written by her favorite author. She is an avid coffee drinker and is widely known among her friends and fans for drinking too much coffee. Renita has known all her life that she wanted to become a writer but it was in high school she definitely made it her dream.

Writing full time was her dream job that she eventually achieved. But if not writing, working as a preschool teacher was what Pizzitola had in mind as an alternative. Not been able to paint is the one talent she hopes she had. When her first novel was about to debut, Pizzitola had the scariest time of her life. She was totally terrified and overwhelmed with the fear of failure. She was afraid that no one would like her book.

Pizzitola considers her sense of humor as her strength and the most wonderful physical characteristic she possesses. She always encourages new writers and suggests them to not be scared of asking questions. According to her, writing errors should not get into the way when you have a fascinating story to tell.

Renita Pizzitola Books:-
From the very first emotionally charged up story of heartache and seduction, Just a Little Crush to other such amazing masterpieces, Renita Pizzitola has a wide collection of novels accredited to her.

Just a Little Crush:
The first novel of Crush series, Just a Little Crush has everything which you may want to see in an Adult romance novel. This book is for all the readers who are the fan of college romance and love stories where campus kings get hooked up with not-so-popular girls. The characters of the story are charming, normal in an unusual way and often funny. This is a sweet, interesting and hot love story that will make you forget every other thing for a while. The pace of this steamy saga is fast with an intriguing premise. The main protagonists of the story are Brinley Dawson and Ryder Briggs.

Brinley is a virgin, simple and studious college girl whereas Ryder is a charming hero of the college. Although Ryder can get her hands on any of the girl she wants, a memorable kiss with Brinley, four years ago in a stupid dare when they were in college makes him fall for her. An incident in college urges Ryder to forget about sex and make it clear to Brinley that he is truly in love with her. This is an exciting story of love and heartache with all the exhilarating elements you desire from such romance novels.

Just a Little Flirt:
The second installment of the Crush series, Just a Little Flirt features Fallon Carr as its main character who was seen as the roommate of Brinley in the first novel of the series. Fallon is shown as an audacious character that loves leading an adventurous life and remains engaged in one-night stands. She is more confident than Brinley in her choices and does not feel satisfied with her sex life. The college students are now working on their internship programs and are in a competition for a paid position. Cade Ryan, a smart and the hottest guy Fallon has ever seen becomes the love interest of Fallon in this novel.

Ryan is a therapy dog handler who also volunteers his time in visiting hospitals to see kids. Ryan is different than all the boys that Fallon knows. He does not see a potential one-night stand in her and is also unlike her high school boyfriend who took away Fallon’s part that can never be returned. His feelings are true and genuine and she wants to spend some quality time with Fallon. However, Fallon could not understand the seriousness of the complications involved when the perfect guy has fallen for her first and sees no harm in little flirting.

Overall, it is a sweet, realistic and sexy love story that is a great new adult read. There is a long list of Renita Pizzitola books and series. All of them are a treat for the readers of romance genre and worth reading.

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